Fighting Life’s Battles with God

Fighting Life’s Battles with God

We are never alone. God is with us as we face all our trials, and He will give us all that we need to endure. Here is a story of a woman who declared God’s power and faithfulness as she continues to battle with cancer. 


In December 2019, two days before Christmas, I had a stroke. By God’s sovereign hand, it was accidentally discovered that my stroke was caused by a malignant tumor that was growing in my ovary. There was no other option but to go through a very complicated and dangerous surgical procedure.

The doctors seemed afraid to do it. They explained all the possible scenarios and made me sign a waiver. Days leading to the surgery, they kept asking me if I was ready. I just kept saying what I know to be true—God is with me. That gave me the boldness to also reassure them that God would be with them as they performed the operation. On January 14, less than a month after my stroke, I went under the knife. Because the tumor was deeply embedded in my body and the doctors were trying to make sure I would not lose any internal organ, my supposedly five-hour operation lasted thirteen hours. The tumor ruptured, and a procedure, which would require another operation by August, had to be performed. The whole thing was nerve-wracking—not only for the doctors and everyone in the operating room, but also for my loved ones who were waiting outside and praying for a miracle. God answered our prayers, and the operation was a success. But with it came the confirmation that I had stage 3 ovarian cancer. I had to go through chemotherapy.

Two days after the operation, my cardiologist suddenly thought of checking if I had blood clots in the lower part of my body. And although no one was explaining what was happening, I knew that he had seen something serious as doctors and nurses started running in and out of my room. To make the long story short, I had to endure a very painful procedure to stop large blood clots from moving up in my body and causing either another stroke or a heart attack. Because I had to be awake and I could only take a certain dosage of anesthesia due to my recent surgery, I was under a tremendous amount of pain. I was screaming my prayers and declaring God’s power over my body the whole time. Even if the procedure was extremely painful and physically draining, I knew that God was at work. He was the one who guided my doctors to check for the blood clots, and He gave me the physical and emotional strength I needed to go through that moment.

In February, just weeks after this ordeal, I started chemotherapy, which lasted for five months. While going through all this, I couldn’t help but think about my only son, Nathan, who is ten years old. Like any other parent, the thought of leaving him at a very young age broke my heart. I cried before God and asked Him to extend my life so that I can see Nathan grow up and fulfill his purpose in Him. While I was praying, pictures of books flashed in my mind. Nathan loves to read. What I saw were not the books in his collection, but college books. I took that as a promise, an assurance from God that He had heard my prayers and that He would heal me. Then I read a passage about Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20:5: “I have heard your prayer; I have seen your tears. Behold, I will heal you.” I’ve held on to those words ever since. The truth that God knows what I’m going through and that He is with me gave me so much peace and drove away all my fears.

That was why when I felt extreme pain in my stomach sometime in July and doctors said that my symptoms and CT scan showed there was another tumor, I was certain it wasn’t a tumor. I kept reminding myself that God had given me a promise. He had already healed me. I had to undergo another surgery, but the doctors were also recommending chemotherapy, which would start as soon as a tumor was seen during the operation. God’s peace guided me to make the right decision. Fully convinced that I wouldn’t need it, I said no. While I lay unconscious on the operating bed, the doctors, in their amazement, kept telling me that God had answered my prayers. They couldn’t wait for me to wake up to tell me the good news: there was no tumor! They just had to untangle some adhesions that had formed in my intestines.

At a time when it seemed wise to avoid hospitals, I had to return at least once a month. After a stroke, two surgeries, and five months of chemotherapy, it seems surreal that right now, I’m in the comfort of my home and enjoying quality time with my husband and son.

People in the hospital called me a fighter. They were so amazed at how I held on to my faith, how I declared God’s goodness and power, and how I remained in high spirits while I was going through everything. They wondered how I could be so sure that God had healed me, but I really cannot take credit for any of that. It was God’s amazing grace that sustained me and enabled me to fight. He gave me the strength, courage, and wisdom I needed to go through this difficult time. I can fight because I know I’m not alone; God is with me. With God by my side, I am assured of victory. I can declare His healing over my body because He promised it, and He is always faithful to fulfill His promises.

In difficult and seemingly hopeless situations, we should run to God all the more. His grace is more than enough to sustain us. He will carry us through.

. . . fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10


Hazel and her husband are active Victory group leaders in Victory Katipunan. Her final operation, which was originally scheduled in August, was moved to November to give her body time to recover from everything that has happened. They are in faith that it will be her last operation and that she will be declared cancer free.

Take Heart

Take Heart

There is power in prayer, even for situations that seem beyond our control. Here is a breakthrough story from our midyear prayer and fasting week about a woman who never stopped believing that God is at work in her family.

My brother fell into substance abuse when he was 16 years old. Since then, there was a radical change in his behavior.

For the past eight years, he was in and out of rehab, trying different treatment programs. During those years, he would unknowingly cause trouble in the family and say hurtful things to us. It filled us with so much pain, anger, frustration, and hopelessness. As the only Christian in my family, though I never stopped praying for him, it was beyond difficult to deal with everything and see his life wasting away because of drugs.

In November 2019, my brother was discharged from the latest rehab facility where he had spent a year for treatment. When he was sent back home, we thought he would be okay, and we could all have a fresh start. But last month, something happened again. And that incident caused so much pain to us, especially to our mother.

Though I had never really confronted my brother for anything he did in the past, at that moment I felt God nudging me to finally talk to him. I had gotten used to praying silently for him and for our family’s situation, but on that day, it was different. I sensed a strong leading from God to actively reach out.

When I talked to my brother, I found out that it was only in May of this year that he had finally quit—and the physical and psychological effects of that decision were taking a toll on him. His addiction had lingering effects that continued to manifest, even though he was trying his best to rebuild his life and start over.

The whole time I was listening to him, I was also praying and seeking God for wisdom. God’s grace gave me the courage to ask my brother if he wanted to talk to a pastor and seek professional help. I thought he would say no, so I was really surprised when he said yes. I knew it was God working in his heart.

After that conversation in June, I fasted and sought God in prayer. Soon, my brother talked to one of our pastors in Victory Fort, and just this week—on the first day of our midyear fast—he consulted a psychiatrist, too.

There have been a lot of changes in my brother’s behavior since then. He used to lock himself in his room for days and not talk to anyone; now, he’s beginning to warm up to his friends again. It is my prayer to see him surrender his life to Christ someday, and I know that I just need to keep trusting God. He has His way of dealing with our hearts in His own perfect time. Witnessing the change in my brother now is already a miracle and an answered prayer.

Seeing how God is moving in my brother’s life, I am in faith that there is also hope for those who may be going through the same thing. God is close to the brokenhearted, and there’s no limit to what He can do. We can’t give up praying for those who need God, relying on His grace as we patiently wait. God never gave up on us; let us not give up on our loved ones.

Be strong and courageous. . . . for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6


Ana is part of Victory Fort. To maintain their privacy, we have not included a photo of Ana’s family. 

Waiting on God

Waiting on God

Have you been praying about a situation in your life and waiting for a breakthrough? May this story about God’s beautiful timing encourage you as you prepare for the fast and continue to seek God. 


Cyril and I got married in 2015. Since then, we had been looking forward to adding a little version of him and me into our family. We prayed and continued to wait, believing it wouldn’t take that long. But when months had passed and nothing had happened, we began to wonder if something was wrong.

In that same year, we went to a doctor and found out that I had an endometrial cyst. At that time, it was still small in size. The doctor told us that it was nothing to worry about, and we could keep trying. We tried and waited again—for weeks, months, and years. Until it slowly took a toll on us and drained our hope.

Though we never lost faith, frustration kept building up each month. We thought that maybe, God had other plans for us. We began to talk to different couples who were also waiting for a child and sought their advice. Most of them were waiting longer than we did, and they somehow helped us see things in a different light. They encouraged us to continue seeking God.

We started to regularly participate in our time of prayer and fasting with the same faith goal every year. And though each year was difficult and full of tears, God’s grace was there to sustain us.

Last year, we finally had the courage to go back to the hospital and seek medical advice again. On that same day, we found out from a specialist that my endometrial cyst had grown to eight centimeters. The size was worrisome, and it couldn’t be ignored anymore. The doctor suggested that I undergo surgery as soon as possible.

Deciding to go through surgery was difficult for me. It uncovered fears I didn’t know existed. It was a battle that I had to surrender to God. On the day of the surgery, I couldn’t think of anything else but my relationship with Him. It made me realize that He is far more important than all the things I had been wanting or praying for in my life.

After the surgery, God slowly unfolded so many things to us. He also overwhelmed us, not just with His grace but even with His provision. A lot of people came unexpectedly to bless and help us financially. We left the hospital without a tinge of worry.

During my follow up consultation, the doctor put me on medication and told me that if conceiving would still be a challenge after a few months, I could go to an infertility clinic specializing in assisted reproductive technology. Knowing that we couldn’t afford the said process, we prayed to God and trusted that His will for us—whatever it might be—would still be the best.

While waiting, God continued to deal not just with my heart but even with my husband’s. I didn’t realize that his experience of growing up in a fatherless home made him doubt if he was capable of being a father and raising a child. Though our journey of waiting wasn’t easy, I was grateful because, through it, God revealed so many things to us and made our relationship stronger and centered on Him alone.

With everything that we had gone through, I knew that the possibility of conceiving without medical intervention was slim. That’s why even when my monthly period got delayed for a few days last April, I was a bit hesitant to do a pregnancy test. Though a part of me was hopeful and full of faith, a big part was also afraid that the results would end up being similar to the ones we previously had. As I was waiting for the lines to appear on the pregnancy test kit, I slowly welled up in tears. I didn’t see a single line this time—I saw two clear lines, which meant that I’m pregnant.

I hurriedly showed the results to my husband, and we ended up crying with so much awe and gratitude. That time, all I could hear was God saying to me that He was writing a different story for us—a story that was far more beautiful than what we had in mind.

Now, I am 14 weeks pregnant, and everything is right on track based on my latest ultrasound. As we wait for our little miracle, my husband and I are continuously holding on to God and His grace. We know that we can trust Him fully as He weaves every tiny part of His precious gift to our marriage.

But I trust in you, Lord; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hands . . . Psalm 31:14,15


Tiffany Xyra Valdez is leading a singles Victory group in Victory Greenhills. Like Tiffany, her husband Cyril, is also helping young men know God more by going through ONE 2 ONE with them.

When God Makes a Promise

When God Makes a Promise

Even in this time of crisis, God is faithful to fulfill His promise. No matter how impossible our prayers may seem, His grace and love for us will always see us through. As we continue to prepare for the midyear fast, here is a powerful story of salvation and healing. 


I had been praying for my parents’ salvation for two straight years. It was my faith goal in the 2020 January prayer and fasting. I had always dreamed of seeing them experience God like never before, just like how I did when I came to know Him through my husband.

Knowing God is a gift, and having the chance to worship Him along with my husband and four children is a blessing that I had always hoped to share with my parents. It seemed impossible at that time, but I kept on praying and believing that someday, they would see God’s hand at work in their lives. I also held on to a promise and a vision that God had impressed in my heart in one of our conferences in church. I knew He would come through for us.

In March, my father had a stroke. It was his second stroke in five years. In April, it was followed by yet another one—his third, which could have been fatal. After that episode, I felt God nudging me to have the courage to preach the gospel to my parents, especially to my father.

On the day I was scheduled to visit my father in the hospital, I prayed and sought God for wisdom. I was uneasy and afraid of what his reaction would be—and even hesitated at the last moment—but God kept me strong. Though I doubted myself, God faithfully gave me the courage and grace to share His word.

As early as six in the morning, I was already in my father’s hospital room. I talked to him and asked him to join me in our online morning worship and prayer. After that, I preached the gospel to Him and we prayed the prayer of salvation. Before I knew it, he was already in tears. He asked God for forgiveness and received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Seeing him come to God brought indescribable joy and gratitude in my heart.

Because of my father’s newfound relationship with God, he grew stronger every day—not just spiritually, but also physically. Even though it was already his third stroke, there was never a need for him to be transferred to the intensive care unit. He slowly regained his strength and is currently on his way to full recovery. Even his doctors and therapists could hardly believe that he escaped a fatal stroke.

What happened to my father somehow led my mother to come to God and know Him in a deeper way as well. She began attending online worship services with us and soon gave her life to Christ. My long-ago dream of seeing my entire family—not just my husband and kids, but even my parents—worship God has finally happened because of God’s grace. Truly, there is nothing impossible with Him!

My father’s healing from his sickness is unexplainable, but his and my mother’s newfound relationship with God is an even greater miracle. We know that God has a purpose for everything and my parents believe that my father’s second chance at life is a gift that he can use to know God more and worship Him.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,  for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28


Anna Leah Valerio is one of our Victory group leaders in Victory Meycauayan. She, her parents, husband, and four children are continually growing in their walk with God.

Grace That Heals

Grace That Heals

Sometimes, God heals in ways we don’t expect. As we prepare for the midyear fast, let us be encouraged and inspired by this amazing testimony of God’s healing, faithfulness, and grace.


My husband and I got married in 2017. I got pregnant a year later but had an early miscarriage. We prayed for a baby, and in 2019, I learned that I was pregnant again. We were so happy, and everything was going well with my pregnancy—until I reached my sixth month. As I entered my third trimester, I developed pregnancy-induced hypertension that eventually led to preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure.

According to my doctor, my condition could cause serious health problems to me and my baby, and it could be fatal. I was immediately admitted to the hospital during our 2019 midyear prayer and fasting for an emergency delivery via C-section. My baby was only 29 weeks old at that time.

I stayed in the hospital for a week, while my daughter, Quinn, stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for four months. Though I visited her every day, each moment that she was there broke my heart. Seeing her grow but experience different complications brought me through a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

While in the NICU, Quinn developed mild pneumonia and had a bacterial infection. She also had anemia, which meant that she needed a total of seven blood transfusions throughout her hospitalization. Though she managed to overcome those, she later developed an inguinal hernia, which left an internal opening on both sides of her groin. According to her doctor, this type of hernia does not close spontaneously. She needed to undergo surgery once her weight reached 2.5 kilograms to prevent her internal organs from being dislodged.

Though difficult, it was a blessing that we received so much encouragement from Quinn’s doctor despite her condition. I remained hopeful amid everything that was happening and eventually built relationships with the other moms and doctors in that unit. We would pray together each day and be reminded of how mindful God is to us. Even in the area of finances, God also miraculously provided for us. He used our families and the people in our church community to help us with our running bill, which we had to pay on a weekly basis.

When Quinn was finally discharged from the hospital in November 2019, we sought God for wisdom. After seeking Him in prayer for weeks, we made a decision to let her go through the operation once she reached the required weight. It was one of our faith goals in the 2020 January prayer and fasting. We prayed for provision and a successful operation—but we also never stopped believing God for miraculous healing.

On the third day of our prayer and fasting week, something unexplainable happened. I found comfort and reassurance from God that He would heal Quinn. I was so overwhelmed at that moment; I cried and trusted God as I believed for my daughter’s healing. And though it didn’t happen right away, I didn’t doubt God and continued to hope and believe in what He impressed in my heart.

Months passed by, and Quinn slowly gained weight. When her weight exceeded 2.5 kilograms, we knew that it was time for her to go through surgery, but something in me was telling me otherwise. I knew that God could use the operation to heal her completely, but a part of me was also in faith that she didn’t need to go through it anymore.

In the weeks that followed, it seemed as if the lumps that used to be in her groin were no longer there. In March, we were planning to have her checked, but the enhanced community quarantine was implemented, so there was nothing we could do but wait. While waiting, I struggled to fight the lies in my head as I continued to hold on to God’s promise. I constantly reminded myself of His amazing grace through the lyrics of the song that I always sang to Quinn in the NICU:

The Lord has promised good to me. His word my hope secures. 
He will my shield and portion be, as long as life endures.

Finally, on June 13, 2020, we went to the doctor for Quinn’s checkup and immunization. The lumps that served as physical manifestations of the openings in her groin were completely gone! Even the doctor was surprised when she confirmed that Quinn no longer needed surgery. She had been healed—completely!

What happened to Quinn was a miracle that we knew we had to share. It was something that seemed impossible, but God proved Himself faithful. Her name, Quinn Gabrielle, which means “wisdom” and “God is our strength,” holds true. God has given us wisdom to wait and the strength to endure everything we have gone through. It was His amazing grace that was with us all throughout. And it will continue to be with us as we believe God for His beautiful plans to unfold, for Quinn and our entire family.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23

God is able to answer our prayers beyond what we ask or think. As we prepare for the midyear fast on July 7–9, let us all hold fast to His grace and be expectant.


Chams Pagulayan-Malana is one of our campus missionaries in Victory Malate. She and her husband continue to rely on God’s amazing grace as they raise their beautiful daughter, Quinn.

True to His Word

True to His Word

Jowhell Villegas found out that his mother’s health condition worsened as he was preparing to go to graduate school in Japan. While torn between staying and going, God assured Him with words that would come true later on. Read the rest of Jowhell’s story and God’s faithfulness to His word in this piece.


I received a scholarship grant to earn a master’s degree in Japan on May 2015. As I prepared for the trip, I was greatly troubled upon discovering that my mother was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease. Her health condition made me hesitate to study in another nation. I worried about going to Japan because I feared that something bad would happen to her while I was away.

During the midyear fast in 2015, I sought the will of God and prepared myself for whatever direction He set. God responded to my act of faith and assured me by saying, “My son, I have a beautiful plan for you in Japan and I will heal your mother. You will graduate and see your mother alive when you return.” His words quieted my fears and encouraged me to follow the path He laid out for me. When I obeyed, God pulled through.

On September 27, 2017, I successfully graduated with a Master of Engineering degree at Nagoya University with flying colors. I was chosen to represent the graduate school for the university-wide graduation. It was an honor to be the only graduate student who wore an academic gown during the ceremony. My research was also published in two international journals!


Jowhell earns his master’s degree in Nagoya University. (Photo from Jowhell Villegas)


God sustained me and my mother with so much favor. While I was in Japan, I received an allowance from my scholarship grant and the government office that employed me still gave me my monthly salary. These helped me support my mother’s medical needs when I was studying. When I came back to the Philippines, I saw my mom alive and happy!

At present, my mother is still going through dialysis and medication. Nevertheless, God continues to provide for her and meet my needs. I was recently given the chance to be a part-time instructor at Mapúa University this year. I know I will be able to help her even more as I teach.


Despite challenges, Johwell and his mother continue to find joy in Christ. (Photo from Johwell Villegas)


God is true to His word. He fulfilled the promises He gave me in 2015. The enemy may try to steal my peace of mind and cause me to worry, but the Lord always shows His faithfulness. And for that, I am very grateful.

From Dreams to Realities: A Fasting Testimony

From Dreams to Realities: A Fasting Testimony

Cess Gabuya trusted God to fulfill a promise for her family. Here’s a story of how the Lord works in turning dreams into realities.


In a prayer meeting during the fasting week of 2017, I saw a wall that encouraged people to draw their dream. As I thought about what to draw, I started to dream about the salvation of my family and claimed God’s promise for my situation.

And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” (Acts 16:31, ESV)

A few weeks after the fast, I found out that my younger brother who studies at Philippine Christian University, was invited to church through his student teacher! He attended a talent development workshop in Victory Malate, which led to him having a relationship with Jesus and becoming a part of a Victory group. On the third quarter of 2017, he experienced Victory Weekend and got baptized! It was an answered prayer!

As all these encouraging milestones happened in my brother’s life, I started to invite my mom to worship services and other activities in church. One day, as my mom and I were having a conversation in our house, I ended up sharing the gospel to her and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

I helped my mom grow in her relationship with Him through ONE 2 ONE. We would meet regularly in a cafe to talk about the basics of following Jesus. We finished the material and my mom also had her Victory Weekend experience in the same year! She is now part of a Victory group and joyfully serves in our church community.

In January 2017, I believed God for my family’s salvation. A few months later, my mom and brother received Jesus as Lord and Savior, and they got discipled and baptized. This experience in my life taught me to pray without ceasing and to continue to trust God’s promises. I believe it’s just a matter of time for my dad and other siblings to come to know Christ too.

Holding on to His Word: A Fasting Testimony

Holding on to His Word: A Fasting Testimony

Ash held onto God’s Words in spite of the gravity of her sister’s situation. Be encouraged by reading her story here!

My younger sister, Ysabelle, was born with a congenital heart disease that required an operation to repair. Since we lacked funds to have her operated on at the time of her birth, we had no choice but to postpone it, taking her instead for monthly check-ups and assessments at the Philippine Heart Center.

All the while, we also tried to get help from different charities and government offices, hoping to receive support for her operation expenses. Around two years ago, I started to pray and fast for her, daring to believe God for her complete healing.

Suddenly, on August 11, 2017, the doctor said that my sister had to be admitted to the hospital immediately; she needed an operation by August 15! My family and I were shocked because our finances were not sufficient enough to cover all the hospital bills.

Despite this, our family chose to act in faith and decided to have Ysabelle admitted. We knew the value of prayer at this critical time in our family, and many of our family and friends prayed with us while the operation was ongoing.

How God came through for us! The results of our prayer and fasting were massive and immediate. After the operation, joy alone couldn’t describe what we felt when the doctor told us that it was a successful operation and that my sister’s vitals were good! We were also told that she wouldn’t have health complications anymore, and there was no maintenance needed as well! What shocked us most was the fact that the hospital bills went down from PHP 200,000 to PHP 20,000! I couldn’t help but cry in awe of how God does miraculous things in His own amazing ways.

After years of praying, fasting, and believing for a breakthrough, God healed my younger sister from a heart condition. He never left. He never let my family down. Now, my younger sister can actively play without us having to fear that she will have a heart attack. Her full recovery proved that nothing is impossible with God. Doctors can cure, but only God can truly heal.

Truly, when God utters a word or two, He is serious about it. It is written in Isaiah 55:11 (CEV),“That’s how it is with my words. They don’t return to me without doing everything I send them to do.” He’s a Man of His own Words. What He says, He does.

Leaving the Comfort Zone: A Fasting Testimony

Leaving the Comfort Zone: A Fasting Testimony

On January 16, 2016, I started praying for an opportunity to help my family and be a channel of blessing to our church. I didn’t want to leave my home in the Philippines but during the fast in 2016, I knew that moving to another nation was my act of obedience. It was as if God was telling me, “Go out of your comfort zone and step out in faith!”

I considered working in nations such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, but a surprising thing happened. An agency sent me a personal message about an opening in a Safari Park in Dubai. I was puzzled. How did they get my contact details? Is this message true and reliable?

I asked God if it was a door He opened for me. I did my research and found out that the message was valid, so I applied. By May 2016, I was scheduled for interview. I also told some friends about the opportunity to work in the same company, so they submitted their applications too. After my friends and I passed the requirements for the vacancies, everyone was hired, except me. I became very disappointed at the turn of events, but I continued to hope.

As we prayed and fast again during the mid-year of 2016, God gave me a command and promise. He strongly impressed to me to believe to go to Dubai and that He would bless me. I continued to pray with my Victory group and and seek counsel from my pastor. After many prayers and discussions, I obeyed God and drafted my resignation letter. I had many worries and fears. Little did I know that God had already provided what I needed to obey Him!

I learned that we really find favor as we pursue God’s will. When I talked about my plans with my best friend, I was surprised as he offered to pay for my flights, accommodation, pocket money, and even food to go to Dubai! God also provided for my needs to transition out of my work. Even the Chief Executive Officer of the company I used to work for supported my decision and showed concern for my welfare.

As I arrived in Dubai in the latter part of 2016 to look for work opportunities, I encountered many hurdles along the way—but I still believed. I continued to claim God’s Word when we fasted at the beginning of 2017. It took a long time of waiting and going back and forth from Dubai, but God pulled through. In May 2017, I received an unexpected call from one of the companies I applied for while I was at the airport. It turned out to be an employment offer! As I opened the e-mail explaining the details of the job opportunity, my heartbeat accelerated and tears fell from my eyes! The employment offer met almost all my faith goals for work. I immediately ran to the nearest washroom and praised God. God really never fails to amaze us as we follow Him!

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. (2 Corinthians 12:9, ESV)

All Things New: A Fasting Testimony

All Things New: A Fasting Testimony

When God transforms lives, He does more than just upgrade us. He makes all things new. Our lives are made new to the point that they are almost unrecognizable from the past. Tim experienced this power of God firsthand. Here is how his life was totally made new.


I used to be addicted to drugs because I found comfort and happiness in them, but the satisfaction was always short-lived and the consequences were destructive. By the grace of God, I was given a new chance to turn away from my past and walk in righteousness. I became serious in pursuing Jesus and turning away from my old ways. I joined a faith-based rehabilitation center for substance abuse named Penuel Home for two months.

By August 2016, I finished the relapse prevention program and decided to relocate to Metro Manila with my wife and one-year old daughter. We needed a fresh start by leaving our laidback life in the province of Aurora.

In our search for a new life, my family and I encountered many challenges. First, we were in lack. I was unemployed, finding a decent job was difficult for me, and my family did not have enough savings to cover our needs and emergencies. Second, we did not have a home. We could not find a house that was affordable and conducive for us to live in, so we stayed in the residence of my wife’s parents for a while. Lastly, I found myself lacking as a father. I want to be a good leader in the family and lead my child to God’s ways, but I had a hard time because I came from a broken family and I did not have a godly father growing up.

When I was left with nothing but family and faith, God showed me in 2017 that He was powerful, merciful, and generous. I remember Him using my wife to show me a verse:

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. (Romans 8:18, ESV)

At the start of 2017, God also impressed a verse in my heart as we prayed and fasted.

Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy. (Isaiah 61:7, ESV)

This verse assured me that the grace of God is generous enough to provide for me as I faithfully believe in His promises. From then on, I made a commitment to God to give a tenth of everything I have. God also revealed to me that I should swallow my pride and apply to work for my father-in-law’s business. This decision was a blessing in disguise for us. My new job drew our families together and helped me provide for my family.

God did not only bless us with what we need, but also gave us our hearts’ desires. I am still in awe on how we survived our financial challenges last year, which includes my wife’s second pregnancy and my daughter’s hospitalization. He even surpassed our need for a home by giving us a brand new and fully furnished condominium unit! Back then, I asked God, “Lord, I know it is your will for us to leave and cleave as a couple, and have a place we could call our own as our family, but why could we not find it now?” And a year later, He answered my question with a home of our own!

At my job, God provided unexpected clients for the business. We also had the privilege of a family vacation abroad with my in-laws! Just when we thought we received a lot, God also blessed our family with another baby who was born on my birthday. When God gives, He truly gives generously.

God also surrounded us with a loving spiritual family that helped us grow in our relationship with Him. My wife and I are now part of a Victory group. Now, He is also using me to minister to other drug dependents and those who turned back on the faith. As a father, God also gave me wisdom to parent my children. I was able to teach my daughter how to pray recently.

God truly blessed us above and beyond through the unexpected people in my life. In spite of everything, the best blessing is still His presence whether in trials or success. I felt like everyday was a gift and a new beginning.

I used to be a drug dependent who always failed in life, but God is always there not just to forgive me, but also to love and provide with me everything I need.



Our Greatest Joy: A Fasting Testimony

Our Greatest Joy: A Fasting Testimony

We always have a choice to either magnify the impossible or to fix our eyes on what God says is possible. For Mhean and her husband, it was a challenge. But despite many setbacks, they chose to consistently focus on God. This is their story.


Since my husband and I got married four years ago, we have been praying for a baby. Every time we pray and fast at the beginning of each year, we always include this as a faith goal.

Around the middle of 2016, I was diagnosed with a polycystic ovary and adenomyosis. I went through medical treatments, but I still wasn’t fit for pregnancy after all the procedures.

I became depressed, but the Lord gave me hope. Instead of dwelling on the complications of my health, I decided to hold onto God’s promises and not lose faith. In December 2016, I prayed to God and said, “Lord, having a baby would be a wonderful gift this Christmas.”  I continued to believe.

The morning after New Year’s eve, my husband woke me up excitedly and told me that he had a dream about me giving birth to a baby boy in a delivery room. Two days after, I found out I was pregnant! The baby turned out to be a boy, just like in my husband’s dream. We were so amazed that God answered our prayer!

I carried our child for nine months. However, two days before my due date in August, our baby lost his heartbeat while he was still in my womb. It was definitely a sad time. Nevertheless, we chose to praise God in spite of what just happened. We did not allow our situation to hinder us from worshipping Him.

God can turn our mourning into dancing. The Lord showed us that His power can not only heal, but can also give us the opportunity to become parents. We will not lose our hope and faith in Him because He has given us a promise and we know He is faithful to fulfill His promise. Now, we are still believing for another baby. With God, we know it’s just a matter of time and trusting Him.


Mhean and her husband’s story reveals that our greatest joy is not in the promise, but ultimately in the One who holds the promise. The question is, how will you respond when your faith is challenged by multiple setbacks? Will you continue to hope and rejoice in Him?


Secure in God’s Provision: A Fasting Testimony

Secure in God’s Provision: A Fasting Testimony

We all have needs, and as we go through life, our needs seemingly increase. How should we respond to needs beyond our capacity to provide? Let us take a look at how Rosalie responded to hers. 

It has been a challenge to provide as a single mother and a breadwinner of my family for the past months. More than making ends meet, I also desire to support our campus missionaries.

During the mid-year prayer and fasting in 2017, I asked God for a raise in my salary to provide for my daughter and nephews and support campus ministry. On the second day of the fast, God surpassed my expectations! He did not only answer my prayer, but also gave me twice the amount I asked for in my salary increase!

In this season of my life, I learned not to worry about anything because God already knows what we need and He will always provide for us.

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” (Matthew 6:25-26, ESV)

As I walked with Jesus, I learned to lift all my burdens and needs to Him. I depend on Him more than on my own understanding. I am always grateful for the privilege of knowing Jesus. He is incomparable to any material thing the world can give. He does not only meet our needs, but also goes beyond to bless us for His purposes.


As sons and daughters of God, we can always be secured in the provision of our Heavenly Father who knows our needs even before we ask Him. You can also have an encounter with the generous heart of God. As we pray and fast in a few days, let us be confident to ask Him for our needs and desires. He is never intimidated by our requests, and He will provide according to His will.

Waiting in Faith: A Fasting Testimony

Waiting in Faith: A Fasting Testimony

How long are you willing to wait for a miracle in your life? A week? A month? A year? In our time and age, waiting for a year is already a challenge.

Luzviminda Galope, who goes to our worship services at Fort Bonifacio, waited for more than ten years! Was her miracle worth the wait? Let’s find out as she tells her story.

I have been joining the annual fast for more than a decade. During this time of the year, I never fail to include the restoration of relationships between me and my siblings as a faith goal. Our relationships have been broken for many years and it has been a burden for me, but I continued to hope in God. I believe that the God we serve is a God of restoration, so I always asked him for a miracle every time we pray and fast at the beginning of the year. It has been a long time of waiting, but the Lord proved Himself faithful.

After more than a decade of prayer and fasting, I received the sweetest gift last June 22! The Lord made a way to restore my relationship with my brother and sister. We finally had a meaningful conversation which led to forgiveness and understanding. Many years have passed since we last talked to each other, but on that day, we had the opportunity to resolve our misunderstandings and start a new page in our relationships with one another.

I praise the Lord for sustaining my faith in Him and demonstrating His power to reconcile what seems to be irreconcilable. God is faithful. If you delight in Him, He will truly give the desires of your heart.

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! (Psalm 27:14, ESV)


Luzviminda’s story assures us that putting our faith in God is always a good decision. Sometimes, it takes a while to see hope come to pass, but we can be confident because our God is faithful.

Do you have faith goals in your life that seem to go unnoticed for years? As we have our annual time of prayer and fasting from January 8 to 12 in 2018, we pray that you will persistently believe that God is able to fulfill His will in your life.

Have you also experienced a breakthrough in your life like Luzviminda? We would love to hear your story! Share it with us by sending it to


The Family That Prays Together Keeps a Home Together

The Family That Prays Together Keeps a Home Together

by TJ Gregorio

My father, Eduardo San Gregorio, regularly joins my mother, my sisters, and me at Victory Greenhills on Sundays. Over the past couple of years, we encouraged him to join a Victory group or go through ONE 2 ONE with someone, but he always hesitated, mostly because of a speech impediment that he had as a result of a stroke he had suffered six years ago.

After that stroke, my sisters and I committed to praying daily for our father’s recovery, as well as for funds for the hospital bills, medication, and subsequent therapy. We soon took out a loan from a bank, with our house as collateral, to raise funds. Unfortunately, the money we were making as a family was only enough for us to live on; we couldn’t meet the monthly dues for the house.

Still, Tatay’s recovery was our main focus, and we passionately covered him in prayer, both for the healing of his speech impediment and for the courage to start his discipleship journey by being part of a Victory group, or going through ONE 2 ONE with someone.

“It will be so helpful for you, Tatay,” I would say, “because these men will be like brothers for life. They will pray for you, support you, and even help you practice your speech.”

“I would just slow the group down,” he would reply. He would reference how the right side of his body was paralyzed. We would pray, then we would stop pursuing it for that moment.

Over time, however, we knew God was working in his heart. And then one day, by God’s grace and through a lot of prayer and persistence, he bravely went through ONE 2 ONE. Then, February 18 and 19 arrived, the fateful days of his Victory Weekend.

“Do you want to be water baptized?” we asked him.

“Yes,” he said.

“We can have you sprinkled with water,” we offered, knowing he would have a hard time entering and leaving the pool where the water baptisms took place.

“No,” he replied, “I want to go to the pool, no matter what.” We were stunned. “It’s not about me, it’s about my relationship with Jesus. And I want people to know that nothing is impossible with Him.” And everyone saw him go down and enter the pool to be water baptized!

That newfound faith proved to be crucial in the months to come. We still had a balance of almost PHP 300,000 from the loan we took out from the bank. In May 2017, the bank sent us a letter of foreclosure, should we not be able to pay off that loan. Later that year, in September, we received a letter informing us that our house would be put into auction by the 12th if we didn’t pay back what we owed; and we couldn’t!

We had no idea where we could get that kind of money in such a short period of time. Our entire family was literally on our knees in prayer by that point; we were so worried we would lose our beloved house.

Then, God came through! A week before September 12, our uncle, my mother’s brother, heard about our situation and offered to sell a lot in Bulacan, which he owned, to raise funds to pay for the house. God then paved the way for one of our cousins to buy the lot for the money we needed to pay off the loan, keeping the lot in the family.

Just last week, we received the title deed from the bank!

We always knew that God is capable of great things, but it was in that moment when we received the title deed that we saw the results of months of prayer, courage, and faith that comes only from a relationship with Jesus. Today, our father reads his Bible without fail and regularly attends his Sunday morning Victory group. As for me, my mother, and my sisters, it was a powerful faith-affirming moment. Jesus said in Matthew 18:20 that “. . . where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them,” and we saw Him move as we prayed for our father and our home.

Because we have seen in our family that He is truly faithful, we encourage you to cover your family in prayer and trust that God will hear your prayers and answer them according to His will and timing.


TJ San Gregorio is a worship services coordinator at Victory Greenhills.

Never Too Young to Make a Difference

Never Too Young to Make a Difference

God loves using young people to preach the gospel and make a difference in the world. Geoselle “Geo” Dela Cruz, a fresh graduate of tourism in University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman and a part of our campus ministry in Katipunan, proves that this is true. After posting her graduation picture on Facebook with a caption narrating her testimony, she was able to reach thousands of people online. It also led her to a unique opportunity to preach the gospel to a crowd she never had the chance to speak to before. Here is her story.

On July 13, 2017, I received a call from an unknown number, which turned out to be the head operations manager of a prominent health and pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. She called to invite me to speak in the company’s training summit for all South Luzon distributors and branch managers. As I heard this, I was surprised and overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe that they were serious in getting a fresh graduate like me to speak in front of executives and professionals!

My initial reaction was to reply, “Bakit po ako? Magsasalita po ako sa harap ng mga manager? Sigurado po ba kayo? Bakit po sila makikinig o maniniwala sa akin?” (Why me? I will speak in front of managers? Are you sure? Why would they listen and believe me?) The manager on the phone laughed at my disbelief and said, “Yes, iha! Ikaw ang gusto namin kunin na speaker.” (Yes, dear! We would like to get you as our speaker.) “We read your testimony in the graduation picture you posted on Facebook. We were so inspired, so we would like you to speak to our managers.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! The manager gave me time to make a decision. I immediately prayed about it and asked God if this was a door He intended for me to enter. That night, I came across this verse while reading the Bible:

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12, NIV)

At that moment, I knew that accepting the speaking invitation was my act of obedience before God. It also became clear to me that the talk wasn’t merely for inspiration, but a chance to preach the gospel to a group of people whom I consider to be older and more successful than me. So with a nervous heart and trembling knees, I said yes to the offer to speak. I was terrified, but I cannot resist God’s call to preach the gospel, no matter who the audience is.

During the day of the summit on July 27, I brought along David Laureta and Nikka Ojerio, two of my friends from Every Nation Campus in UP Diliman, to pray for me and help me reach out to the managers. It became a challenge for us to go to the venue because it rained hard and the traffic was bad. We thought that my talk wouldn’t push through because we were late by an hour and a half. Thankfully, the event organizers moved my time to speak to the latter part of the program. Instead of being discouraged by the unexpected turn of events, the three of us became even more excited and we felt God’s assurance that something great and powerful was about to happen.

I was nervous on the way to the summit. I even continued to edit my outline while we were on the road! But when we arrived, I felt an indescribable sense of peace, confidence, and comfort that could only come from God. It was as if He was saying, “Geo, you have nothing to fear. I have gone to this place before you. This place is mine. The people here are mine. I brought you here to claim this as your inheritance. Go and preach the gospel.” I cried deep inside because of the immediate affirmation from God.

When my session entitled “Dancing through Storms” started, I narrated my testimony and emphasized resilience and personal leadership as requested by the company. While focusing on what was asked of me, I also boldly included the Word of God in my presentation slides with the help of my leaders, namely Liane Silla, Lory Manalo, and Maj Yu. I talked a lot about Jesus. Some cringed when they heard the Bible verses, but I am sure it stirred something in their hearts because the Word of God is powerful.

As I spoke, I felt eyes critically observing me from head to toe. Their expressions seemed to say, “Sino ba ‘tong batang ito?” (Who is this young girl?) I chose not to mind the reactions and continued sharing my story about God’s faithfulness. I prepared an outline, but as I spoke, my words flowed in a way I didn’t expect. Even I was amazed! I felt that God was working in and through me. As I ended my talk, everyone in the audience started to cry! At that moment, I knew it was the perfect time to preach the gospel. I asked if I could pray for them, and they said yes. When I gave them the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, six people immediately raised their hands. I felt that some were hesitant because they were shy, so I asked again. The second time I asked, almost everyone raised their hands! Even the organizers, technical personnel, and waiters at the back of the hall wanted to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Around thirty people surrendered their lives to Christ that day. I had to stop myself from crying as I led them to a prayer of salvation. It was a beautiful moment!

After I prayed, the floor was opened to questions, so I stayed in front. Things turned out differently though. Instead of asking questions, the managers shared their insights from my talk. I will never forget the old man who was known in the company as the man with a stone heart. During my session, he cried like a baby! He even grabbed the mic during the portion for questions and said in front of everyone, “Geo, you are the first young person who inspired me!” I was close to shedding tears as I realized that no one can resist the love of God once they experience it. It can soften the hardest of hearts! Other managers also opened up about their lives and problems. They apologized to their teammates and thanked each other. They also started encouraging one another as a team! I am grateful for the privilege of witnessing the managers humbling themselves to appreciate their team. It was an honor to be a catalyst of restoration for their relationships at work.

After my experience that day, I wanted to share this testimony, especially to today’s youth. It’s about time for the youth to stop spending countless hours on beautifying social media feeds and living a carefree life. If you are a young person, I would like to tell you that it’s time for us to take a stand, claim our campuses, stand up for our convictions, serve our families, speak life, create a culture based on biblical values, stop conforming to the world, and preach the gospel. We are called to be an example, not only for the next generation, but also for older people.

I am a firm believer that the youth is the hope of the future. Know that we have nothing to fear, nothing to doubt, because Jesus, the King of all kings, is on our side! Take courage and rise up! #ChangeTheCampus #ChangeTheWorld


Geoselle’s story demonstrates that God can use anyone, especially young people, to make a difference. It is easy to dismiss God’s ability to move through people for reasons such as lack of experience or young age. We can see the opposite happening in the testimony of Geoselle. People’s judgments, even our own, will never stop God from changing lives and leading people back to Him.

God at the Center

God at the Center

Dennis Poliquit first met his wife Monica at the radio station where he worked as a DJ. “I remember her having a pixie hair cut, but I was not attracted to her then,” he laughs. “We became friends for a long while before we became an actual couple.”

Dennis found Monica’s company irresistible. “I found that I could talk to her about a lot of things,” he recalls. “From politics to history, and most especially, movies and pop music. She has this jeepney horn kind of laughter you’d recognize from afar, and strong opinions about anything. I mean, a beautiful lady I can talk to about a wide range of topics. That was pretty attractive.”
Dennis became a Christian in 2000, but did not take his relationship with God seriously. He and Monica soon became intimate, and in 2003, Monica gave birth to their first child, a daughter. Deciding to move in together shortly after Gaby was born, it wasn’t long before they became parents to their first set of twins. Because they moved in together so soon after becoming a couple, they realized there wasn’t really much of a discovery stage, and had to learn more about each other as they went along.

“It was a roller coaster ride,” he admits, “with ups and downs, loops and twists and turns. It was crazy. We had great conversations. We had so much laughter. And we also had arguments like you wouldn’t believe.”

Dennis and Monica’s fights became more frequent. Over time, financial issues and the fact that neither of them was serious in pursuing God, found them drifting apart.

“We both let our pride overrule everything else,” he says. “Often, those arguments came from misunderstandings. Stuff we could have avoided only if we chose to actually listen each other instead of just waiting for our turn to speak or get loud.”

Monica’s strong personality, which was the initial thing that attracted her to Dennis, also made him hesitate about marrying her right away. “We both did not want to back off from anything. We were both stubborn in our opinions,” he says, “and I think it was mix of fear and indecision that made it take a while for me to decide to marry her.” He pauses, measuring his words. “I regret making her wait for me to ask her to marry me. If I really loved her, I needed to love her for who she really is, and not who I think she should be.”

Ephesians 5:22-33, in particular, spoke to Dennis. He identified with the Christ-like love that the verses encouraged husbands to give their wives, and he knew God was telling him something: getting right with Him meant getting right with Monica. Still, he was hesitant to take the initial steps.

“Then Monica threatened to leave me and take the kids with her. That jolted me wide awake and opened my eyes about what I had been doing.” Dennis consulted his Victory group leader, who advised him to seek God first.

In 2006, Dennis and Monica decided that they needed to get right with God, and began to pursue God in earnest. They soon began to see changes in each other. “Our relationship got way better,” he says. “We agreed that when we did not see each other eye to eye on matters, we should consult His Word and what it says about things. We also learned to forgive and let go as we get to be forgiven too.”

“I am pretty certain things could have turned out differently if I tried doing things on my own,” Dennis says. “Truth be told, it’s what I did before and it led me nowhere but to more trouble. I have learned my lesson.”

Realizing he desired to honor Monica in the best way the Bible says how, Dennis formally asked Monica to marry him, and they tied the knot in May 2006. “I wanted to honor her,” he says, “for her love for me and our children.”

“We lived together for almost three years without the covering of marriage,” he adds, “and I wanted to make things right.”

“I’m thankful for God’s grace,” he says. “Like myself, Monica was struggling with a lot of stuff, and yet, she ultimately still chose to stay with me. Yes, we still have arguments for both serious and petty stuff but by God’s grace, it does not escalate into a raging fire.”

Looking back, Dennis sees how God lovingly yet consistently called him to passionate leadership in their marriage. “There was a time when I was whining to God about my marriage,” he recalls, “and His Word was to love my wife. I cannot always be stubborn and see her as the enemy in the argument. I learned that we were both coming from a place of love, and to listen more and more to each other.”
As he honors her, Monica, in turn, respects and takes good care of her husband. “Monica has become more patient and understanding with me,” he says. “I still make many mistakes, but now a quiet word from her would be enough. She has learned to pause and ask me to clarify things to make sure she understands what happened or what I said.”

“As a husband and for one who has been and is forgiven, my role to is to love my wife and forgive her as often as needed, just as she needs to forgive me as often as needed. It is not my role to change my wife, nor should she expect me to change for her. It is God’s role to change both of our hearts.”

Today, Dennis and Monica are parents to five children, including two sets of twins. Fueled by their love for God, their passion for each other and their marriage continues to inspire others in the church, especially couples who are experiencing what they have. Their advice? Go back to God.

“Monica and I tried our very best to solve problems on our own,” Dennis says, “and while it helped for a while, we eventually went back to old habits. The only real solution for us was to go to God. He is our arbiter. He has final word on things my wife and I cannot agree on. Even how we treat each other, His Word is our ground zero. It is the only way to live married life. Respect, honor, love and most of all, the pursuit of and obedience to God will ensure a storm proof married life.”

When You Give God Your All

When You Give God Your All

keevee_soloKathleya de Vera, or Keevee, grew up, in her words, “a good friend, a kind-hearted sister, and an obedient daughter.” In her senior year in high school, two campus missionaries from Victory Dagupan reached out to her, and invited her to a youth service. It was there that she had a personal encounter with God. However, she struggled with change. “(God wanted me) to let go of my selfishness and let him write His agenda for me. It was clear that he wanted me to surrender. Yet I was not ready for His Lordship. I was not willing for God to take over every area of my life.”

Keevee continued to seek God when she became a university student at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Victory Quezon City connected her to different women leaders on campus, all of whom tried to take her through ONE 2 ONE, Victory’s seven-lesson discipleship guide designed to help facilitate conversations to jumpstart a person’s walk with God.

“I had issues about the chapter on Lordship,” Keevee says. “I was also afraid to be baptized, because I thought it meant that I wouldn’t have control over myself anymore.”

Underneath the good-girl exterior, Keevee freely admits that she was selfish. Her kindness and obedience was not out of a genuine care and concern for people. “I found security in my relationships because I needed to feel loved. I took pride in being ‘that nice friend’ to everyone.” More and more, she put pressure on herself to please the people in her life. In all her efforts, however, she felt empty deep down.


Keevee describes her family as her "best friends."
Keevee describes her family as her “best friends.”

After some time, Keevee agreed to be baptized—but she still held on to her hesitations on lordship. “I decided, He can be the Lord of all, but not in the area of my relationships.” Shortly after being baptized, she entered into a relationship with a man who did not share her faith. “I thought it was a proper response to the call of discipleship.” Though she was able to preach the gospel to her boyfriend, “it felt empty. I felt like was stuck, and I lost who I was, in the process.”

Keevee decided to lay her cards before God at this point. “After a year in the relationship, I told God that I could not change this person, and that if He did not want this relationship for me, then He could take it away, and if possible, spare me from heartbreak.”

At that point, God was giving Keevee the grace to put Him above her own desires and that of her boyfriend. She soon decided to end her relationship with her boyfriend, and God’s perfect timing became painfully clear to her why.

“Eight months after we broke up, I learned that my ex-boyfriend got someone pregnant, even while we were together.”

God proved Himself faithful, answering the entirety of Keevee’s prayer—by both giving her the strength and grace to end the relationship, and sparing her from further heartache.

Keevee acknowledges that it was God who helped her through her challenges with Lordship. “Being Lord does not mean that He calls the shots in everything I do because He wants to boss me around. (Jesus being Lord means) He cares for every small detail of my life.”

Keevee (center) meets this growing Victory group composed of young single professionals weekly,
Keevee (center) meets this growing Victory group composed of young single professionals weekly,

Keevee now knows who is at the center of her relationships. “Jesus continued to pursue me like no other man can.” With this truth, she fully and completely found her security in Christ. “I can say that I learned to depend on Him more, because He knows best.”

Now, Keevee is seeing things through a different lens. “Because I experience God’s mercy every day, I’m motivated to tell others about Jesus.” She currently leads a Bible study group in her workplace, and has invited her colleagues to Victory Pioneer. “The call for discipleship is very natural,” she says, “and God’s grace is sufficient.” Along with a team of twelve others, she embarked on a short-term mission trip for the first time in a creative access nation.

Interestingly enough, now that Keevee has put God first, He also multiplied her time with those she loves. She considers her family “her best friends,” and seeking a romantic relationship doesn’t hold the same weight it used to. “I began to look at my season of singlehood (as a time for me to) be maximized—that this is the best time to get to know my Maker, so that I will understand myself more.”

For Keevee, there’s a world of difference when you give God your all. He fills each of us  with peace, joy, and rest, no matter what. “God is faithful when you surrender,” she smiles.


The Lasting Legacy of Family

The Lasting Legacy of Family

1 Lawyer and businessman Salvador “Bomboy” Fabregas and his wife, Vicky, lived a charmed life: they had a thriving business and were blessed with five beautiful children. Underneath the surface, however, Bomboy and Vicky had constant disagreements, and twenty-one years after they got married, the couple separated, deciding to live apart for good.

“Shortly after we separated,” Vicky said, “̛I started to attend Bible studies. I heard the Word of God and found myself submitting to His lordship.” Vicky soon gave her life to Christ, and lived with a desire to know Him more. Seeing the changes in their mother’s life, one by one, Vicky and Bomboy’s children came to know Jesus, too. Each of them prayed for restoration for their parents’ marriage.

Soon, their eldest son, Joe, started preaching the gospel to Bomboy. Incidentally, father and son had a rocky relationship with each other before Joe started reaching out to him. He prayed and believed for the salvation of his father; eventually, Joe’s prayers were answered, and he was able to lead Bomboy to Jesus.

2A month after accepting Jesus as his Savior, Bomboy reunited with Vicky. After eight years of living apart, the couple patched things up.

“I reconciled with my wife, Vicky, and was also reunited with my children,” Bomboy shared. In 2009, the couple celebrated their 50th anniversary and renewed their marriage vows in the presence of treasured friends, family and loved ones, including eighteen beautiful grandchildren.

Taking Colossians 3:18 to heart, Bomboy resolved to love his wife and not be harsh with her. “I discovered that the true meaning of love is desiring the greatest good of the other person,” he said, “and realizing that no amount of success can replace failure at home.”

Being disciples of Jesus helped Bomboy and Vicky realize that they needed to honor each other as husband and wife, and that real love is desiring the good for the other person.

IMG_4600“You have to take away pride and unforgiveness to last long in marriage,” Bomboy said. “What is more important to you: your hurt, or your love for your wife?”

Bomboy and Vicky’s relationship is an example of God’s redemption and saving grace in our relationships. As they learned more about God’s love, the couple learned to love each other, too. From a seemingly impossible situation, God resolved and restored.

“God saved my marriage not just for my sake, but also to set an example for other people,” Bomboy shared. True enough, their life and story of reconciliation became a fitting testimony of God’s grace and healing love. Bomboy and Vicky went on to touch other people’s lives and helped other married couples deal with marital concerns. They  told others about God’s faithfulness in their marriage, and how He is faithful and able to restore other marriages, too. Husband and wife also graciously welcomed people to their home, mentored them and discipled them. Many of these men and women are now serving in church as leaders.

FullSizeRenderLast September 4, Bomboy passed away at the age of 77. Friends and family remembered him fondly as the man with a big smile and a big, generous heart that matched his stature, and a humility that served as an inspiration to everyone he met. His life has blessed many people through the years by his passion for the lost, his generosity, humility and friendship.

But beyond all his work in the ministry, Bomboy is remembered best as a family man. “God intervenes and restores,” he declared, “In the end, family is family is family. Let’s take care of our families.”

From Slavery to Freedom

From Slavery to Freedom

Nevin Hongayo“I lived in darkness and I was full of hate,” Nevin Hongayo reveals, “I was convinced I wasn’t God’s child.”

Born to a religious family, the twenty-one year old grew up with a head knowledge of salvation. He viewed church attendance as a requirement that he had to fulfill to live up to other people’s expectations, but deep inside, he never really understood why he had to do it.

When he was younger, Nevin was bullied in school by his classmates. He was also abused by his teachers emotionally and physically. “But nothing was more painful than hearing people I loved tell me that I needed a psychiatrist to exorcise my demons,” he shares. Hearing such damaging words at a young age took its toll on Nevin’s life. He felt unloved, and was convinced that he didn’t belong.

“I started to question that God is good all the time,” he confesses, “If he’s really good and loving, why would He let me undergo such pain?” Completely disillusioned and burdened with self-pity, he started questioning his belief that he is God’s child. Nevin made a 180-degree turn and subscribed himself to self-worship Satanism, which advocates egoism and fleshly indulgence.

“I chose to be my own god,” he shares, “ To choose right and wrong, on my own terms. I just lived in total darkness.” After his decision to be a self-worshipper, Nevin developed unusual fears. He had Christophobia, which is the irrational fear of Jesus, and staurophobia, which is a phobia toward crucifixes, and causes him to be disturbed during Holy Week, when crucifixes are more prominently displayed.

World changers  Isolating himself from his friends and family, Nevin started getting used to his solitary lifestyle. He found himself hating God and other people. He felt that being alone was much better. “I discovered that the more evil I acted, the more respect I gained from others,” he says, “If they feared me, I could get more and more of what I wanted. I was drawn to the power of authority that the devil gave me over people.”

Years went by, and Nevin knew that God was trying to get his attention amidst the dark life he built for himself. He was invited to church by the few people who remained his friends, but he rejected them twice. On the third instance, Nevin had no choice but to take notice.

His academic life was a failure, the number of his friends was dwindling fast, and he was estranged from his family. “I had a friend whom I didn’t know was already a Christian, who invited me to Victory,” Nevin says. Feeling tired and defeated, he finally went to a worship service for the youth last October 2015 at Victory U-Belt.

He was then introduced to Karlo, his mentor and Victory group leader. Nevin was also connected to a Victory group, and started getting discipled through One 2 One. After two months of attending church and finally finishing the One 2 One booklet, he still hadn’t received Christ in his life. This year, however, a particular preaching thawed Nevin’s hardened heart and started to minister to him. “On that day, I realized that God never stopped pursuing me, so I decided to follow Him and received Him in my life.”

Victory WeekendUnshackled from the bonds of his former perverse lifestyle, Nevin underwent a drastic transformation emotionally, mentally and spiritually. “The grace that saved me started to change me,” he declares. “My life has meaning now, because I found my purpose in Christ.”

Formerly someone who hated people, he developed compassion and generosity towards homeless people and street children–the same people he used to laugh at and ostracized. God also gave him the strength to mend his relationship with his younger brother, whom he hadn’t talked to for more than a year because of hatred and pride. Best of all, Nevin was filled with a yearning to share to his friends and classmates how God changed his life.  

“From a person full of hate and evil, I never thought I would see myself walking in the light and living in His love,” he shares.

On his birthday, Nevin shared the whole One 2 One booklet to his family.  Seeing the power of the gospel at work in his life, they attended Victory the following day. Now, his mother and his brothers are now attending Victory regularly, and have also experienced the transforming power of the gospel.

Today, Nevin leads his own Victory group and believes that discipleship is crucial to anyone intent on maturing and growing in his walk with God. “When a person is discipled, he discovers that he was saved for a purpose,” he says, “It spurs people to honor God and make disciples, which is what we are meant to do.”

Change the campus change the worldNevin is excited to be a disciple-maker to the nations and hopes to fulfill his calling to be a cross-cultural missionary in the future. “I just want to share the love that I experienced in Him. To love God and to love others, just as Jesus told us to do.” From a life of misery and darkness, Nevin now walks in the light and is filled with an outpouring of love that can only come from the assurance that he is a child of God.

“I have been transformed from darkness to light, from slavery to freedom, from guilt to forgiveness, and from the power of Satan to the power of God,” he declares, “I have been rescued from a rogue kingdom to serve the One and only rightful King, Jesus.”


Finding Peace In God

Finding Peace In God

Adette Purto“I prayed to God to take away everything from me,” Adette confesses, “I just wanted Him to give me peace.”

Adette Purto is a 44-year old mother of three who financially supports her parents, apart from taking care of the needs of her own family. Blessed with the kind of work that affords her to live comfortably, she enjoyed many things that money could buy. However, she soon realized that the material things didn’t really fill the void in her heart.

“I was working myself to death,” she shares, “But I felt unloved and unappreciated. I longed to be loved.”

After she got married, Adette faced a different battle but it still stemmed from the same issue she had faced for years: rejection. In February 2007, she found herself telling God to take away everything, and to just give her peace and happiness. She may not have understood the depth of her prayer, but Adette felt so mired in misery, it was her only recourse. In the months that followed, Adette felt God taking things from her. Interestingly, it was also the time she started to look for ways that would get her out of misery. She started engaging in new age philosophies and witchcraft.

“My business went down, my son almost died of dengue, and I had a terrible car accident,” Adette enumerates. “A train collided with my car, and I was dragged for 500 meters.” Despite her stubbornness and disobedience, God spared her and she wasn’t harmed in the accident, despite the car being a total wreck. With nary a bruise on her, Adette knew God was reaching out to her. She did not know it then, but that moment became her turning point in life.

Her best friend ministered to her after her accident, and told her that God wanted her undivided attention. She attended the first worship service of Victory Pioneer on the first Sunday of 2008. “The moment I entered the hall, I knew I was home and it was the place I have been looking for,” she says, “The Holy Spirit welcomed me.”

Despite being financially broke, emotionally hurt and physically tired, she felt welcome and at peace; that night, Adette responded to the altar call and surrendered her life to Christ. After a month, she was connected to a Victory Group and underwent ONE 2 ONE. Before long, she declared her faith and was water baptized at Victory Weekend.

With God now at the center of her life, her relationships with her family changed. “The gospel made me receive the peace and happiness I have been longing for,” she reveals, “The emotional pains were healed by the unconditional love of God. I was able to forgive because I was forgiven, too.”

Today, Adette is one of the Discipleship coaches of Victory Pioneer. She has been serving in that capacity since 2009, and was also the Discipleship coordinator for the 5pm worship service. This means that she is coaching Victory Group leaders how to lead their respective Victory Groups. Juggling the demands of being a working mom and a discipleship coach, Adette still finds time to lead her own Victory Group.

Adette Purto group“I am making disciples because someone else took the time to disciple me and help me live the life God intended for me,” she says, “I experienced the transforming power of God in my life and sharing it to other people is the least I can do.” For Adette, the time and energy she spends coaching other leaders and mentoring other women is a small sacrifice compared to the sacrifice that Jesus did for her on the cross.

She is grateful for the people who have stood by her throughout her journey. “My spiritual family served as lamp posts,” she shares, “As they pray with me, cry with me, and believe with me, I receive enough light to continue walking.” For her, the Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. Having experienced the true value of belonging to a spiritual family, Adette has put it in her heart to continue reaching out, mentoring and raising other leaders. From someone who used to thirst for love and peace of mind, Adette is now a testament of God’s overflowing love and it is exactly this love that allows her to give herself to others.

Transforming Hearts and Keeping Promises

Transforming Hearts and Keeping Promises

vcf_jam3When she was in college, Jam dela Cruz was invited by her best friend, Jhai, to a big event in Cuneta Astrodome. Clueless, she agreed to go, thinking it would be fun because Jhai would be there. The big event turned out to be Ignite 2011, and became one of the most unforgettable events of her life

“I kept seeing ‘It only takes one spark to start a fire’,” she recalls. “I remember thinking, ‘What’s the meaning of that?’ and ‘Why am I here?’ My life had no direction.”

At Ignite 2011, she saw how joy seemed to radiate from the people around her, as if they knew something she did not. It was then that she realized that, though she knew there was a God, she’d never acknowledged His presence in her life before, certainly not four years earlier, when something unexpected happened to her.

“I was a senior in high school,” she admits, “when I found out I was pregnant.”

Jam considers those days among the darkest of her life. Deeply ashamed of what happened, she lost respect for herself, thinking she had thrown her future away. Instead of turning to God for affirmation and healing, she turned to peers to fill the emptiness in her heart. One of them, a college friend named Jhai, seemed to care very deeply for her; it turns out that Jhai had been praying for her to know Christ for quite some time.

“Seeing people so passionate for God at Ignite 2011 also sparked a fire in my heart,” Jam says. “That was the moment I surrendered my life to Him.” Jam realized her worth because Christ died for her, no matter what happened in her past. God gave her the strength to forgive herself and start anew. Eventually, she was connected to a Victory group, where she was discipled and empowered to reach out to others who needed Jesus, too.

Transforming Hearts & Keeping PromisesTwo years after Ignite 2011, Jam became active in the youth ministry. Being the first Christian in their family, her heart was burdened to preach the gospel to her brothers and sisters: 20-year old Jelly, 18-year old Jill, and 15-year old Jack. She invited them to join her at church; because they had seen the positive changes in their big sister’s life, it wasn’t difficult to convince the siblings to come. Not long after they began joining her, Jam entertained the idea of inviting them to a youth camp.

“They weren’t really buying into the idea of attending a youth camp,” she recalls. “I think it may have also been because of the cost.” Having experienced refreshing and encouragement at a 2014 youth camp, Jam wanted her siblings to experience that same joy, and prayed for them, asking God to provide for even just one of them to attend.

Two years since she prayed that prayer, Jam entered a new season, getting engaged to a campus missionary; her wedding is this month. One night, she watched as Jelly, Jill and Jack walked through the doors of their family home, exhausted but excited, and full of stories from the youth camp they had just attended. Jam was dumbfounded.

vcf_jam2“It dawned on me that God has answered my prayer from two years ago,” she exclaims, “to my amazement, not just one, but all of them!” Unlike two years ago, Jam’s siblings didn’t consider the camp expense a hindrance. Together, they raised funds for all of their camp fees. God honored their faith and blessed them with what they wanted, and more. They were able to raise more than enough funds, so they gave the extra amount to other students who needed help, too.

“God changed their heart,” Jam beams, “and I’m so proud of them.”

Today, all her siblings lead their own Victory groups consisting of high school and college students–a far cry from their old life of complacency. She is reminded of Acts 16:31, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.” Indeed, God’s promises will come to pass, and He has already begun with Jelly, Jill, and Jack. Holding on to that same promise, Jam and her siblings believe that their parents will, one day, come to know God’s saving grace, too.

Lives Transformed In Restricted Nation

Lives Transformed In Restricted Nation

We’re excited to bring you the stories of three people who have encountered Christ in their nation–a country in South Asia with a population that is mostly Hindu. The lives of these disciples show the transforming power of the gospel, no matter the language, the culture or the race.

Sintha used to battle depression, and often felt lonely and aimless. She felt the need to perform to gain other people’s approval. One day, she heard the gospel through our missionaries, and realized that her deepest desires to be selfless and please other people comes from a place that is still self-serving. “I came to the decision to follow Jesus after realizing my need for Him,” she shares. Sintha discovered that it is only through Him that she can have true hope and joy, not through her deeds or actions. Now, she wakes up everyday with a sense of purpose, knowing fully well that there is no other way but Jesus.

Ramyu grew up learning about the gods and goddesses of Hinduism. As a child, he had many questions about his family’s faith that were left unanswered. Until he found the Bible, and started reading it. To his surprise, the questions that he had been asking for so long were answered by the gospel. It was that revelation that made him decide to follow Jesus. “It is only through Him that I understood the love of God, to the extent that He gave His life for me,” Ramyu explains, “no other Hindu gods did that for me.”

Theeba was dealing with unbelief and some trust issues when she experienced a miracle in her life. It was not a flashy showcase of power but an intimate revelation of God’s sovereignty in her life. She heard the voice of God telling her to get to know Him first before she turns her back on Christianity. One day she needed a ride to a prayer meeting, but couldn’t get one because all the public vehicles were full. Theeba became desperate and she started questioning God’s lack of provision. A while late, a bus going to the opposite direction broke down a few meters from where she stood waiting.  All the passengers had to get off and the bus had to turn around, allowing Theeba to ride the bus all to herself, and to the destination she’s headed. This small miraculous incident completely overwhelmed her with the knowledge that God loves her. “As I got to know more about Jesus, I began to feel His presence and workings in my life,” she says.

As more locals are reached out in this South Asian nation, let us pray for more disciples to be raised up as leaders. These changed lives are testaments to the work that God is doing in the nations. As this restricted nation continues to open up to the gospel, let us continue to hold the ropes for our missionaries and pray for their safety, provision and protection.


* The image in this article features K2, also known as Mount Godwin-Austen, and Chhogori Balti, the second highest mountain in the world, after Mount Everest, but K2 is not found in the nation mentioned in this article. For security reasons, we have changed the names of the locals in this article. If you would like to contribute to our efforts to bring the gospel to creative access nations like this one, please click here.

A God of Miracles

A God of Miracles

Noelle Samson-Siy was in the prime of her life when she received some devastating news.From the beginning, it seemed like the odds were stacked against Noelle Samson-Siy. Three years ago, doctors sat down with the 27-year-old businesswoman, and gave her news that no woman ever wants to hear.

“We’re afraid your tests reveal that your brain cannot signal ovulation,” the doctors told her, “Your pituitary gland isn’t functioning correctly.”

Months earlier, Noelle had learned she has polycystic ovarian syndrome in both ovaries. Her left ovary was in 40-year-old condition, despite her being only in her mid-20s, and a 6cm cyst was discovered in her right ovary. After a few months of taking medicines to shrink the cyst, things were looking up–until she started spot bleeding after two months and needed an immediate operation. A newlywed in the prime of life, Noelle was faced with the harsh reality that she and her husband Malcolm might never have children.

“At the time, we scouted for the best fertility doctors we could find in Metro Manila,” Noelle says, “not because we wanted to, but because they kept referring us to other doctors as well.” Her condition began to weigh down on her, but her husband Malcolm never grew weary in giving her encouragement, praying for her, and accompanying her during hospital visits.

victory_christian_fellowshop_healing_pregnancy4Turning to God, the couple never stopped praying for a baby, but also decided that Noelle’s condition would not stop them from having a great marriage. Husband and wife went out on dates, traveled outside the Philippines, and enjoyed each other’s company, even without children. Still, despite their happy marriage, Noelle couldn’t deny a part of her that felt incomplete.

“It was one of the darkest and saddest times of my life,” she shares, “but it was also the time when I experienced a deeper relationship with Him.”

One night, while reading her Bible, she read the New Testament story of Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth. She immediately identified with Elizabeth’s story of barrenness, and burst into tears. After a few minutes of crying out to God, Noelle felt something different.

“I suddenly experienced a strong sense of calmness envelope me,” she says. She felt free from her insecurities and bondage, and instantly knew it was God comforting her. At that same moment, God placed a name in her heart: Zachary.

While encouraging, Noelle kept this revelation to herself, and used it to lift her spirits when she started bleeding again. Her doctor immediately scheduled an operation.

“We felt our lives were like a roller coaster,” Noelle says. “We had to think twice about making big purchases, because we were concerned we would need the money later for unexpected medical bills and medicines.”

Little did the couple know what God had in store. One day, Malcolm received a text message informing them that someone from the Victory church they attended wanted to bless them, and was asking for their account number to make the deposit.

“We were floored when we realized it was more than enough to cover for the operation,” Noelle shares, “we were like kids jumping up and down. We knew then, that despite all the trials, God was there with us.”

As the operation date drew near, Noelle couldn’t contain her fear, which worsened the night before the big day. She and Malcolm kept praying until 5AM, the time of her scheduled operation. While lying down in the operating room, she heard a voice say, “Be still and know that I am God.” Her body started to relax and she was able to sleep soundly throughout the almost six-hour operation.

Noelle awoke to shocking news: the doctors removed her right ovary; she had one only ovary left.

“The cyst we found in your right ovary is cancerous,” the doctors told the dismayed couple. They were also told that she was a suffering from a severe case of endometriosis, a condition that resulted in a retroverted uterus. The cyst which was surgically removed had to undergo a biopsy.

Noelle Siy with her miracle baby, Zachary.Noelle and Malcolm took the news in stride, waiting for two weeks to learn of what kind of cancer it was. Meanwhile, their families, friends and spiritual family stormed the gates of heaven with prayer for her. Finally, the day came when they got the results: her cancer was stage 1A cancer, a non-aggressive type.

“Your best window to get pregnant is only four months from this operation,” said the doctor who operated on Noelle. Four months later, Noelle had a dream in which she was pregnant. She awoke, very excited, and decided to take a pregnancy test on a whim. She and Malcolm could not believe their eyes when the test revealed two lines.

Noelle was pregnant.

Her doctors were equally shocked when they found out Noelle conceived naturally, without the aid of pills or other medication. In her fifth month of pregnancy, the couple learned their baby was a boy. They decided to name him Zachary–which means “remembered by God.”

“God answered our prayer,” she smiles. “Despite every doctor saying it was impossible, it was possible for God!”

Before, Noelle was plagued with cancer and infertility; today, she is now free of sickness and the proud mother of a healthy baby boy. Because her right ovary was already successfully removed, she is now cancer-free; she will never have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation. Some people would call it luck, but she’d rather call it a miracle.

Finding Fulfillment in KIDS Church

Finding Fulfillment in KIDS Church

Teacher Michelle teaching kids at Victory Greenhills“I always end up learning something from them,” Michelle Ramos says, when asked what it’s like to disciple children.

Having been part of Victory Greenhills since 2011, Michelle first served in the music team as a singer, until she was invited to observe KIDS Church. As she watched the children that day, she felt a stirring in her heart, and knew God was telling her to surrender her involvement in the music team, so she could put her time and efforts toward KIDS Church. 

Michelle wrestled with the idea. In her mind, she still wanted to sing. Nevertheless, after praying and fasting, God revealed to her his heart for the children and gave her Mark 10:13-14, “And they were bringing children to him that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”  

Then and there, she knew God was stirring up something in her heart for the next generation. “It motivates me knowing that I am part of what is in the very heart of Jesus–to let the children come to him,” she shares.  

AVictory KIDS volunteers enjoy their time togetherfter a few weeks of teaching kids, God surprised her when He gave her the desires of her heart and paved the way for her to be a part of the KIDS worship team.

Despite it being her calling, Michelle faced challenges as she ministered to children, who are naturally very vocal and honest with their opinion.

“There was a time when a kid said “it’s boring” during praise and worship,” she recalls.

Apart from being their worship leader, she also preaches the gospel to the children. For this, she prepared extensively before class, hoping she would keep their attention during huddle time–only to be met with silence when she asked them if they learned anything. Michelle also tried to start a small group for the kids, which fizzled out due to inconsistencies with the schedule. This series of setbacks led her to doubt her calling.

Thankfully, she has mentors whom she can look up to. “They never failed to cast the vision to us KIDS volunteers.”  God continued to work in her heart, and she found herself being comforted that her work is never in vain, even if she couldn’t see the big picture yet. She recently had the opportunity to disciple a young girl, Nicki, which proved to be a fruitful journey for her.

Teacher Michelle and Nicki enjoy learning from each other.Children are naturally inquisitive, and they speak their mind out. This challenged Michelle to dig deeper into God’s Word, so she can answer Nicki’s questions. She also went out of her way to know more about Nicki’s hobbies and favorite things (Shopkins!), so she can share her joy even in the little things. “But the best thing is when you hear straight from her how she acknowledges lordship and salvation. It makes me excited for the next generation!” Michelle shares.

While her job as a KIDS church teacher is crucial in discipling children, she believes that her role takes a step back from the role of the parents. She explains that children catch what they see more often than what they’re taught. The way parents live out their life will make a huge impact in their kids, whether or not they attend KIDS church. Michelle wants to remind parents that discipleship starts at home. It is where children should first learn how to pray and read the Bible.

Michelle envisions an army of young worship leaders, who will rise up and lead the next generation. She’s also believing for more volunteers to step up and disciple kids, so they will also be disciple makers in the future.  The task of reaching out to the next generation is not easy, but it is a responsibility that Michelle has embraced, a calling that she considers a privilege.

How was the gospel shared to you, and what was so compelling about it?

How was the gospel shared to you, and what was so compelling about it?

For week two of #MyVictoryStory, our ongoing blog series for Radical, we asked this question: How was the gospel shared to you, and what was so compelling about it?

Different bloggers from Victory took a stab at the question and recounted how the gospel was first shared to them.

Here are some of the evangelism stories that were shared with us. We hope that you’re encouraged to share the gospel to your family, friends, campus, workplace, and community!

  • Bad News, Good News. In this blog post on evangelism and parenting, Jenn Punzalan encourages dads and moms to share the gospel to their kids.
  • How Will They Hear? “Young or old, churched or unchurched, whatever the background, everyone needs to hear about what Jesus did for them.” Pastor Joseph Bonifacio shares the value of sharing the gospel to different people, and how it makes an impact on their lives.
  • Dare to Share. Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio shares her testimony and cites two reasons why all of us need to be bold in sharing our faith with others.
  • The Great Passion. Pastor Ernie Aragon of Victory Calamba poignantly writes about how God transformed his heart with regard to the Great Commission.
  • The Perfect Christian. In this blog post, learn how Elle Cabiling turned from being an apathetic Christian to a women with a burden to reach her campus.
  • Walk This Way. Karess Rubrico shares how the gospel transformed her life and enabled her to walk with God.
  • It’s Not Rocket Science. In this blog post, graphic designer Jodi Lego recounts how a simple message shared to her as a child made a lasting impact to her, even until now.
  • Do Campus Ministry, a blog for LifeBox campus missionaries, volunteers, and LIFE group leaders, interviews different students and leaders on how the gospel was shared to them. You can read Part One and Part Two of these  Evangelism stories by clicking on their respective links.

Check out how Rey Purawan heard the gospel:

I got to know God at the lowest point of my life. I was a self-supporting student, but I had no money left. One day, I tried applying for a job at a local fast-food chain, and decided to take a different route on my way home from my job application. I saw a LifeBox center on the way, and decided to go inside.

They had a youth service then, and the pastor spoke a message that went straight to my heart. It felt like he was talking to me, and he was saying the most painful (but true) things about my life.

From then on, I surrendered my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I got discipled, and now I’m working as a tech support staff. God is faithful!

Raul Lecaros also shares his own evangelism story through Facebook:

I used to be so lost and in need of direction. My manager, who attended Victory, reached me out and did ONE 2 ONE to me. Looking back, I believe God placed him in our company so our manager can share the gospel to us. Now, I’m leading my own Victory group. Thank God for His grace and the abundance of His love!

You can check out our previous #MyVictoryStory blog posts on Lordship. Share your Victory story with us by writing a blog post or leaving a comment below!