ONE 2 ONE in ESV: Now Available!

ONE 2 ONE in ESV is now available! Our seven-chapter discipleship guide now uses Bible verses gleaned from the 2011 English Standard Version (ESV).

ONE 2 ONE is a seven-lesson follow-up and discipleship guide to help facilitate conversations to jumpstart your walk with God.

The topics in ONE 2 ONE are:

  • Salvation
  • Lordship
  • Repentance
  • Baptism
  • The Bible and Prayer
  • The Church
  • Make Disciples

For those of you who’ve been wanting to share your faith with your friends and family, ONE 2 ONE is a simple tool for you to do so. You can help your friends and family know more about Jesus and follow Him through personal follow-up and discipleship.

ONE 2 ONE in ESV is now available at the different Victory resource centers and book tables and on the app. If you’ve downloaded the ONE 2 ONE app, simply update your app to get the latest version.

You can download the ONE 2 ONE app for free on iOS and Android.

What do you remember most from the person who discipled you?

What do you remember most from the person who discipled you?

Week 3 of our #myVictoryStory focused on discipleship. We asked this question:

“What do you remember from the person who discipled you?”

Victory bloggers had their own take on the topic, and here are the blogs they wrote:

  • More Caught than Taught. Pastor Paolo Punzalan of Victory Fort emphasizes how discipleship is more potent through actions.
  • The Essence of Discipleship. In this blog post featured on, Pastor Joey Bonifacio of Victory Fort encourages young leaders to go back to basics on discipleship.
  • The Defining Minute of my Manhood. Victory Greenhills pastor Dennis Sy recounts how his discipler spoke words that changed his life.
  • What’s the Big Deal? Every Nation Campus National Director Joseph Bonifacio shares the value of discipleship, and why we as a movement push for it.
  • On Discipleship. Carla Peralejo-Bonifacio honors the mentors who’ve walked with her and shares important principles on discipleship.

This week’s roster of blog posts also includes different people honoring the men and women who discipled them.

You can still submit your blog posts on Lordship, Evangelism, and Discipleship! Join us next week for our topic on Leadership. See you at our services this weekend!


wishFrom living a life apart from God, Wish Castro of Victory Fort understood what it meant to have a relationship with Him—and learned to share this truth with others in the process. Check out her testimony here!


I came to know God when I was at my lowest. The love of my life broke up with me, I lost my job, and I quit school. My friends left me one by one. My relationship with my family was also deteriorating because they could not understand what I was going through.

I turned to alcohol, thinking it would ease my pain. I spent most of my days alone, never leaving my house.

One day, I decided to go out and take a breather. I visited the mall nearest me—Robinsons Metro East. I went to the top floor of that mall, thinking that it was quieter since there weren’t many people who went there.

I discovered Victory Metro East there. I didn’t exactly find the place quiet, because the place was noisy during praise and worship, but I was attracted to how happy everyone else was. I told myself, “If one person here smiles at me, I’ll stay.”

Just then, an usher came to me, smiled at me, and welcomed me to the church. That day, I came to know God—and the rest is history.


Taking the next steps
Not long after, I found a job and transferred to the Fort area, where I attended Victory Fort. Here, I decided to look for a Victory group. I didn’t want to be part of a group before, to be honest. I didn’t want to have any activities aside from work.

There were a lot of people texting me, inviting me to their Victory groups, but I never replied to any one of them. Eventually, they stopped texting—but there was Siena, this one person who never stopped texting me. She always invited me to meet with her or attend Victory group.

I gave in to Siena’s persistent texting and joined the Victory group because I felt embarrassed. I decided to give it just one shot. I returned the week after that first Victory group meeting, and the week after that.

Wish (seated at the center) came to know Jesus more through being part of a Victory group
Wish (seated at the center) came to know Jesus more through being part of a Victory group

Stepping out
One day, our Victory group leader asked me to co-lead a new Victory group that we were starting. I was hesitant at first. I didn’t think I was qualified to do it! I later realized that God knew my heart, and He wouldn’t leave me.

I learned to appreciate discipleship the more I discipled people and shared God’s Word to them. Because I was so blessed and honored that I was first discipled, it translated to me having a desire to share what I had with others. God gave me a desire to lead others to Him, for them to know about His love, because His love is perfect and makes us complete.

We don’t have to be ashamed of discipling others! We need to get our strength from God and remember what He’s done for you and me. Only when you realize what discipleship has done for you will you gain the confidence to reach out to people.

I thank God that He used people to bring me to a relationship to Him. I also thank God that He used these same people to help bring out the leader in me. I know I’m called to do the same for others—and I share His love to others, every chance I get. And I’m not going to stop.

Wish now leads this Victory group of single women in Victory Fort
Wish now leads this Victory group of single women in Victory Fort

If you would like to share your discipleship testimony with us, email

Going Forward: Discipleship in Tacloban

Going Forward: Discipleship in Tacloban

Even in storm-ravaged Tacloban, discipleship does not stop.

A few months after typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) hit the Visayas region, leaders and members from our church in Ortigas visited Tacloban to give running shoes away to students from Eastern Visayas State University. They also conducted running and basketball clinics for these university students.

Ehgie attended the basketball clinic, where he met Kix, the lone campus minister serving full-time in Victory Tacloban. Ehgie was EVSU’s soccer team captain. He, like many others, was one of those affected by the typhoon that ravaged their city.

Kix engaged Ehgie over a game of Monopoly Deal and invited him to a Victory group. Ehgie brought two of his teammates along, and the three of them are now being discipled in a small group setting.

Ehgie is now going through the ONE 2 ONE booklet with Kix. “He’s decided to follow Jesus for the rest of his life,” Kix shares. “I also encouraged Ehgie that he can do ONE 2 ONE with his teammates, too.” True enough, Ehgie is now doing ONE 2 ONE with the two friends he’s invited to Victory group!

Ehgie (right) is excited about his ONE 2 ONE session! Photo by Kix Javier
Ehgie (right) is excited about his ONE 2 ONE session! Photo by Kix Javier

Ehgie’s decision to follow Jesus for the rest of his life is not only impacting his life, and that of his family’s. It is a decision that will affect his campus and his city, and eventually the nation and the world.

Truly, discipleship is not just about us, or the circumstances surrounding us. It’s about advancing God’s kingdom, one person at a time.

Leaders Respond to Discipleship 2014

Leaders Respond to Discipleship 2014

Last February 1, we held Discipleship 2014, our annual leadership conference. For the first time, this event was held simultaneously in all our fifteen Metro Manila locations. Over 8,900 current and upcoming Victory group leaders were equipped and empowered to make disciples and build foundations.

Discipleship 2014: Building Foundations

Discipleship 2014: Building Foundations

February 1, 2014 marked our biggest discipleship event of the year: Discipleship 2014! 8,959 current and upcoming Victory group leaders from our fifteen Victory locations gathered as one church in Metro Manila to be equipped and empowered to reach the next generation for Jesus. For the first time ever, Discipleship 2014 was held simultaneously in all our Metro Manila centers, all the way from Alabang, to Quezon City!

Pastor Steve Murrell delivered a message about building foundations. Gleaning from the story of the Apostle Paul, Pastor Steve shared how we can be established in the Word, the church, and our faith. He also emphasized how practicing God’s Word builds foundations in our lives, enabling them to become storm-proof. More importantly, each Victory group leader was reminded that “Jesus is the foundation.” Indeed, He is the Rock on which we stand!

Our Victory group leaders learned about iLead, a really easy way to remember how to develop leaders. This process encourages leaders to identify, instruct, impart, and intern their Victory group members, training them to do the same to others.

Our Victory group leaders were also invited to participate in our ongoing Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project. Our senior pastors cast a fresh vision of training leaders and transforming nations in the next twenty-five years and beyond.

Finally, our Victory group leaders received a free copy of Pastor Steve’s new book “100 Years from Now,” which explains the importance of understanding the mission, values, and culture.

Youth Victory group leaders at Victory U-Belt excited to receive their own copies of "100 Years from Now!" Photo by Ryan Tan
Youth Victory group leaders at Victory U-Belt excited to receive their own copies of “100 Years from Now!” Photo by Ryan Tan

After Discipleship 2014, we’re excited to see more Victory group leaders activated to honor God and make disciples! To all our Victory group leaders. thank you for locking arms with us as we share the gospel in our families, communities, campuses, and offices!

Victory group leaders come together for Discipleship 2014

Victory group leaders come together for Discipleship 2014

On February 1, 2014, thousands of Victory group leaders will come together for Discipleship 2014, our annual start-of-the-year gathering of current and upcoming Victory group leaders in Metro Manila! A year ago, over 6,700 Victory group leaders converged at the PhilSports Arena for Discipleship 2013, where they received brand-new discipleship tools, were reminded about their own discipleship journey, and listened to Pastor Steve Murrell deliver a message about passing the baton of the gospel. This year, Victory is calling almost 10,000 Victory group leaders from all walks of life, to converge at our fifteen Metro Manila locations! Discipleship 2014 will highlight our latest strategies for discipleship and leadership development. Featuring stories of discipleship, new materials, and a time of worship and prayer, Discipleship 2014 will encourage Victory group leaders to continue honoring God and making disciples in their homes, campuses, offices, and communities. Visit, Victory’s online discipleship resource center, for information on Discipleship 2014. also provides free resources for discipleship and leadership development. Let’s continue honoring God and making disciples together! See you on February 1! next-thumbnail

Passing it on

Passing it on

“It will only be through discipleship that we can pass on the word.” Ambo Lingan of Victory Baguio shares how a relationship with Jesus changed his life, and given him a new perspective.

When I was a college student, my family had high hopes for me: take my board exams, pursue law, and establish my path to politics. There was just one problem: I was not prepared to take the next step for my future. I didn’t prepare for the exams, and when the exam days arrived, instead of going to the exam venue, I went to different malls and watched movies.

Fearful of my family’s response to my wrong decisions, I decided to mask my mistakes by attending the Tuguegarao church my oldest brother attended. I thought to myself, “Maybe if my brother thought I was like him, a born-again Christian, he would back me up with our mother so she would take pity on me and continue to support me.”

The first time I attended, I did not intend to take the service seriously. Just be quiet, I told myself, and see what’s in it for you. Well, something funny happened: I found the morning service so interesting that I ended up attending the afternoon service too!

I attended the next three Sundays after that. Little did I know that, in spite of my “grand scheme,” God had bigger plans for me.

One Sunday, the pastor called for an altar call for people to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I stood up to make that declaration of faith. I felt something I couldn’t explain in the previous weeks I’d been attending, and it was more than just God’s peace.

Manuel, the man who approached me after my altar call, befriended me and built a relationship with me. He got ahold of me and got to know me better. He started asking questions about myself. I lied about some things because I was wary of him. “Just because we pray together doesn’t mean that I should pour out all my information to him,” I thought to myself.  “It feels good talking to him, though.”

Manuel and I ended up having coffee several times. In those conversations, Manuel shared his life to me. I began to feel at ease with him. Slowly, because he shared experiences I could relate to, I started to take off my own mask.

It took time before Manuel shared about the Bible to me, and more time before he invited me to be part of his Victory group.

It was through my relationship with Manuel that I got to know Jesus. I discovered that He is not just my Savior; He is also my Lord. Jesus made the complicated simple for me. With Him, I discovered that I can start all over again. For all the things I thought was hard, He accompanied me and made it easy.

I’m grateful for Manuel who was bold enough to approach me and make time to build the relationship. If not for him, I would not have known about Jesus. And now, I’m excited to pass this on, and share the gospel to whoever God calls me to.

Sharing the Message of Hope

Sharing the Message of Hope

Kix and his wife Bless
Kix and his wife Bless

In the wake of typhoon Yolanda bringing destruction to the Leyte city of Tacloban, Kix Javier felt a strong urge to take part in helping the fallen city.

“Even before I went there,” he says, “something was tugging at my heart.”

Five days after the storm hit, he flew to Tacloban from Manila. He was a few weeks shy of graduating from the Every Nation School of Campus Ministry, where he was training to be a campus missionary under Victory Tacloban.

Kix collaborated with Victory churches spearheading relief and rehabilitation efforts in the area, even sleeping at the airport to properly receive the goods being sent to church members affected by the typhoon. He also assisted Tacloban’s city government, offering aid to government employees who lost homes, possessions, and even loved ones.

“During the first few days,” he says, “they were also victims.”

The whole time Kix was in Tacloban post-Yolanda, mobility and transportation posed a challenge in accounting for church members and distributing relief goods. “Some of the roads weren’t clear (because of debris),” he explains. While some of Victory Tacloban’s church members sought refuge in Pastor Eugene Ramirez’s home, Kix chose to travel by motorcycle to visit and account for members who couldn’t leave their homes. All in all, the Victory Tacloban team was able to account for sixty-six church members, including Nessa Gardiola, another incoming campus missionary.

Kix flew back to Manila to attend his graduation from the School of Campus Ministry on November 28. He was chosen to deliver a speech during the commencement exercises.

“Loving God and loving others became more real in my life,” he shared of his Tacloban experience in his speech. “Christianity is not confined in the four corners of the church, but in the places where the gospel is needed.”

What’s next for Kix, and Tacloban? Kix has a stronger resolve to share the gospel in the campuses in Tacloban. “There is an even greater storm coming,” he says, “and that is the storm of the gospel.” To date, forty colleges and universities have been destroyed by Yolanda’s wrath, but there is no stopping Kix from being used by God to preach a message of faith, hope, and restoration in brokenness.

Learning and Unlearning

Learning and Unlearning

Stephen Ong, a software engineering student from Far Eastern University, shares how a relationship with Jesus helped him become the man God has called him to be.

Stephen and his older sister (left) and mother pose in front of Victory Pioneer. He is happy to share that his relationship with his family has also improved significantly!
Stephen and his older sister (left) and mother pose in front of Victory Pioneer. He is happy to share that his relationship with his family has also improved significantly!


My Victory group leader, AJ, first shared God’s Word to me. I witnessed how God was faithful in his life, and I wanted to experience that as well. His life inspired me to believe God could change me into becoming the man He wants to be.

As AJ built a relationship with me and other young men in our Victory group, I learned about Jesus, discovering more about Him by reading the Bible and praying. The more I got to know Jesus, the more He showed me how great He is. I realized that I needed Him more than I needed anything else in my life.

Having a relationship with God changed my life as my mind gradually aligned to the mind of Christ. I’m now in the process of learning and unlearning things, and I’m excited for things to come.

For one thing, God opened my eyes to see the value of discipleship. There are many people who need to hear His message. I used to be one of them—and I know that Jesus’s love and sacrifice compels me to share who He is to others, especially to my fellow students.

Jesus called me to “go and make disciples” because He gave me His great commission. He wants me to be a representative of His image and work. With this, I believe that making disciples is one BIG opportunity for me, because I’m part of God’s big work. And you are, too!

It is my prayer that He would still continue to entrust me with people who are in need of hearing His message, and that I would be a great example of His love. At the same time, I want to grow deeper in my relationship with God, and encounter more godly people who would help me in my walk with Him.


Stephen leads a Victory group of students in his home church, Victory Pioneer.

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

Mitos Aguadera is simple, straightforward, and passionate about who God is and who He called her to be. Discipled as a young woman, she readily accepted an invitation to be part of a Victory group in her current home church of Victory Iloilo.

“I’ve always wanted to lead my own small group,” she shares. Her discipler, whom she considers “one of the best leaders,” empowered her by giving her valuable tips and pointers en route to letting her lead the Victory group discussion among her classmates.

“She would always tell us that our foundation should be Jesus and His love for us,” she shares proudly.

Being fully aware of Jesus and what He did for her, Mitos decided to focus on her relationship with Him. “I decided to follow Jesus because I had nothing to lose if I followed Him.”

Not long after making this life-changing decision, Mitos was forced to become her family’s breadwinner when her father passed away. The blow may have been painful, but Mitos found a peace and joy that sustained her through that difficult time.

“The gospel changed my mindset on how I see myself, my life, other people, and God,” she says. “It made me feel secure of God’s love for me,” she adds, sharing on how the gospel transformed her.

She also recounts how God has created in her a heart of compassion, putting this burden into action by “an innate desire to share Jesus to all people.” As she herself puts, “God’s love for me made me want to disciple others. I always remind myself that if I love God, I should love His people. One way to put this into action is through making disciples that will also make disciples.” Mitos currently leads a small youth group, and is an active Kids’ Ministry volunteer at Victory Iloilo.

Mitos understood what it meant to live for God, not only in her relationships, but also in productivity. She graduated as a cum laude in college, and is now an account manager in a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm. All this is because “I always do my BEST as a form of worship to God.” To her, God deserves the best of all that she is.

Of course, Mitos is far from perfect. “I struggle with my temper and impatience sometimes,” she admits, “but I believe God will help me overcome this.” Other than this, she believes that meditating and applying God’s Word in her life is the best way to live life in Christlikeness.

Mitos is in faith not only for the things that are her weaknesses, but also for discipling others. “I want to (disciple) future campus missionaries, church planters, and missionaries.” Indeed, she has seen how God’s love has made an impact in her own life, and having that desire to disciple the nations and the next generation is her way of giving back gratitude and worship to God.

Mitos, like all of us, has nothing to lose when we lose ourselves for God’s purposes in our lives.

Life to the Full

Life to the Full

From being a rebellious teen, Richard Garcia’s life turned around when he had a relationship with Jesus. Read about him here!

My mom first brought me to church when I was twelve years old. I guess you could say I was a “Sunday Christian,” because I only considered myself a Christian on Sundays when our family would go. Who I was the rest of the week was a different story.

I was the shy type, but I hung out with the “wrong crowd.” As a teenager, I partied, did drugs, and drank alcohol. Since my parents were separated, I’d lie to my mom about my whereabouts, telling her that I was sleeping over at my dad’s. The truth was, I’d be hanging out with my friends, doing other things.

Eventually, I had to drop out of school for two years because of everything I was doing. My relationship with my mom was strained—she stopped trusting me because of my lying, and it felt like we didn’t know each other at all. I wasn’t a loving older brother to my siblings, either—I bossed them around and often lashed out at them in anger.

All this time I was going to church every Sunday. I knew about who God and Jesus were, but I didn’t exactly have a relationship with them. I also had very few friends in church, and Noel, now my Victory group leader, was one of them. We had a lot in common and we were close in age, so I was comfortable around him.

My “old life” ended when I was invited to a summer youth camp in my home church, Victory Quezon City. There, I discovered that God is real, and I made the decision to give my life to Christ after six years of being a “Sunday Christian.”

I can say that my life now doesn’t compare at all to the “fun” I used to have. I didn’t realize that God loved me so much, and still does. He died so that I would have a full and abundant life.

It’s been a year since that youth camp, and my life has been so different from what it used to be. One of the biggest changes is how I relate with my family. I now see the value of family, and how it is my duty to prioritize them over other things.

My mom and I are now on much better terms. As a son, I opened up my life to her, and told her all about the vices and partying I did. She has forgiven me and I know that she trusts me now. God has restored our relationship.

As a brother, I’ve also learned to love and respect my siblings. I now correct them out of love, not out of anger.

I’m now back in school as a second year IT student, and I’m doing my best to be excellent in my studies. I’m so thankful that God gave me this opportunity to study, and I now believe that nothing is wasted.

In my life, I have seen how faithful God is, and I know that my part is to honor and worship Him with all that I have. I want to be able to share the same love to the people around me—not just with my family, but with my classmates, friends, and the world. God’s Word does not return to us empty!

Richard recently bagged Dean’s Lister honors at the Asia Pacific College. He is also an active LIFE group leader and music ministry volunteer at Victory Quezon City.

New Series: Hotspot

New Series: Hotspot

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be in relationships in three different levels: with God, with fellow believers, and with the world.

Discover what it means to build relationships on these three levels as we kick off our new series, “Hotspot!”

Here is the schedule of weekly topics:

  • Week one: Source
  • Week two: Sync
  • Week three: Share

Victory is one church meeting in different locations in Metro Manila. We also meet in many provinces across the Philippines. Join us at a Victory center nearest you!

North Luzon: Refreshed and Equipped

North Luzon: Refreshed and Equipped

Our North Luzon churches held their first Discipleship Convergence at the CAP Convention Center in Camp John Hay, Baguio City. Over 1,200 leaders from our sixteen Victory churches in the region were encouraged, equipped, and empowered to make disciples in their offices, campuses, and communities!

Pastors Jeng Aguinaldo of Victory Baguio (left) and Fidel Antonio of Victory Urdaneta exhort North Luzon leaders to engage their communities.

Our North Luzon leaders listened to Pastor Ferdie Cabiling, senior pastor of Victory Ortigas, as he shared a message on discipleship. They heard how each of us are to recall who Jesus is, recalibrate ourselves to align with God’s priority and purpose, reignite our fire for the lost, and reconnect ourselves with God and fellow believers. Each of them were given a fresh mandate to reach out to people with the gospel.

Pastor Ferdie Cabiling shares about the discipleship recall: Recall, Recalibrate, Reignite, and Reconnect.

North Luzon is close to Victory’s heart; our very first provincial church plant was in the North Luzon city of Dagupan. We are looking forward to hearing discipleship stories from North Luzon discipleship group leaders in the months to come! If you attended this conference last May 1, we’d love to hear from you! Email your discipleship testimony to

The Value of Shared Life

The Value of Shared Life

How did being part of a Victory group help fifteen-year-old Dorothy Seldura grow in her relationship with God? Read her testimony here!

When I was younger, I chose to block everyone out of my life. You could say I was the typical shy loner that no one could reach. I grew up in a Christian home, but I didn’t think the Christian life was meant to be lived with others.

Later, someone invited me to join a Victory group. I was shocked when I first attended. “How could these people be so open to sharing their weaknesses openly?” I thought.

You see, I grew up trying to put up a strong front. Little did I know that it would lead to my downfall. I began experiencing depression and I started to doubt if really God loved me. I felt lonely, and I couldn’t talk to anyone because I didn’t feel like they would accept me.

All that changed when I became part of a Victory group. The change was gradual, but I learned so many things. I can now say that I have experienced, encountered, and continually testify to the love of God like never before.

I learned that living a victorious life includes being part of a spiritual family that lifts its members up in faith; they strengthen each other even when their weaknesses are in plain sight. Living a Christian life doesn’t have to be like walking a lonely path, and it was never meant to be that way!

It’s amazing how God loves us so much! He has taught us to love one another and encourage one another in His Word. I would not be here, growing in my relationship with Jesus, if not for the people around me. Through their godly example, I learned to give, and not just receive God’s love.

By God’s grace, I can say that I have overcome my extreme shyness. God has ignited in me a passion to share His word with other people. I now want to help more young women who are going through the same things I did before. They need to know that Someone cares and loves them like no other!


Dorothy is a high school student from Living Heritage Academy, and is an active Victory group leader in Victory Dipolog.

Passing on the Baton

Passing on the Baton

Our Central Luzon churches held their first Discipleship Convergence in April 13. Over 750 discipleship group leaders from Bataan, Bulacan, Cabanatuan, Pampanga, Tarlac, and Zambales gathered in Clark, Pampanga, for an event that equipped, empowered, and encouraged them to continue honoring God and making disciples.

Our Victory group leaders were able to see a new perspective of their Discipleship Journey. Brand-new discipleship tools, such as, were also introduced to our Victory group leaders.

Our delegates from Victory Subic, one of our newest church plants!
Our delegates from Victory Subic, one of our newest church plants!

Pastor Steve Murrell shared a message about passing the baton of the gospel, reminding the leaders to act as “funnels” and invite people and lead them through the discipleship process.

Amy Dabu, one of the Victory group leaders from Victory City of San Fernando, cites Pastor Steve’s message as one of her personal takeaways. “(As a leader,) I learned that I have to pass on what I received.”

Amy considered herself “reluctant” when it came to sharing about what Jesus did for her. “I did not want to go to another level of my faith. I was content where I was,” she admits. Little by little, she was reminded of Jesus’s commission to go and make disciples. “Leadership is not about the titles or the perks I receive, but leading them to Christ.” Now, she is ready to go and make disciples in her hometown, armed with a big vision and putting her trust and confidence in God!

Amy (right) is excited to share the gospel wherever God brings her!

Amy’s story is just one of the many others we’ve heard from the conference. As our leaders go back to their workplaces, campuses, and families, we are excited to hear more stories of engaging, establishing, equipping, and empowering others for Jesus!

You can join any one of our eleven Victory churches in the Central Luzon region. If you have family and friends who live there, invite them to a Victory church within the area!

Victory is one church that meets in different locations in Metro Manila, and in other locations across the provinces. For more information on our locations and services, please visit our national directory. See you at our services!


Special thanks to Bing Tajon for our photos!

New Victory Group Materials Now Available!

New Victory Group Materials Now Available!

We are happy to announce our newest editions of Victory group materials: “A Life of Victory” and “Absolute Surrender!”

Learned best in a Victory group context, these resources are designed to help people discover God’s plan and purposes for their lives. Our materials range from lessons on building strong faith and winning in life to living lives that honor God through discipleship and financial stewardship.

“A Life of Victory” and “Absolute Surrender” each consist of six booklets, and are sold separately at our local church resource centers and book tables for PHP 300 per set.

You may also download free digital versions of these booklets by visiting

Grab a copy of our Victory group materials today!

ONE 2 ONE App Now Available!

ONE 2 ONE App Now Available!

We have officially launched the newest edition of ONE 2 ONE: through a mobile app! Our personal discipleship guide is now available on the iTunes store for free.

If you’re new to having a relationship with Jesus and you’d like to understand what it really means to walk with Him, ONE 2 ONE is a tool designed to help you. Learned best with a mentor, ONE 2 ONE will help you get the right start by guiding you through the first essential steps as you follow Christ. We have also added a new chapter in this version of ONE 2 ONE about engaging our communities for Jesus.

Topics included in ONE 2 ONE are:

    • Salvation
    • Lordship
    • Repentance
    • Baptism
    • The Bible and Prayer
    • The Church
    • Engaging your Community

The ONE 2 ONE app also includes the following versions:

    • English (twelve-chapter version)
    • Filipino
    • Campus
    • Japanese

For those of you who’ve been wanting to share your faith with your friends or loved ones, we believe that this is a good opportunity for you to do so. It will be easier for you to help them know more about Jesus, follow Him, and build genuine relationships through personal follow-up and discipleship.

Likewise, if you would like to go through ONE 2 ONE with a mentor, you may contact the Discipleship Administrator of the Victory location you’re currently part of, or sign up for a Victory group at our myVictory portal.

You may download the ONE 2 ONE app on your mobile devices by searching for the ONE 2 ONE Booklet on the iTunes Store. You may also visit this link for more information.

Please keep posted on updates for an Android version of the app soon!

Taking Discipleship to the Next Level

Taking Discipleship to the Next Level

On February 9, 2013, over 6,700 Victory group leaders from across Metro Manila converged at the PhilSports Arena for Discipleship 2013. Students, young professionals, couples, kids, and even senior citizens came together for the half-day conference.

God has called people from all walks of life to make disciples.

Our Victory group leaders were the first to see a new perspective of their Discipleship Journey. Brand-new discipleship tools, including the ONE 2 ONE app on iTunes and, Victory’s new leaders’ resource, were also revealed for the first time.

The Discipleship Journey

Current and upcoming Victory group leaders were encouraged with a series of videos that depicted real stories of how Victory group leaders engaged, established, equipped, and empowered the people around them. (Read these inspiring stories from Another unforgettable moment came when conference participants sent encouraging thank-you messages to individuals who helped them grow as leaders.

As if all of these were not yet exciting enough, the leaders were in for another surprise! Every Victory group leader at Discipleship 2013 received an exclusive, limited edition USB baller ID giveaway which contains materials that will help them as they lead others through the discipleship journey.

Happy and excited Victory group leaders ready to make more disciples!

Pastor Steve Murrell delivered a powerful message about passing the baton of the gospel. Through an illustration, he reminded the leaders that Victory groups are not to be like bowls nor colanders, but funnels that invite people in and lead them through the discipleship process. (Listen to Pastor Steve’s message on

Pastor Steve Murrell reminds everyone to not forget to pass on the baton of the gospel.


If we fail to pass the baton of the gospel, we have missed the point, we have run in vain, we have wasted our time.” – Steve Murrell

The conference was capped with a time of prayer. Pastors and ministry leaders led the congregation to a big prayer meeting as prayers were spoken for the nation, church planting, compassion ministry, the campuses, and world missions.

Check out the gallery below for the Discipleship 2013 highlights:

Discipleship 2013, held on February 9 at the PhilSports Arena, is the biggest gathering of current and upcoming Victory…

Posted by Victory on Friday, February 8, 2013

The conference ended with a celebration, as the arena was filled with shouts and songs of praises to God. The Victory group leaders left that afternoon with a renewed vision and drive to continue honoring God and making disciples.

If you were one of our Victory group leaders who attended the event, thank you for honoring God and making disciples with us!

Light in Laos

Light in Laos

In Laos, 92% of its locals have not been reached by the gospel. Since it is a creative access nation, our missionaries have exercised extra care for our activities to continue in spite of restrictions.

Our team in Laos began hosting the locals—mostly students from different universities—through holding small groups and worship services in the missionaries’ living room. As more and more Laotians were reached by the gospel, the missionaries grew concerned about their safety. They did not want to risk making their neighbors suspicious because of the number of students coming in and out of their house daily.

Our missions work in Laos started by holding services in living rooms like these.

Our missionaries had to find an alternative to meeting the students and sharing the Word with them without compromising their security. Then they thought of putting up their own restaurant and cafe.

With bold faith, the church started praying for provision—and in less than a week, God made a way. They rented a three-storey unit in a building, developed and registered it as a restaurant-cafe. While serving food and drinks to locals, it would also double as a hub for ministry activities for the local disciples.

We are in faith for open doors and more leaders to be trained!

Now, the restaurant also serves as a strategic platform for the ministry! It serves as a hangout place for students—as well as a venue for outreach activities, worship services, Victory Weekends, and discipleship trainings. We are in faith that this year, aside from more students to be reached by the gospel, more Laotians will rise up as leaders and reach their families, classmates, and friends!

Please pray that more leaders are raised to make disciples, and for more weekly worship services.

As each of us steps out in faith to pray, give, and go, more nations like Laos are reached by the gospel! Thank you for standing with us!

Discipleship Works!

Discipleship Works!

“I’ve been a Christian for five years now, and I’m thankful for the women who helped me discover my God-given purpose.” Stefanie Villarin of Victory Novaliches tells us how God uses people to bring us closer to Jesus. Check out her testimony here!

While attending [the worship] service at Victory Novaliches, I realized I was sitting with the women who helped me in my walk with God: Lanie, who first invited me to youth service in 2006; and Agnes, who encouraged me to go deeper into God’s Word and make disciples.

Stef (center) and her two mentors, Agnes (left) and Lanie (right).

I remember how I’d travel from North Caloocan to SM City Manila so Lanie and I could do ONE 2 ONE. I knew she was ministering to other people, but she made me feel valuable and worth her time. Little did I know, that was only the beginning of so many great things to come.

I moved to Victory Novaliches later, where I met Agnes. She motivated me to go further in my spiritual walk, closely guiding me in reading the Word of God and prayer. At the same time, she pushed me to get involved in the ministry. Most of all, Agnes encouraged me to seek opportunities to build relationships with people and share the gospel to them.

God used these women to make an impact in my life. It was through them that I realized that Jesus changed me. I also discovered that my worth as a woman is not defined by other people, but what Jesus did on the cross.

I never thought He would use someone like me. But God uses imperfect people like us to advance His kingdom. We don’t need to be theologians or Bible experts to share the Word of God.

“I’m living in the purpose God called me to do.” Stef (left, standing) and her Victory group

I am a product of the obedience of the people who committed their lives in following Jesus and making disciples. Now, I’m doing the same for others. Whether you have just received Jesus Christ a few minutes ago or you have been a church attendee for quite some time, I encourage you to step out in faith and tell others what Christ has done for you!

If we will only allow God to use us at whatever age, status, or stage in life, then that’s the only time we will realize we are living a life with a purpose.You could be an answer to someone’s prayer.

Empowering Campus Leaders

Empowering Campus Leaders

Summer 2012 was surely an exciting season for Every Nation Campus! Not only were youth camps held in various Every Nation Campus centers all over the Philippines—they also held Regional Convergences in Every Nation Campus centers outside Metro Manila.

Earlier this year, Every Nation Campus conducted a North and Central Luzon Convergence and a South Luzon Convergence, gathering high school and college students from different campuses in these regions. These convergences were designed to encourage, equip, and empower LIFE group leaders to reach more of their classmates and friends for Jesus.

LifeBox South Luzon Convergence
Encouraged, equipped, and empowered to share the gospel in their campus!

We’ve had the privilege of hearing a few testimonies from some of the students who took part in these events. Young as they are, they’re making an impact by sharing the gospel in their campuses!

“I thought that to effectively invite someone to a LIFE Group, I should be good in talking or conversing with people. Then it just hit me! It’s not about what we do but what God will do. There’s no technique or formula! Our job is to introduce them to Jesus and God will do the rest.”

Aaron B.
BS Psychology student
De La Salle Lipa


Hindi lang tayo basta students—tayo ang students na kayang gumawa ng pagbabago, tayo yung students na hindi ikakahiya si God at kayang ishare ang Word niya sa iba . . . Ready na ako bumalik sa campus namin at mag reach out, ready na ako na ipakilala si God sa (iba), ready na ako sa plans ni God para sa akin. Excited na akong mag inform ng tao at si God ang mag ta-transform sa kanila. Ready na talaga ako! (We’re not just students—we’re students that can make a change. We’re students that won’t be ashamed of God, and be able to share His Word to others . . . I’m ready to go back to my campus and reach out (to students). I’m ready to introduce God (to others). I’m ready for God’s plans for me. I’m excited to inform people about God, and He’ll take care of transforming them. I’m ready!)”

Micah B.
4th year high school student
St. Paul College Island Park


“Every Nation Campus Regional Convergence made a big impact in my life. It’s not an accident that I was there. I realized that I have a purpose and God put me where I am right now because He has (great) plans for me. I want to leave a legacy in my campus . . . I want to share the word of God to the next generation.”

Elaine F.
Mass Communications student
St. Louis University, Baguio City


LifeBox North Luzon Convergence
We look forward to raise more leaders in the campuses!

We’re excited to hear great news about more Every Nation Campus centers opening in more campuses all over the Philippines! With that, more of the future leaders of our nation would be honoring God and making disciples, and in turn, reaching more campuses for Jesus!

New Series: Let us

New Series: Let us

Jesus made disciples not just in a one-on-one setting but also in groups. In the same way, we believe that one of the best ways for each of us to grow together is in small groups.

Want to know what being part of a Victory group is all about? We’ll find out in our new series this weekend, entitled, “Let us!”

Here’s the list of weekly topics:

  • Week one: Approach God
  • Week two: Encourage one Another
  • Week three: Run the Race

Invite your family and friends to join us! Victory is one church in fifteen locations in Metro Manila. We also meet at various venues across the Philippines. You surely wouldn’t want to miss this series!

See you at our services!

WikiChurch: Making Discipleship Engaging, Empowering, and Viral

WikiChurch: Making Discipleship Engaging, Empowering, and Viral

WikiChurch, the international edition of Pastor Steve Murrell’s discipleship book “Accidental Missionary,” is now available in the Philippines!

Pastor Steve shares valuable lessons on making discipleship engaging, empowering, and viral. Borrowing from the concept of “Wikipedia,” the Internet’s most widely used source for quick and easy information, WikiChurch uses the concept of “empowering imperfect people to spread the most important message around the world.” If you want to know more about how to engage, establish, equip, and empower your culture and community, then this book is for you!

(Edit as of June 27, 5 PM) The book is available at resource centers and book tables in the following Victory Metro Manila locations:

You may get your own copy for a special price of PHP 350.00 until July 8. If you’re from outside Metro Manila, please keep posted on when the books will be available in your area.

Here’s what other people had to say about the book:

“(Steve Murrell’s story) challenges me to take risks, to focus on discipleship, and to give God his due glory.”

Ed Stetzer
Missiologist and President of LifeWay Research
Nashville, Tennessee

“If you need encouragement and a map along this path of making disciples, WikiChurch is a must-read.  If you are a seasoned disciple-maker and want to sharpen your tools, you will find this a valuable resource for yourself and for those you lead.”

Dr. Cristy

“The heartbeat of God is to see every soul won for His kingdom, every tribe redeemed, and every nation discipled. I recommend this book to be a handbook to all who desire to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.”

Shodankeh Johnson
Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone
Freetown, Sierra Leone

For more updates on WikiChurch, you can like Victory on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

New Series: WikiChurch

New Series: WikiChurch

Victory as a movement exists for two things: to honor God and to make disciples. Know more about who we are and what we value in our series, WikiChurch!

This two-week series starting June 23 and 24 will tackle our values as a movement and how each of us can apply the principles that our church embodies.

Here’s the list of weekly topics:

  • Week one: Empowering Church
  • Week two: Making Disciples

Limited copies of Steve Murrell’s “WikiChurch,” the re-titled international edition of his book, “Accidental Missionary,” will also be made available at Victory Fort Bonifacio, Victory Greenhills, Victory Metro East, Victory Pioneer, and Victory U-Belt. From June 23 to July 8, these books will be sold at a special price of PHP 350.00. Get your copies today!

Victory is one church in fifteen locations in Metro Manila. We also meet in various provinces across the Philippines. Check out our national directory to know the Victory location nearest you.

“I’m a Product of Discipleship!”

“I’m a Product of Discipleship!”

Discipleship is more than just a process—it’s a relationship. Singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino recounts her discipleship experience with her mentor and Victory group leader, Acel van Ommen. Check out her testimony here!

Yep, that’s right. I grew as a Christian through discipleship. And I’m still growing!

When did my discipleship story begin? One Sunday evening in 2009, I was attending a small group and Acel van Ommen just so happened to drop by. Since she was a musician like me, I assumed that she would understand me. I decided to ask her to be my “mentor.”

Yeng (left) and Acel

You may be wondering what I’m talking about right now. Let me explain what discipleship is, based on my experience.

Discipleship is helping someone in their walk with the Lord. It’s being there for the person in times of happiness and sadness, speaking the truth, and rebuking in love. It’s pointing them to the cross for repentance and forgiveness. It’s helping them to know Christ more, not just with words, but through your life. A mentor is the one who does that. It’s like having a teacher or a leader.

Acel did all that I said about discipleship. She was there in my lowest moments and my victories. She spoke the truth to me and rebuked me in love. She always pointed me to Jesus in times of grief and triumph. She helped me know Christ more not just with words, but with her life.

Maybe you’re thinking that Acel is a superhuman. Sometimes I see her cry, too. One time she went to my house crying because she had a fight with her husband. Seeing her that time didn’t made me think that she is a weak leader, because she’s not. She acknowledges that just like me—just like all of us—she also needs a Savior and God.

I am extremely inspired by Acel. I want to be like her—a mentor who will open up her heart and allow others to see how God works in her life.

Now, I’m ready to lead women to Jesus!


Yeng Constantino is a singer-songwriter whose heart is for the next generation. You may read more of her blog posts at

Going Into all the World

Going Into all the World

Young as you are, you can make a difference! Sarah Bulahan started in church when she was six years old. Now, she boldly shares the gospel to her classmates and friends. Truly, age doesn’t matter when we make disciples. Read more on her testimony here.


I first received Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was six years old. I’ve been attending Victory KIDS for three years and one Sunday, we were singing the song “Heart of Worship.” I realized right then and there that my life was all about Jesus—nothing else. From then on, my life was forever changed.

Growing up in church, I’ve been discipled by different people. One of them, Janelle, taught me how to love God’s Word and pant for it like water. She showed me how important it was to have a relationship with Jesus.

I decided to share the gospel to my classmates and friends because of how God revealed Himself to me. There’s just no other way to respond. When He reveals how great He is, there’s just no containing Him. Once He fills your heart, there’s just nothing else to speak of.

Who says discipleship can’t be fun?

Some of my classmates and friends readily received the gospel; some didn’t. I even had to repeat chapter 1 of ONE 2 ONE five times before taking a break. God really reminded me that it’s not about me or the way I speak or how I live, but it’s really about Him and how He can just reveal Himself to His people.

One time, one of the girls I was doing ONE 2 ONE with disappeared. I couldn’t contact her at all. I had my time of crying to God, “Where did she go? Did I waste my time on her? What happens now?” It’s really moments like that that God humbles me and reminds me that my time isn’t my time but His. And that I am NOT the savior and I will never be the savior. God comforts me and tells me to trust and pray and to remember everything I was taught. She came back six months later and right now she can’t stop inviting her classmates and friends even if they live so far away. It’s crazy how God’s timing is perfect. I’ve learned to trust His control AND His character.

Discipleship is relationship! Sarah (center) and her Victory group having a picnic in UP Diliman

Don’t look for someone else to share the gospel to the people around you. If God wanted someone else, then He would have spoken to someone else.

God is not far away. He lives in YOU. I don’t know about you, but that just makes me feel so powerful and confident in Christ!



Sarah Bulahan is a college student at the University of the Philippines – Diliman taking up BS HRIM. She also volunteers at the Music Ministry of Victory Quezon City.

Discipleship and the Outdoors

Discipleship and the Outdoors

Making disciples knows no locational barriers because opportunities to engage are all around us – even right on a trail to a mountain’s summit.

Just ask some of the single professionals from Victory Quezon City.

In 2011, they organized various outdoor events to connect with the employees of US Technology Global (UST Global), an IT service provider.  More than sweating it out, exploring nature, and having fun together, they were able to engage these men and women and lead them to Christ.

Their first initiative took place in May when this group went on a trek to Pagsanjan Falls in Cavinti, Laguna. Everyone bonded over comedic and adventurous moments during the long trek. Later, Victory Quezon City‘s Champions for Christ team led a Basic Mountaineering Course. This lasted for five to six months and was capped with a climb to Mt. Gulugod Baboy in Mabini, Batangas as the culminating activity.

Right now, a Victory group of UST Global employees meets every Friday over lunch. Some of its members got connected in Victory groups after participating in the two initiatives. The group’s leader himself, Rey Piad, was reached out through an outdoor activity. Little did he know that joining a weekly Sunday afternoon run at the University of the Philippines with runners from Victory Quezon City would be an avenue for him to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

Another Victory group is currently meeting at the UP Ayala TechnoHub every Thursday night. This group was formed from the Anawangin Cove escapade, which is another outdoor activity organized by Victory Quezon City.

Surely, God has effectively used the love for sports and the outdoors to bring thrill-seekers together and to lead them to having a personal walk with Him!

If you are a sports enthusiast or adventure-lover who wants to connect with people of the same passion, feel free to join any of these outdoor activities! For Victory Quezon City, connect with Champions for Christ QC on Facebook.

Victory Tarlac: Going Strong at 20!

Victory Tarlac: Going Strong at 20!

From a handful of students to a church tremendously growing in numbers, Victory Tarlac is celebrating exponential growth over the past two decades!


It all started when a group of church planters, led by Pastor Jun Escosar, began meeting with some students at the Diwa ng Tarlac Convention Center in November 1991. From Bible studies to rock ‘n roll seminars, the team used various strategies to build relationships with the students in the vicinity. Edwin Mejia, one of their pastors, got to know Christ during these outreach activities.

A Victory Tarlac leader, ministering to students at the school grounds

In 2009, after strategically moving its location near campuses and the main road, Victory Tarlac reached a milestone, hitting a fivefold increase in number from its founding year to the present time. Currently, the church is composed of 68 Victory groups from all walks of life–students, single professionals, and families.
Victory Tarlac single professionals at a singles event
On November 27, 2011, Victory Tarlac is commemorating 20 years of honoring God and making disciples. Entitled “Dalawang Dekadang Saya: Going Strong,” the church is taking a walk down memory lane by celebrating God’s faithfulness for the past twenty years. Together, they will recount twenty fulfilled faith goals and look to the future with much expectation.
Victory Tarlac kids, in Christmas costumes

Let’s celebrate with Victory Tarlac! If you have family or friends in the area, invite them to the anniversary celebration on Sunday, November 27, 3 PM. It will held at the Victory Tarlac Center, at Unit 3, Alison Commercial Building, Zamora St., Cutcut, Tarlac City. See you there!


Victory Tarlac is one of our many locations meeting in various parts of the country. Get updates on Victory via Facebook and Twitter.

Why Should I be Part of the Ten Days Experience?

Why Should I be Part of the Ten Days Experience?

World missions is close to our heart as a movement. We’d like to share a testimony by Ged de Guzman, one of our short term missioners who attended a Ten Days trip to an Asian country a few months ago. Here’s his story.

It was during the ‘Are We There Yet’? series in church when my desire to reach out to the nations started. I realized through this series that there still are a lot of people who haven’t even heard of the name “Jesus.” And as Jesus commands us, we are to go and make disciples of all nations. I felt that I wanted to respond to that call.

During our Prayer and Fasting in January 2011, one of my faith goals is to disciple a person of a different nation. Two months later, I was informed that our church is building a team of short term missioners to be sent out to a mission trip. I believe it was God’s answer to my prayer. So I decided to be part of the Ten Days trip.

It was an incredible experience for my teammates and myself, from the moment we got to the nation until we left the country. May it be simple chat or deeper conversation with the locals, everything was an opportunity for us to share the gospel directly and indirectly to them. One of the instances that I won’t forget was when we met a former non-Christian religious leader who came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Not only is he passionate about his newfound faith, but he is also helping out our church in strategically sowing the seeds of the gospel to his followers.

Two of our Ten Days missioners cook up a hearty meal for the locals

Doing discipleship in a different nation is both fun and challenging. To engage in a conversation with the locals, we at least had to know their language, interests, customs, and traditions so as to build rapport and not to cause offense. Once the relationship is built, the locals became more willing to listen and respond.

My Ten Days experience definitely made a great impact in my life. Not only was I able to become part of what God is doing to the nations, I myself saw how God worked in my personal walk with Him through this short-term mission. Moreover, my understanding of the need to preach the gospel to all nations deepened.  I can say that through Ten Days, I believed, served,  and loved like I never did before. It’s truly a privilege to be used by God for His purpose.

If you want to be part of a Ten Days trip, please contact your local church administrator for more information. Check out our national directory for contact details.


JANUARY 2013 UPDATE: Ged de Guzman is now a Campus Minister serving under Victory Ortigas Youth.

Victory Tagum and the Siopao

Victory Tagum and the Siopao

Who would have thought that siopao can be instrumental in the saving of many lives?

Pastor Manny Mintal (center) during one of the siopao outreaches

Ask Pastor Manny Mintal, the senior pastor of our Victory Tagum church plant. Through the power of God and His Word—plus Pastor Manny’s delicious home-cooked siopao—the team of church planters were able to connect with several students in Tagum, Davao, and eventually led them to having a relationship with God.

What started as an outreach project in July 2010 gave birth to a fruitful church plant right in the capital province of Davao del Norte. From outreach activities in nearby parks and “siopao outreaches” in the campuses, the growing church began to meet over merienda in carinderias until they eventually settled in their current Victory center.

Some of the students Victory Tagum has reached out to

On October 2011, Victory Tagum experienced a milestone, with their formal launch happening at the Town Country Plaza in Sobrecarey Street, Tagum, Davao.

Currently, several Victory groups are meeting in various venues in Tagum. More and more are going through ONE 2 ONE, while several others have already gone through Victory Weekend. Among the campuses in their vicinity, Victory Tagum is focusing its efforts on the University of Mindanao and the Magugpo Pilot Imelda Elementary School.

Indeed, greater things are up ahead for Victory Tagum! Join us as we pray for the campuses within their area and for more open doors to share the Word of God. Let’s also cover Victory Tagum in prayer, for growth and maturity of the church and of the current Victory groups.

Victory Tagum is one among a group of Victory churches in the Philippines. It holds a weekly Sunday service at 10AM at the Town Country Plaza, Sobrecarey corner Pioneer Street. If you know anyone in the area, don’t forget to let them know about our newest church in Tagum!

ONE 2 ONE, now in Filipino!

ONE 2 ONE, now in Filipino!


We are excited to launch the Filipino translation of the ONE 2 ONE book by Steve Murrell. As you may know, ONE 2 ONE is a six-lesson discipleship guide designed to help those who want to follow Jesus take the first essential steps in their walk with God. Now translated in Filipino, this hopes to help and reach those who prefer to share and study God’s Word, and disciple people using the Filipino language.

Topics included in the book are as follows:

  • Kaligtasan (Salvation)
  • Panginoon (Lordship)
  • Pagsisisi (Repentance)
  • Bautismo (Baptism)
  • Ang Bibliya at Panalangin (The Bible and Prayer)
  • Ang Iglesia (The Church)


Ang Salita ng Dios Biblia
ONE 2 ONE: Filipino features verses from Ang Salita ng Diyos Biblia, a latest Filipino translation of the Bible by Biblica Publishing released in November 2010. This version is translated in contemporary Filipino, making it an easy read and for easy use. Ang Salita ng Diyos Biblia is available at leading local bookstores in Metro Manila.

You may grab your copies of ONE 2 ONE: Filipino at our Resource Centers or at the respective book tables after your worship services.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

We recently finished our “Ordinary” series, where we all learned that anyone can make disciples. We hope all of us are encouraged to share the gospel!

What is discipleship? It’s a call to follow God, fish for people, and fellowship with other believers. The Bible shows us that many ordinary men and women were used by God to do extraordinary things to bring people to Him through discipleship. Discipleship is not rocket science. Even in ordinary ways, we can make a difference for God’s kingdom.

Here are some stories from ordinary people (like you and me!) who have built relationships with others who helped them follow God, and are now making disciples in turn. May you be encouraged and inspired to make disciples yourself!

[myyoutubeplaylist eIEL6W6TViU, 9VchnMJlG7g, xOIoSGlRXFA, IVMQ7Oj9Rhw, OEAuZU1IZSk]

Help someone get the right start in their walk with God through ONE 2 ONE. Invite your family and friends to a Victory Groups. Let’s be a disciple, and make disciples!

Experiencing Freedom in Victory Weekend

Experiencing Freedom in Victory Weekend

Have a few questions about Victory Weekend? Let’s take time to know what Victory Weekend is.

What is Victory Weekend?
Victory Weekend is about establishing strong spiritual foundations in our lives. This two-day retreat helps us deepen our relationship with God and focus on establishing the spiritual foundations necessary for a life-long walk with Him.

Why am I encouraged to attend Victory Weekend?
Having strong spiritual foundations frees us from the lies that try to cloud our mind when we are faced with life’s struggles and challenges. John 8:32 says, “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. In the Victory Weekend, we are reminded of truths that God promised for our lives.

Victory Weekend is designed to help us live a life of maximum fruitfulness. When we decide to follow Jesus and accept Him in our lives, we can’t help but also share Him to others so that they, too, can be disciples of Jesus. In John 15:8, Jesus says, “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit showing yourselves to be my disciples.” And this is how we become fruitful for His glory.

Who can attend Victory Weekend?
Anyone who has gone through ONE 2 ONE with his or her discipler may attend the Victory Weekend.

I’m done with ONE 2 ONE. How can I be part of Victory Weekend?
After the ONE 2 ONE sessions, you will need to prepare yourself for Victory Weekend. The Preparing for Victory booklet can help you in this. You may ask your Victory Group Leader about the Preparing for Victory booklet.

Now, you’re ready for Victory Weekend!

Great! When is the next one?
Victory Weekend is held regularly in Victory centers nationwide. Below is the list of upcoming Victory Weekend schedules in Metro Manila.

Metro Manila Churches Upcoming Victory Weekend Schedules for 2011
Victory Alabang September 9-10 and November 25-26
Victory Caloocan November 5-6
Victory Fort Monthly (last Fri and Sat)
Victory Greenhills September
Victory Makati August 27-28
Victory Malate August 6-7
Victory Metro East September 16-17
Victory Novaliches November 5-6 and November 12-13
Victory Ortigas Jul.29-30, Sept.23-24, Oct.22-23, and Nov.25-26
Victory Pasig November
Victory Pioneer Kids- July 29-30
Adults – August 5-7 and November 4-5
Victory Quezon City August 20-21 October 22-23 and November 12-13
Victory U-belt September 3-4

For the schedule of Victory Weekend in the provincial Victory churches, you may ask  about it from the administration of the Victory church outside Metro Manila nearest you.  You can also ask from the local Victory church admin about the fee for the Victory Weekend. For the location  and contact details of various Victory churches nationwide, please click on this link.

The Victory Weekend is just the beginning of your journey to a life of freedom. This is a tool that helps you deepen your relationship with God and focus on establishing the strong spiritual foundations, living a life of freedom and becoming fruitful in His kingdom.

So, when you’re all ready, join Victory Weekend. Your life will never be the same again!

Photos from Victory Pioneer.

New Series: Ordinary

New Series: Ordinary

All of us are called to be a disciple and make disciples. We don’t need to be famous or successful to let people know about Jesus. But what does it mean to do extraordinary things in a normal and ordinary world?

We are starting a new series this weekend entitled, “Ordinary.” We hope that this series will help us renew or strengthen our perspective on making disciples—that God uses ordinary people like you and me to make disciples and do extraordinary things.

Weekly topics include:

Week one: Philip and the Ethiopian
Week two: Ananias and Paul
Week three: Peter and Cornelius

Catch this series at a Victory location nearest you! We’re one church in many locations in Metro Manila and we also have Victory churches all over the country.

Invite your family and friends this weekend! See you then!

ONE 2 ONE Campus Edition

ONE 2 ONE Campus Edition

If you’re a student new in having a relationship with Jesus and want to know what it means to have a relationship with Him, then this book is for you.  With identical topics to our original ONE 2 ONE booklet, this version is specially made for high school students, college students, and LIFE Coaches discipling students. Going through this is best with a mentor who will help you in your walk with God.

Topics inside ONE 2 ONE Campus include:

  • Salvation
  • Lordship
  • Repentance
  • Baptism
  • The Bible and Prayer
  • The Church

The ONE 2 ONE Campus Edition is also a way for you to share your faith with your friends and classmates in school. You can help them know more about Jesus and what it means to have a relationship with Him, and at the same time build real and lasting relationships with others through discipleship.

The ONE 2 ONE Campus Edition comes in different colors and is available in all Victory resource centers and book tables.

Making Disciples Training: the ABC’s of Discipleship

Making Disciples Training: the ABC’s of Discipleship

What does it mean to make disciples?

Making Disciples is a four-hour training class designed for men and women who want to know the basics of Victory Groups: the do’s and don’ts of starting them, sustaining them, and helping others do the same. Here, you’ll also learn how to effectively share your testimony to others. You will also be taught how to apply the lessons in practical settings through group dynamics.

Here are some insights that others have learned in Making Disciples class:

I learned . . .  about building relationship with the lost, engaging with them, and drawing them near to God.
Shei, Victory Alabang

It is not about what you have to say that matters, but it’s how you will listen and attend to (others’) concerns that will capture their hearts knowing that you care about their situation.
Sheridan, Victory Alabang

It helped me understand kung (paano) ko i-a-aaproach ang isang tao, ‘pag mag-e-engage ka ng first timer.
Ryan, Victory Pioneer

This (training) made me realize that I am responding to the Great Commission. I’m doing this not because of me, but it’s all because of Jesus . . . that as I lead someone back to God I am glorifying Him.
Glo, Victory Makati

Making Disciples class is ongoing in Victory locations across Metro Manila and the provinces. Contact your local church administrator to know the schedule of Making Disciples training in the Victory location you’re attending. See you there!

*Photos are by Clint Ortiz. Used with permission.

Training for Victory: Follow, Fellowship, Fish

Training for Victory: Follow, Fellowship, Fish

Want to know how to make disciples? Then Training for Victory is for you!

Training for Victory is a ten-week course designed to help all of us follow Jesus, fish for people, and fellowship with other believers. All of us are called to minister—and as such, we must equip all believers in basic ministry skills.

Being part of this training helps you build confidence in sharing the gospel to your relatives and friends. Each class also has group dynamics to help you apply what you learn, and at the same time learn how to interact with others that have different backgrounds.

Here are some testimonies shared by different Victory members who have gone through Training for Victory:

(Training for Victory) helped me . . . strengthen my faith (in) God. It empowered me to invest in others, share the Word, and make disciples.
Paul, Victory Greenhills

Madami ang natulong (ng Training for Victory) sa’kin, especially (in) spiritual discipline(s) and (my relationship) with God.
Liezl, Victory Baguio

I have learned about discipleship . . . (that) it is a call to follow Jesus, (and) that loving God means obeying His commands.
Noemi, Victory Ortigas

I learned about bringing your faith and your walk with God to the next level!
Kristine, Victory Quezon City

It made my foundation rock solid! Also, I met new friends in church and became more involved in my spiritual family.
Ella, Victory Pioneer

Classes are currently ongoing in a number of Victory congregations in Metro Manila and in the provinces. To know the schedule of the Training for Victory class nearest you, you may contact your local church.

One 2 One: The New Edition

One 2 One: The New Edition

We are happy to announce the launch of the new edition of ONE 2 ONE. This twelve-part study guide is now revised and condensed into six chapters, making it easier to understand and share.

If you’re new to having a relationship with Jesus and you’d like to understand what it really means to walk with Him, ONE 2 ONE is a tool designed to help you. Learned best with a mentor, ONE 2 ONE will help you get the right start by guiding you through the first essential steps as you follow Christ.

Topics included in the new ONE 2 ONE are:

• Salvation
• Lordship
• Repentance
• Baptism
• The Bible and Prayer
• The Church

For those of you who’ve been wanting to share your faith with your friends or loved ones, we believe that this is a good opportunity for you to do so. With a more compact One2One, it will be easier for you to help them know more about Jesus, follow Him, and build genuine relationships through personal follow-up and discipleship.

The new ONE 2 ONE is now available at the different Victory resource centers and book tables.  Also, watch out for the Filipino and campus editions.