God at the Center

God at the Center

Dennis Poliquit first met his wife Monica at the radio station where he worked as a DJ. “I remember her having a pixie hair cut, but I was not attracted to her then,” he laughs. “We became friends for a long while before we became an actual couple.”

Dennis found Monica’s company irresistible. “I found that I could talk to her about a lot of things,” he recalls. “From politics to history, and most especially, movies and pop music. She has this jeepney horn kind of laughter you’d recognize from afar, and strong opinions about anything. I mean, a beautiful lady I can talk to about a wide range of topics. That was pretty attractive.”
Dennis became a Christian in 2000, but did not take his relationship with God seriously. He and Monica soon became intimate, and in 2003, Monica gave birth to their first child, a daughter. Deciding to move in together shortly after Gaby was born, it wasn’t long before they became parents to their first set of twins. Because they moved in together so soon after becoming a couple, they realized there wasn’t really much of a discovery stage, and had to learn more about each other as they went along.

“It was a roller coaster ride,” he admits, “with ups and downs, loops and twists and turns. It was crazy. We had great conversations. We had so much laughter. And we also had arguments like you wouldn’t believe.”

Dennis and Monica’s fights became more frequent. Over time, financial issues and the fact that neither of them was serious in pursuing God, found them drifting apart.

“We both let our pride overrule everything else,” he says. “Often, those arguments came from misunderstandings. Stuff we could have avoided only if we chose to actually listen each other instead of just waiting for our turn to speak or get loud.”

Monica’s strong personality, which was the initial thing that attracted her to Dennis, also made him hesitate about marrying her right away. “We both did not want to back off from anything. We were both stubborn in our opinions,” he says, “and I think it was mix of fear and indecision that made it take a while for me to decide to marry her.” He pauses, measuring his words. “I regret making her wait for me to ask her to marry me. If I really loved her, I needed to love her for who she really is, and not who I think she should be.”

Ephesians 5:22-33, in particular, spoke to Dennis. He identified with the Christ-like love that the verses encouraged husbands to give their wives, and he knew God was telling him something: getting right with Him meant getting right with Monica. Still, he was hesitant to take the initial steps.

“Then Monica threatened to leave me and take the kids with her. That jolted me wide awake and opened my eyes about what I had been doing.” Dennis consulted his Victory group leader, who advised him to seek God first.

In 2006, Dennis and Monica decided that they needed to get right with God, and began to pursue God in earnest. They soon began to see changes in each other. “Our relationship got way better,” he says. “We agreed that when we did not see each other eye to eye on matters, we should consult His Word and what it says about things. We also learned to forgive and let go as we get to be forgiven too.”

“I am pretty certain things could have turned out differently if I tried doing things on my own,” Dennis says. “Truth be told, it’s what I did before and it led me nowhere but to more trouble. I have learned my lesson.”

Realizing he desired to honor Monica in the best way the Bible says how, Dennis formally asked Monica to marry him, and they tied the knot in May 2006. “I wanted to honor her,” he says, “for her love for me and our children.”

“We lived together for almost three years without the covering of marriage,” he adds, “and I wanted to make things right.”

“I’m thankful for God’s grace,” he says. “Like myself, Monica was struggling with a lot of stuff, and yet, she ultimately still chose to stay with me. Yes, we still have arguments for both serious and petty stuff but by God’s grace, it does not escalate into a raging fire.”

Looking back, Dennis sees how God lovingly yet consistently called him to passionate leadership in their marriage. “There was a time when I was whining to God about my marriage,” he recalls, “and His Word was to love my wife. I cannot always be stubborn and see her as the enemy in the argument. I learned that we were both coming from a place of love, and to listen more and more to each other.”
As he honors her, Monica, in turn, respects and takes good care of her husband. “Monica has become more patient and understanding with me,” he says. “I still make many mistakes, but now a quiet word from her would be enough. She has learned to pause and ask me to clarify things to make sure she understands what happened or what I said.”

“As a husband and for one who has been and is forgiven, my role to is to love my wife and forgive her as often as needed, just as she needs to forgive me as often as needed. It is not my role to change my wife, nor should she expect me to change for her. It is God’s role to change both of our hearts.”

Today, Dennis and Monica are parents to five children, including two sets of twins. Fueled by their love for God, their passion for each other and their marriage continues to inspire others in the church, especially couples who are experiencing what they have. Their advice? Go back to God.

“Monica and I tried our very best to solve problems on our own,” Dennis says, “and while it helped for a while, we eventually went back to old habits. The only real solution for us was to go to God. He is our arbiter. He has final word on things my wife and I cannot agree on. Even how we treat each other, His Word is our ground zero. It is the only way to live married life. Respect, honor, love and most of all, the pursuit of and obedience to God will ensure a storm proof married life.”

Young Dream Finds Real Purpose in Christ

Young Dream Finds Real Purpose in Christ

Dream Austria Runtuwene, Victory group leaderFor many people, the first thing that grabs their their attention about thirteen-year-old Adreame Daniel Riley Austria Runtuwene—-or simply Dream—-is his hair. He sports hair longer than most of the other young men in the Victory group he attends, a tip of the hat, if you will, to the growing lad’s outgoing nature.

“My Victory groupmates are very energetic and playful,” he says, “and continuously talking to one another. Since we are closer to one another, communication is much easier. We used to be shy in our first days,” he adds. “Not anymore,” he laughs, and his hair flies back.

Dream and his sister, nine-year-old Saiah, attend Victory Greenhills with their mother Be. He is part of a Victory group for young teen boys led by Victory Greenhills volunteer Christian John Tomas. Initially hesitant to join Christian’s group, he took a leap of faith after attending the church’s Boot Camp for pre-teens.

“Before and after Boot Camp, I wasn’t sure,” he says, “because I didn’t know who I wanted to be with.” He laughs. “Then I decided to be with Teacher Christian.” Dream Austria Runtuwene, Victory group leader

Teacher Christian was a positive role model for the young teenager, although he was never a difficult child growing up. His mother, Be, grew up in an abusive home; despite her façade as a strong, independent career woman, her heart ached for affection, but she experienced broken relationship after broken relationship.

“All I knew how to do was to love my children in exactly the opposite way I experienced,” Be says. “I realized they were the first blessings in my life that were so radically different from all the heavy stuff I was mostly born into.”

A friend, Honey Gee Carr, invited Be and her children to Victory in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2015 at a chance encounter at Victory Greenhills that Be and her children surrendered their lives to Christ. Soon after, the young family began attending Victory groups and started doing ONE 2 ONE.

“Everyone at Victory has blessed us by the work of their hearts and hands,” Be says. “The most difficult part of raising children from a broken home,” she adds, “is providing them a semblance of a strong familial love. As a single mom, no matter how hard I try, I can’t truly and completely provide that. But God can, and Victory groups and KIDS Church activities are just a few of the ways He has shown my family that He loves us.” Dream Austria Runtuwene, Victory group leader

“The best thing about being part of a Victory group,” adds Dream, “is seeing people’s experiences, not just your experiences. Seeing how other people react to the Word, seeing how God works through them. Everybody is used in different ways at different times.”

Recently, Teacher Christian encouraged Dream and a few of the teens to step up and lead other boys in their group. Unfortunately for Dream, it wasn’t the most satisfying of starts.

“We decided to make breakout groups,” the young teen says, “and I was going to disciple two kids. On our first week, nobody came!” He laughs. “On the second week, people started attending again, so we were able to disciple who we were supposed to in the first place. It was a good experience.” Dream Austria Runtuwene, Victory group leader

Dream and his sister Saiah, under volunteer Danica Patron’s care, are now actively involved in the discipleship journey because they see the importance of the roles they play in their own growth as believers. Dream, in particular, is excited about taking the gospel to the nations.

“If the plan for me to go to school in Jakarta, Indonesia, pulls through,” he says, “then I would spread the Word as much as possible and encourage people there to follow Jesus, like a campus missionary. If I continue to go to school here, then I’ll definitely do the same.” He pauses. “Maybe it’ll be easier since they are my fellow Filipinos.”

“We’re all called to disciple others,” he adds. “Don’t worry if you have to pray for someone or teach. If you’re thinking you’re too young or can’t do it, it’s not gonna be you, it’s gonna be Christ through you. He will be the One to do it for you, He will speak the words through you. It’s all about Jesus.”

A God of Miracles

A God of Miracles

Noelle Samson-Siy was in the prime of her life when she received some devastating news.From the beginning, it seemed like the odds were stacked against Noelle Samson-Siy. Three years ago, doctors sat down with the 27-year-old businesswoman, and gave her news that no woman ever wants to hear.

“We’re afraid your tests reveal that your brain cannot signal ovulation,” the doctors told her, “Your pituitary gland isn’t functioning correctly.”

Months earlier, Noelle had learned she has polycystic ovarian syndrome in both ovaries. Her left ovary was in 40-year-old condition, despite her being only in her mid-20s, and a 6cm cyst was discovered in her right ovary. After a few months of taking medicines to shrink the cyst, things were looking up–until she started spot bleeding after two months and needed an immediate operation. A newlywed in the prime of life, Noelle was faced with the harsh reality that she and her husband Malcolm might never have children.

“At the time, we scouted for the best fertility doctors we could find in Metro Manila,” Noelle says, “not because we wanted to, but because they kept referring us to other doctors as well.” Her condition began to weigh down on her, but her husband Malcolm never grew weary in giving her encouragement, praying for her, and accompanying her during hospital visits.

victory_christian_fellowshop_healing_pregnancy4Turning to God, the couple never stopped praying for a baby, but also decided that Noelle’s condition would not stop them from having a great marriage. Husband and wife went out on dates, traveled outside the Philippines, and enjoyed each other’s company, even without children. Still, despite their happy marriage, Noelle couldn’t deny a part of her that felt incomplete.

“It was one of the darkest and saddest times of my life,” she shares, “but it was also the time when I experienced a deeper relationship with Him.”

One night, while reading her Bible, she read the New Testament story of Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth. She immediately identified with Elizabeth’s story of barrenness, and burst into tears. After a few minutes of crying out to God, Noelle felt something different.

“I suddenly experienced a strong sense of calmness envelope me,” she says. She felt free from her insecurities and bondage, and instantly knew it was God comforting her. At that same moment, God placed a name in her heart: Zachary.

While encouraging, Noelle kept this revelation to herself, and used it to lift her spirits when she started bleeding again. Her doctor immediately scheduled an operation.

“We felt our lives were like a roller coaster,” Noelle says. “We had to think twice about making big purchases, because we were concerned we would need the money later for unexpected medical bills and medicines.”

Little did the couple know what God had in store. One day, Malcolm received a text message informing them that someone from the Victory church they attended wanted to bless them, and was asking for their account number to make the deposit.

“We were floored when we realized it was more than enough to cover for the operation,” Noelle shares, “we were like kids jumping up and down. We knew then, that despite all the trials, God was there with us.”

As the operation date drew near, Noelle couldn’t contain her fear, which worsened the night before the big day. She and Malcolm kept praying until 5AM, the time of her scheduled operation. While lying down in the operating room, she heard a voice say, “Be still and know that I am God.” Her body started to relax and she was able to sleep soundly throughout the almost six-hour operation.

Noelle awoke to shocking news: the doctors removed her right ovary; she had one only ovary left.

“The cyst we found in your right ovary is cancerous,” the doctors told the dismayed couple. They were also told that she was a suffering from a severe case of endometriosis, a condition that resulted in a retroverted uterus. The cyst which was surgically removed had to undergo a biopsy.

Noelle Siy with her miracle baby, Zachary.Noelle and Malcolm took the news in stride, waiting for two weeks to learn of what kind of cancer it was. Meanwhile, their families, friends and spiritual family stormed the gates of heaven with prayer for her. Finally, the day came when they got the results: her cancer was stage 1A cancer, a non-aggressive type.

“Your best window to get pregnant is only four months from this operation,” said the doctor who operated on Noelle. Four months later, Noelle had a dream in which she was pregnant. She awoke, very excited, and decided to take a pregnancy test on a whim. She and Malcolm could not believe their eyes when the test revealed two lines.

Noelle was pregnant.

Her doctors were equally shocked when they found out Noelle conceived naturally, without the aid of pills or other medication. In her fifth month of pregnancy, the couple learned their baby was a boy. They decided to name him Zachary–which means “remembered by God.”

“God answered our prayer,” she smiles. “Despite every doctor saying it was impossible, it was possible for God!”

Before, Noelle was plagued with cancer and infertility; today, she is now free of sickness and the proud mother of a healthy baby boy. Because her right ovary was already successfully removed, she is now cancer-free; she will never have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation. Some people would call it luck, but she’d rather call it a miracle.

Finding Fulfillment in KIDS Church

Finding Fulfillment in KIDS Church

Teacher Michelle teaching kids at Victory Greenhills“I always end up learning something from them,” Michelle Ramos says, when asked what it’s like to disciple children.

Having been part of Victory Greenhills since 2011, Michelle first served in the music team as a singer, until she was invited to observe KIDS Church. As she watched the children that day, she felt a stirring in her heart, and knew God was telling her to surrender her involvement in the music team, so she could put her time and efforts toward KIDS Church. 

Michelle wrestled with the idea. In her mind, she still wanted to sing. Nevertheless, after praying and fasting, God revealed to her his heart for the children and gave her Mark 10:13-14, “And they were bringing children to him that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”  

Then and there, she knew God was stirring up something in her heart for the next generation. “It motivates me knowing that I am part of what is in the very heart of Jesus–to let the children come to him,” she shares.  

AVictory KIDS volunteers enjoy their time togetherfter a few weeks of teaching kids, God surprised her when He gave her the desires of her heart and paved the way for her to be a part of the KIDS worship team.

Despite it being her calling, Michelle faced challenges as she ministered to children, who are naturally very vocal and honest with their opinion.

“There was a time when a kid said “it’s boring” during praise and worship,” she recalls.

Apart from being their worship leader, she also preaches the gospel to the children. For this, she prepared extensively before class, hoping she would keep their attention during huddle time–only to be met with silence when she asked them if they learned anything. Michelle also tried to start a small group for the kids, which fizzled out due to inconsistencies with the schedule. This series of setbacks led her to doubt her calling.

Thankfully, she has mentors whom she can look up to. “They never failed to cast the vision to us KIDS volunteers.”  God continued to work in her heart, and she found herself being comforted that her work is never in vain, even if she couldn’t see the big picture yet. She recently had the opportunity to disciple a young girl, Nicki, which proved to be a fruitful journey for her.

Teacher Michelle and Nicki enjoy learning from each other.Children are naturally inquisitive, and they speak their mind out. This challenged Michelle to dig deeper into God’s Word, so she can answer Nicki’s questions. She also went out of her way to know more about Nicki’s hobbies and favorite things (Shopkins!), so she can share her joy even in the little things. “But the best thing is when you hear straight from her how she acknowledges lordship and salvation. It makes me excited for the next generation!” Michelle shares.

While her job as a KIDS church teacher is crucial in discipling children, she believes that her role takes a step back from the role of the parents. She explains that children catch what they see more often than what they’re taught. The way parents live out their life will make a huge impact in their kids, whether or not they attend KIDS church. Michelle wants to remind parents that discipleship starts at home. It is where children should first learn how to pray and read the Bible.

Michelle envisions an army of young worship leaders, who will rise up and lead the next generation. She’s also believing for more volunteers to step up and disciple kids, so they will also be disciple makers in the future.  The task of reaching out to the next generation is not easy, but it is a responsibility that Michelle has embraced, a calling that she considers a privilege.

Jenny’s Miracle Babies

Jenny’s Miracle Babies

jenny-and-carl-dyJenny Ang Dy of Victory Greenhills shares her story of how God provided a child for her, despite multiple miscarriages and difficulties. May you be encouraged and inspired as you read her story!

Two months after my husband and I decided to start a family, we received the best kind of news—we were pregnant! We were so excited to share this with our family and friends. However, we lost that pregnancy a week after we found out.

We found out that I was pregnant again a few months after that. This time, we were more fearful than joyful. My worst fears were confirmed when we lost the baby again, just four weeks after we received the news.

During this time, several friends were also expecting to have kids. I was in so much pain after losing two babies, I didn’t want to do anything that reminded me of my loss. I refused to attend baby showers and children’s parties. Other than that, I refused to accept the fact that I couldn’t have children.

After many tests and doctor’s visits, I discovered that I had an immune condition where my body did not know a pregnancy when it happened. My body recognized a growing embryo as a form of cancer, and would produce antibodies to attack it until it wouldn’t survive. I really wanted to have a baby, and sought answers by learning all I could about this condition and put my faith in doctors. I even turned to traditional medicine, wanting to leave no stone turned.

All this stress also took a toll on my career, which I had to put on hold because of all the time-consuming treatments I underwent. My husband and I spent close to a million pesos on tests and medications. I felt like I was losing control over my finances, my work, and my life.

One day, an old friend invited me to a Victory group. I had grown up a Christian, but knew so little about God. When the gospel was shared to me this time around, I had a greater understanding of who God is. He is not just a provider and a healer—He is also my Heavenly Father. I sought for a deeper understanding of who He is. The more I read the Word, the more I became at peace.

My husband eventually joined me in attending church and Victory group. We started trusting and believing God together to grow our family. He began changing our hearts—it was like He infused us with fresh faith to believe Him for my healing. Other than that, He gave me a deep joy in my heart. Despite my childlessness, I began celebrating with others for their seasons in life. I also stopped going to different doctors, and made a decision to trust God for the child He would give us. We were in faith that He would provide for us, in His own time.

One day, after an extended trip with my husband, we discovered that we were pregnant, again! I admit it was a challenge for me not to feel anxious and afraid all over again. I’m thankful that I had my spiritual family standing with me in prayer. Every time I would feel fear, I’d claim God’s promises over my life, and ask for His protection for the baby and myself.

After a total of five miscarriages, God gave us our first baby, Catie, in April 2008.  God’s promise to my husband and I had come to pass.

Today, Catie is now seven years old!
Catie was born healthy in 2008.

After Catie, God blessed us with two more beautiful and healthy girls, now aged six years old, and 20 months. Each pregnancy I encountered is a different story. I can now say that the journey of trusting and letting go is a continuous process. My husband and I continue to rely on God’s grace to be able to steward them well.

The Dy family today
The Dy family today

Truly, anything is possible with God, and miracles still happen in this day and age. His plans are greater than our plans, and nothing can separate us from His love. As we surrender and declare His Lordship over our lives, He remains faithful. His will always prevails!  

Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom

emmievictorioEmmie Victorio of Victory Greenhills has a special burden to reach women in prison. Learn how God placed this burden in her, and be encouraged to pursue God and His ways!


Jesus calls each of us to go and make disciples . In my case, I felt God calling me to preach the gospel to those in prison.

This started many years ago, when I visited an outreach in one of the women’s jails in Manila. I saw women young and old there, and I felt a great deal of compassion towards them. They wouldn’t be where they were if they heard about who Jesus is, I thought, then I realized that it wasn’t too late for me to let them know who He was.

The more I read God’s Word, the more I fell in love with Him, and the more aware I became of His love for me. I saw how good and kind He is. So when I realized the Bible tells us we show our love to Christ when we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit those in prison, I saw that people are what are important to Him. He loves all of us, and I want for people to know what that’s like. I want people to know how God is like.

Aside from preaching the gospel in San Juan’s correctional facility for women, Emmie (first from left) leads a Victory group of women every Wednesday.

Since I live in San Juan, I decided to do ministry in the correctional facility in my city. God’s been faithful to grant me favor there, and I’ve been ministering to the detainees there for the past seven years. I’ve been doing ONE 2 ONE with the women inside the jail; I also hold a Victory group there every Monday morning. I’ve also had an opportunity to disciple some of the jail guards.

Some of the women I’ve discipled have been released from jail, and they are now attending church and making disciples as well. More than that, I’m happy to share that they are walking in God’s ways. Some of them still remain inside the facility, but have their lives changed. One of them, Maya*, has now started her own Victory group inside jail.

Jesus did not come to serve, but be served—and I believe that applies to us as well. We have to trust that He brings the change in people’s lives. When we are filled with His Spirit, He will use us mightily! As long as there’s someone out there who doesn’t know Him yet, we need to be ready and available to preach the gospel to them. After all, it’s His will for each of us to be saved!

Emmie (in green) also leads a Victory group of seniors in her home church.
Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers

Kathrine Napolitano shares how being part of a LIFE group in her campus drew her closer to God. Read more of her story here!

When I was a freshman in school, a close friend of mine invited me to a LIFE group. At first, I was hesitant to join, because I knew most of the group members were guys. I didn’t want them to know about the intimate details of my life! Later on, I discovered that there were girls who were part of the group, and I then became more comfortable being part of it.

Being part of a LIFE group in my campus helped me in a lot of ways. I saw how God worked uniquely and differently in everyone’s lives. This was possible because of their relationship with Him, through Jesus Christ. I became a witness of God’s faithfulness not just in my own life, but in the lives of others.

I also realized the importance of walking with others in our relationship with God. My LIFE group-mates, who I now call my friends, would encourage me every time I faced challenges. What they did helped me draw closer to God and hold on to Him even more.

"Through these students in our LIFE Group, I saw how God works in the life of each and everyone. I am blessed to be part of this group!"

Eventually, I had the desire to share what God gave me to the other students in my campus—especially to those from different colleges! At first, I was afraid of doing it, but I was confident that God would help me and give me courage—and He did!

"Leading my own LIFE Group gives me the opportunity to learn from the lives of other students."

It is only through the grace of God that I’ve been changed, and am now experiencing the life He wanted for me. The gospel transformed me in every aspect of my life: from being rebellious and rejected, He has made me into a woman of victory. I am now secure with my identity in Christ. He never left me when I was helpless and hopeless. Now, I want to share the same with more people, because with Jesus, we are more than conquerors and victors!

Kathrine graduated from the Technological Institute of the Philippines this year. Because of her passion to share the gospel, she went on to lead four LIFE groups in her campus. She is an active Victory group leader at Victory Greenhills, her local church.

Making an Impact in the Nations

Making an Impact in the Nations

Being part of a Ten Days mission trip is truly a life-changing experience! Check out this testimony from the Ten Days team from Victory Greenhills. They embarked on a mission trip in March that forever changed their lives and gave them a bigger picture of honoring God and making disciples in the nations.

In March 2012, we went to a Ten Days mission trip in Phnom Penh,  Cambodia. Phnom Penh is the nation’s capital and houses the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Cambodia’s oldest and largest university.

To connect with the students in RUPP, our Every Nation church in Cambodia has been conducting English classes. Our first activity was to observe the classes.  The students were so eager to learn!

We were given the chance to teach. While their limited English made it a bit hard to communicate, it didn’t matter! Games, hand gestures, and students eagerly translating in their language made it possible for us to connect with them in a more personal level.

The students also love music and we had the chance to share this with them. It was no accident that many from our team are gifted in this area. We were able to give them simple voice and guitar lessons. Music really helped us bond together!

We had an opportunity to preach God’s Word come Sunday. Some male students even accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! They were so encouraged that they committed to attending all our activities. We were just in awe at how the Word of God is so powerful to speak life to those who hear it.

 The remaining days of our mission trip were spent in the company of the young Cambodians, learning about their rich history and beautiful culture. We came home more blessed than we can ever imagine. God’s love was evident all throughout. We are expectant that our Every Nation church in Cambodia will continue to grow, with more leaders equipped and more locals to come to know  Jesus. We’d like to give all of you a heartfelt okhun charan! (Thank you!)

If you’d like to know how you can be part of a Ten Days mission trip, please visit http://www.tendaysmissions.org.ph.

Bigger and Better!

Bigger and Better!

On Sunday, December 18, we are simultaneously launching brand new venues for two of our Metro Manila locations: Victory Pioneer and Victory Greenhills!

Both these locations started in November 2007, to make disciples in the bustling cities of Mandaluyong and San Juan. Campuses, workplaces, and families were reached in the heart of these cities. Since then, the two congregations have grown. Through prayer and discipleship, lives are being changed and families are being brought to a relationship with Christ.

Because we place a premium on the next generation, we look forward to reach more high schools and universities in these areas, namely Polytechnic University of the Philippines – San Juan, Rizal Technological University, Jose Rizal University, Mataas na Paaralang Neptali A. Gonzales, San Juan National High School, and OB Montessori.

Students from RTU take part in a LIFE seminar in the Victory Pioneer center

Now, with the newly renovated centers, there’s definitely bigger and better things up ahead! We’ll have more opportunities to honor God and make disciples. Thank you for praying and giving! We are now looking forward to accommodate more growth and reach more families, campuses, and workplaces for Christ. Truly, God’s faithfulness knows no bounds!

Victory Greenhills held big group meetings (like this one) before formally launching their center four years ago

Come and celebrate with us on Sunday, December 18. Victory Pioneer is kicking off their services at 9 AM at the third floor of Forum Robinsons mall in Pioneer Street. Victory Greenhills will be holding their inaugural services starting at 2 PM at the fourth floor of V-Mall, Greenhills Commercial Center.


Invite your family and friends to join us! We’re one church in Metro Manila and meet in various provinces across the Philippines.