Making an Impact in the Nations

Making an Impact in the Nations

Being part of a Ten Days mission trip is truly a life-changing experience! Check out this testimony from the Ten Days team from Victory Greenhills. They embarked on a mission trip in March that forever changed their lives and gave them a bigger picture of honoring God and making disciples in the nations.

In March 2012, we went to a Ten Days mission trip in Phnom Penh,  Cambodia. Phnom Penh is the nation’s capital and houses the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Cambodia’s oldest and largest university.

To connect with the students in RUPP, our Every Nation church in Cambodia has been conducting English classes. Our first activity was to observe the classes.  The students were so eager to learn!

We were given the chance to teach. While their limited English made it a bit hard to communicate, it didn’t matter! Games, hand gestures, and students eagerly translating in their language made it possible for us to connect with them in a more personal level.

The students also love music and we had the chance to share this with them. It was no accident that many from our team are gifted in this area. We were able to give them simple voice and guitar lessons. Music really helped us bond together!

We had an opportunity to preach God’s Word come Sunday. Some male students even accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! They were so encouraged that they committed to attending all our activities. We were just in awe at how the Word of God is so powerful to speak life to those who hear it.

 The remaining days of our mission trip were spent in the company of the young Cambodians, learning about their rich history and beautiful culture. We came home more blessed than we can ever imagine. God’s love was evident all throughout. We are expectant that our Every Nation church in Cambodia will continue to grow, with more leaders equipped and more locals to come to know  Jesus. We’d like to give all of you a heartfelt okhun charan! (Thank you!)

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