Salt & Light

Salt & Light

Pain, troubles, and suffering are part of life. And often, we can be consumed by these difficulties we face. However, God’s word shows us a different way: Jesus heals us, restores us, and gives us the power to overcome our difficulties. But it doesn’t stop with us. We can help others do the same. We are the salt and light that can reach out to others and extend the love and power God has given to us (Matthew 5:13–16).

Now that we are God’s people, our understanding of our realities stems from the truth of His word and a desire to advance His kingdom. His word allows us to apply His truths, helps us respond in faith, and causes us to actively take part in discipling a nation.

For the next six weeks, we will talk about God’s restoration plan for the world through the book of Isaiah. Join us as we learn more about these topics for our upcoming series:

  • Week 1: God versus False Religion (March 14)
  • Week 2: God versus Oppressors (March 21)
  • Week 3: Jesus, The Righteous King (March 28)
  • Week 4: Jesus, The Suffering Servant (April 4) 
  • Week 5: God’s Righteous People (April 11)
  • Week 6: God’s Plan of Renewal (April 18)

We hope that this series will help us continue to be the salt and light, actively reaching people and taking part in what God is doing to restore the world to Himself.

Following health and safety protocols, we have resumed some worship services onsite while continuing to meet online. You may join us by checking the schedules here or your Victory location’s Facebook page.

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  • Irma m. Malapo March 12, 2021 at 6:49 am

    Pwede po bang makahingi ng bible

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