Pray for God’s healing and hope in light of the rising HIV cases

Pray for God’s healing and hope in light of the rising HIV cases

The Philippines is currently experiencing the highest rate of new HIV cases globally, with an average of fifty-five new cases reported daily. The majority of cases involve young people. 

The Department of Health (DOH) reported 1,224 new HIV infections and 12 deaths. Nearly half of these new infections were among individuals aged 25–34, with almost a third occurring in those aged 15–24. Out of the 396 youth cases reported, 394 (99 percent) contracted HIV through sexual contact. Additionally, 80 (20 percent) of the youth cases were diagnosed with advanced HIV infection.

While HIV is no longer an incurable disease, access to antiretroviral treatment can be difficult for minors who need parental consent. Most minors often hide their condition, delaying treatment for years until it progresses to full-blown AIDS.

As a church that values the next generation, let’s continue to reach the campuses, minister the depths of Christ’s unconditional love, and encourage them to live set-apart lives. We pray that the next generation lives according to God’s word and walks free from sin and shame. 

While culture and society aim to alleviate the stigma and shame, only in Christ’s power do we find transformation and healing. 

In Him, our brokenness is made whole. 

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for divine healing and restoration of health for those infected with HIV, especially the young people suffering from this disease. Pray also for the elimination of stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV, so that they may be treated with compassion, dignity, and acceptance.
  2. Pray for families to be strengthened and guided to uphold God’s ways in their households. Pray for endurance for those who have family members with HIV and that they will continue to provide unwavering support and care. Surround them with a community that will support them in their journey.
  3. Pray for our campus ministry, especially student discipleship. May the students be empowered to make a positive difference on their campuses, being the salt and light among their classmates. Let them move in love and compassion as they share Jesus and His message of hope and salvation within their sphere of influence.
  4. Pray for our government officials as they collaborate and strategize their efforts in their campaign for adolescent health. Pray that God will grant them wisdom, unity, and effectiveness in their actions, bringing about positive change and better health outcomes for our youth.

To learn more about the current situation in our nation, you can read the resources through the links below:

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