A City Embraced: Bringing The Gospel To Taguig

A City Embraced: Bringing The Gospel To Taguig

Just like a father’s heart aches for his child in need, God’s love knows no bounds, especially for the lost, the least, and the last (Psalm 140:12). 

Here in Taguig, a city of vibrant yet painful contrasts, we want to echo that very heart of Christ—not just within our church’s walls, but in the least, unseen communities.

Remember the joy of those Noche Buena gift packs we shared nearly two decades ago? That simple, compassionate act from our volunteers ignited a fire, a passion to be God’s hands and feet, to proclaim His love in a greater capacity—to even embed social responsibility in our vision as a church.

And that is where our Love the City initiative started—just from a desire to bless and embody the gospel within and beyond our city walls. By God’s grace, we strive to live out our faith not just in words, but also in acts of generosity and service. Taguig, amidst its divides, has brought us closer to those who need it most. We’ve joined hands with these organizations that are beacons of light and hope in our city:

  • Generations–Home: Their heart is to end the orphan crisis and give orphaned children a chance to be loved well by raising awareness about foster care and adoption. They do this by reaching out to families through forums, discussions, and more. Currently, twelve families from our church have already opened their hearts and homes—good news to celebrate as we start the year!
  • Zonta‘s Kababaihan Project: They advocate for women’s rights and support women in need; we serve alongside them by building bridges of mental health support and sharing Christ’s love with the moms and their children. Because of our volunteers’ efforts, at least three women are now on their discipleship journey with us!
  • Marillac is a government facility that houses sexually abused and neglected young people. As a church, we partner with them by offering platforms of God’s healing through art therapy sessions, group discussions, and fun activities to spend time getting to know and building friendships with them.
  • Wipe Every Tear: They rescue victims of human trafficking. We stand beside them by starting small group sessions with the women and children—talking and being with them, helping them process their thoughts and emotions, and just simply, hearing their stories.

We believe in starting small, in the ripple effect of a single act of love. Every shared meal, every listening ear, every word of blessing, and every prayer of hope matters. 

To all our Victory BGC and Taguig volunteers, may the Lord bless you a hundredfold for all the time and effort you’ve given to minister to our communities.

Thank you for serving with us and loving on people just as Christ loves, wherever you are!

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