Now Serving: Volunteer Week 2012

Now Serving: Volunteer Week 2012

Got something to give? There is a great sense of of satisfaction knowing we’re doing what God has called us to do!

Don’t think you have nothing to contribute. As small as your service may be in your own eyes, it actually makes a big difference!

You can be part of our different ministries listed below:

  • Administrative Support
  • Communications
  • Creative Support
  • KIDS
  • Music
  • Technical and Production
  • Ushering

Check out blog posts from our pastors and a few of our volunteers here:

  • What’s Your Excuse?
    We all have our weaknesses, but don’t let them stop you from serving God! In this blog, read as Pastor Paolo Punzalan of Victory Fort lists down the mighty men and women in the Bible who were used by God despite their shortcomings.
  • Just a Volunteer
    “You are not just a volunteer.” In this blog, Pastor Paolo Punzalan helps us see the bigger picture in what we do as we serve in our local church.
  • Fit To Serve
    In this blog, Ganns Deen of Victory Greenhills shares a video which encourages us to “be part of the big picture.” As we work together, there is no stopping God to what He can make out of what we do and give Him as we serve in His kingdom.
  • iServe
    Pastor Larry Uy of Victory Greenhills encourages people to share their reasons for volunteering in church. Read on and see just some of the simple joys and benefits that come along as you serve God and His people.
  • iServe
    “Last year’s crop of volunteers has helped catapult the church to reach new heights. We needed volunteers to help us achieve God’s vision for the city,” Pastor Dennis Sy of Victory Greenhills shares. So no matter what your occupation, age, gender, or skills are, let’s serve and watch just how God can move in and through us.
  • Princess Diaries
    As a princess in her homeland, Tey must have been used to being served. She, however, did not use that as an excuse to keep herself from loving and serving others. Read on as Pastor Larry Uy of Victory Greenhills shares the life of a “full-time volunteer.”
  • Volunteer Weekend
    Malou Atienza and her husband Kris decided to take a more active role in serving, not just be served. Check out her blog post as she recounts her experience.
  • One More Step Away From Fear
    Karess Rubrico, one of the Communications volunteers of Victory Pioneer, shares how she overcame her fears and stepped out in faith to serve God.

Sign up at a Victory location nearest you! We are one church meeting in multiple locations in Metro Manila and in different churches across the country. We’re happy to have you serve with us!


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