Let’s Celebrate Father’s Day 2011!

Let’s Celebrate Father’s Day 2011!

Our dads are God’s gifts to us. No doubt, we’ve received so much from them—whether it’s teaching us to ride a bike, working hard for us, giving us fun piggy back rides, or encouraging us to keep on keeping on. This is a fitting time for us to show our appreciation to them! We can be assured that honoring them also honors God and reaps a great reward.

Join us this weekend, June 18 and 19, as we celebrate Father’s Day in all our Victory locations! Invite your dads, too—we’ve got something special prepared for all our fathers.

Victory is one church in many locations in Metro Manila and in the provinces. Check out our national directory to know where the Victory location nearest you is.

Don’t forget to bring your dads this weekend! See you at our services!


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