Empower Dreams With Us!

Empower Dreams With Us!

Since 2003, Real LIFE Foundation has been passionate about providing a better future for underprivileged Filipino youth by giving them access to a good education. More than just tuition, fees, and a daily allowance, Real LIFE also mentors their scholars in LIFE: Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence; and equips them with practical life skills. Real LIFE has been empowering the dreams of scholars across the Philippines since 2003. On April 8-9, our biggest scholar graduation, dubbed the “Mystery Tour,” will bring together forty-six Real LIFE scholars from 18 cities across the Philippines. Twenty-five provincial graduates will be asked to pack an overnight bag, and then flown to Manila to join twenty-one Manila-based graduates for an “Amazing Race” (Grad Edition), which will eventually culminate at their undisclosed graduation venue outside the city. Most graduates will be the first in their family to obtain a university degree, and many have never experienced staying at a hotel. Some have spent up to eight years battling hurdles to be able to graduate, which is why Real LIFE wants to make their graduation extra special. Last year, some scholars revealed that they couldn’t sleep the night before their graduation because they were so excited for the Mystery Tour! This year, it is bound to be full of fun and surprises, which aim to truly bless and honor the graduates before they finally heed their respective callings. In preparation for this celebration, we are raising funds for this special event. If you would like to contribute towards this unforgettable experience for our scholars, click here to help! It is Real LIFE’s goal to raise US$ 7,500 in 45 days; we have created an IndieGogo campaign page that displays our full vision for this project. The budget for every Scholar Graduation includes:

  • Airfare to fly 25 provincial graduates to Manila for graduation;
  • Hotel accommodation and meals for 46 graduates, 5 staff & 5 volunteers;
  • A special graduation banquet for 100 scholars and guests;
  • Transportation costs to rent 4 vans to bring scholars and guests to the graduation venue outside Manila;
  • A graduation gift for every scholar; and
  • An extra special surprise on April 9 for the graduates (details cannot be disclosed yet).

In the event that we don’t reach our ultimate funding goal of US$ 7,500, the scholars will still be treated to a special graduation trip with the funds raised. As a treat, everyone who donates a gift of US$50 will receive a black T-shirt with the slogan, “Helping Others Never Goes Out of Style.” Here’s a video of last year’s graduation. Watch it and witness how Real LIFE’s programs are transforming lives through hope and education!


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