Holy Week Devotional 2021

Holy Week Devotional 2021

As Filipinos, celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ every year is culturally ingrained in us. Holy Week has become a tradition for most, if not all, of us as it affects what we eat, how we act, and what we say for about a week or so. Even though most of us know the why in our minds, we tend to miss upholding the why in our hearts. 

From March 28 to April 4, let us reflect on and dive deep into the passion of Jesus Christ, the reason for our salvation, and see what it means for us today. The monumental event that happened more than 2,000 years ago is not just a historical fact; it can and will change the way we live and bring us back to our original purpose in God. More than a time to mourn or reflect, we can celebrate because we know that through Jesus’ sacrifice, we can experience His love, healing, glory, and victory in our lives.

We have provided devotional materials for you to use as you observe the Holy Week in your homes safely. You may download them here:

We hope and pray that as we reflect on the finished work of Christ and His mission for us, we can be salt and light to others and bring God’s kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

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  • Jasmin P. Duaman March 27, 2021 at 5:10 am

    Thank you for the devotional materials that will help us to reflect on the finished work of Jesus Christ n mission to us. It will help us a lot.

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