Awesome God

Awesome God

The year 2020 was far from ordinary. We began the year by focusing and reflecting on the amazing grace of God, and we had no idea how much we would need it! God’s grace has brought us through some of the toughest challenges of life as a church and as individuals. Because of this, we can welcome each day and this new year with gratitude for everything God has done for, in, and through us. 

This year, we will grow in our understanding of God’s goodness and greatness. We want to talk about our Awesome God because God is awesome! Our fitting response to the awesomeness of God is two-fold: we will fear God and we will grow in our love for Him. 

Here are the topics for our sermon series:

  • Week 1: God’s Self-Existence (January 3)
  • Week 2: God’s Peace (January 10)
  • Week 3: God’s Compassion (January 17)
  • Week 4: God’s Redemption (January 24)
  • Week 5: God’s Mission (January 31)

We hope you can join us in our time of prayer, fasting, and consecration from January 11 to 15. Visit to download our devotionals, join our prayer meetings, and share your story about our Awesome God.

Our hope is that this series and consecration week will help us see not only the greatness of God but also His goodness, and that we will be able to hold on to these in a new way. 

Following health and safety protocols, we have resumed some worship services onsite while continuing to meet online. You may join us by checking schedules here.

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