Set Apart—Together

Set Apart—Together

For the past 5 days, we’ve come together for our annual Prayer, Fasting, and Consecration week.

As a church, we pondered upon the heart of God’s holiness, and this is the great news—we are already made righteous through Christ’s sacrifice.

On that cross, He cleansed us in His righteousness, washing away all our sins. This is the grace that made us from crimson red to as white as snow; the grace that makes us holy now and allows us to have full communion with our Abba Father.

As we carry this good news into each day of 2024, let the burden of striving for holiness fall away. But rather, may we always call to mind that being holy is being set apart for Christ and being clothed in Him “who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21)

May God’s call to holiness not become a daunting task but a warm invitation. He is calling us, His dear children, to walk this journey of holiness, together.

We are never alone in this walk, and we will never be. From every corner of the earth, our spiritual family surrounds us—and may this truth be like a warm embrace and spark of hope against and amidst the darkness.

Blessings be upon you and your loved ones as we walk through this year, hearts brimming with God’s holy presence. May we have a faith-filled, set-apart year ahead!

Have you experienced some breakthroughs lately? Share your testimony with us! We’d love to celebrate with you.

Watch the Every Nation 2024 Prayer, Fasting, and Consecration Week Recap here.

Awesome God

Awesome God

The year 2020 was far from ordinary. We began the year by focusing and reflecting on the amazing grace of God, and we had no idea how much we would need it! God’s grace has brought us through some of the toughest challenges of life as a church and as individuals. Because of this, we can welcome each day and this new year with gratitude for everything God has done for, in, and through us. 

This year, we will grow in our understanding of God’s goodness and greatness. We want to talk about our Awesome God because God is awesome! Our fitting response to the awesomeness of God is two-fold: we will fear God and we will grow in our love for Him. 

Here are the topics for our sermon series:

  • Week 1: God’s Self-Existence (January 3)
  • Week 2: God’s Peace (January 10)
  • Week 3: God’s Compassion (January 17)
  • Week 4: God’s Redemption (January 24)
  • Week 5: God’s Mission (January 31)

We hope you can join us in our time of prayer, fasting, and consecration from January 11 to 15. Visit to download our devotionals, join our prayer meetings, and share your story about our Awesome God.

Our hope is that this series and consecration week will help us see not only the greatness of God but also His goodness, and that we will be able to hold on to these in a new way. 

Following health and safety protocols, we have resumed some worship services onsite while continuing to meet online. You may join us by checking schedules here.

From Dreams to Realities: A Fasting Testimony

From Dreams to Realities: A Fasting Testimony

Cess Gabuya trusted God to fulfill a promise for her family. Here’s a story of how the Lord works in turning dreams into realities.


In a prayer meeting during the fasting week of 2017, I saw a wall that encouraged people to draw their dream. As I thought about what to draw, I started to dream about the salvation of my family and claimed God’s promise for my situation.

And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” (Acts 16:31, ESV)

A few weeks after the fast, I found out that my younger brother who studies at Philippine Christian University, was invited to church through his student teacher! He attended a talent development workshop in Victory Malate, which led to him having a relationship with Jesus and becoming a part of a Victory group. On the third quarter of 2017, he experienced Victory Weekend and got baptized! It was an answered prayer!

As all these encouraging milestones happened in my brother’s life, I started to invite my mom to worship services and other activities in church. One day, as my mom and I were having a conversation in our house, I ended up sharing the gospel to her and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

I helped my mom grow in her relationship with Him through ONE 2 ONE. We would meet regularly in a cafe to talk about the basics of following Jesus. We finished the material and my mom also had her Victory Weekend experience in the same year! She is now part of a Victory group and joyfully serves in our church community.

In January 2017, I believed God for my family’s salvation. A few months later, my mom and brother received Jesus as Lord and Savior, and they got discipled and baptized. This experience in my life taught me to pray without ceasing and to continue to trust God’s promises. I believe it’s just a matter of time for my dad and other siblings to come to know Christ too.

Holding on to His Word: A Fasting Testimony

Holding on to His Word: A Fasting Testimony

Ash held onto God’s Words in spite of the gravity of her sister’s situation. Be encouraged by reading her story here!

My younger sister, Ysabelle, was born with a congenital heart disease that required an operation to repair. Since we lacked funds to have her operated on at the time of her birth, we had no choice but to postpone it, taking her instead for monthly check-ups and assessments at the Philippine Heart Center.

All the while, we also tried to get help from different charities and government offices, hoping to receive support for her operation expenses. Around two years ago, I started to pray and fast for her, daring to believe God for her complete healing.

Suddenly, on August 11, 2017, the doctor said that my sister had to be admitted to the hospital immediately; she needed an operation by August 15! My family and I were shocked because our finances were not sufficient enough to cover all the hospital bills.

Despite this, our family chose to act in faith and decided to have Ysabelle admitted. We knew the value of prayer at this critical time in our family, and many of our family and friends prayed with us while the operation was ongoing.

How God came through for us! The results of our prayer and fasting were massive and immediate. After the operation, joy alone couldn’t describe what we felt when the doctor told us that it was a successful operation and that my sister’s vitals were good! We were also told that she wouldn’t have health complications anymore, and there was no maintenance needed as well! What shocked us most was the fact that the hospital bills went down from PHP 200,000 to PHP 20,000! I couldn’t help but cry in awe of how God does miraculous things in His own amazing ways.

After years of praying, fasting, and believing for a breakthrough, God healed my younger sister from a heart condition. He never left. He never let my family down. Now, my younger sister can actively play without us having to fear that she will have a heart attack. Her full recovery proved that nothing is impossible with God. Doctors can cure, but only God can truly heal.

Truly, when God utters a word or two, He is serious about it. It is written in Isaiah 55:11 (CEV),“That’s how it is with my words. They don’t return to me without doing everything I send them to do.” He’s a Man of His own Words. What He says, He does.

Leaving the Comfort Zone: A Fasting Testimony

Leaving the Comfort Zone: A Fasting Testimony

On January 16, 2016, I started praying for an opportunity to help my family and be a channel of blessing to our church. I didn’t want to leave my home in the Philippines but during the fast in 2016, I knew that moving to another nation was my act of obedience. It was as if God was telling me, “Go out of your comfort zone and step out in faith!”

I considered working in nations such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, but a surprising thing happened. An agency sent me a personal message about an opening in a Safari Park in Dubai. I was puzzled. How did they get my contact details? Is this message true and reliable?

I asked God if it was a door He opened for me. I did my research and found out that the message was valid, so I applied. By May 2016, I was scheduled for interview. I also told some friends about the opportunity to work in the same company, so they submitted their applications too. After my friends and I passed the requirements for the vacancies, everyone was hired, except me. I became very disappointed at the turn of events, but I continued to hope.

As we prayed and fast again during the mid-year of 2016, God gave me a command and promise. He strongly impressed to me to believe to go to Dubai and that He would bless me. I continued to pray with my Victory group and and seek counsel from my pastor. After many prayers and discussions, I obeyed God and drafted my resignation letter. I had many worries and fears. Little did I know that God had already provided what I needed to obey Him!

I learned that we really find favor as we pursue God’s will. When I talked about my plans with my best friend, I was surprised as he offered to pay for my flights, accommodation, pocket money, and even food to go to Dubai! God also provided for my needs to transition out of my work. Even the Chief Executive Officer of the company I used to work for supported my decision and showed concern for my welfare.

As I arrived in Dubai in the latter part of 2016 to look for work opportunities, I encountered many hurdles along the way—but I still believed. I continued to claim God’s Word when we fasted at the beginning of 2017. It took a long time of waiting and going back and forth from Dubai, but God pulled through. In May 2017, I received an unexpected call from one of the companies I applied for while I was at the airport. It turned out to be an employment offer! As I opened the e-mail explaining the details of the job opportunity, my heartbeat accelerated and tears fell from my eyes! The employment offer met almost all my faith goals for work. I immediately ran to the nearest washroom and praised God. God really never fails to amaze us as we follow Him!

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. (2 Corinthians 12:9, ESV)

All Things New: A Fasting Testimony

All Things New: A Fasting Testimony

When God transforms lives, He does more than just upgrade us. He makes all things new. Our lives are made new to the point that they are almost unrecognizable from the past. Tim experienced this power of God firsthand. Here is how his life was totally made new.


I used to be addicted to drugs because I found comfort and happiness in them, but the satisfaction was always short-lived and the consequences were destructive. By the grace of God, I was given a new chance to turn away from my past and walk in righteousness. I became serious in pursuing Jesus and turning away from my old ways. I joined a faith-based rehabilitation center for substance abuse named Penuel Home for two months.

By August 2016, I finished the relapse prevention program and decided to relocate to Metro Manila with my wife and one-year old daughter. We needed a fresh start by leaving our laidback life in the province of Aurora.

In our search for a new life, my family and I encountered many challenges. First, we were in lack. I was unemployed, finding a decent job was difficult for me, and my family did not have enough savings to cover our needs and emergencies. Second, we did not have a home. We could not find a house that was affordable and conducive for us to live in, so we stayed in the residence of my wife’s parents for a while. Lastly, I found myself lacking as a father. I want to be a good leader in the family and lead my child to God’s ways, but I had a hard time because I came from a broken family and I did not have a godly father growing up.

When I was left with nothing but family and faith, God showed me in 2017 that He was powerful, merciful, and generous. I remember Him using my wife to show me a verse:

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. (Romans 8:18, ESV)

At the start of 2017, God also impressed a verse in my heart as we prayed and fasted.

Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy. (Isaiah 61:7, ESV)

This verse assured me that the grace of God is generous enough to provide for me as I faithfully believe in His promises. From then on, I made a commitment to God to give a tenth of everything I have. God also revealed to me that I should swallow my pride and apply to work for my father-in-law’s business. This decision was a blessing in disguise for us. My new job drew our families together and helped me provide for my family.

God did not only bless us with what we need, but also gave us our hearts’ desires. I am still in awe on how we survived our financial challenges last year, which includes my wife’s second pregnancy and my daughter’s hospitalization. He even surpassed our need for a home by giving us a brand new and fully furnished condominium unit! Back then, I asked God, “Lord, I know it is your will for us to leave and cleave as a couple, and have a place we could call our own as our family, but why could we not find it now?” And a year later, He answered my question with a home of our own!

At my job, God provided unexpected clients for the business. We also had the privilege of a family vacation abroad with my in-laws! Just when we thought we received a lot, God also blessed our family with another baby who was born on my birthday. When God gives, He truly gives generously.

God also surrounded us with a loving spiritual family that helped us grow in our relationship with Him. My wife and I are now part of a Victory group. Now, He is also using me to minister to other drug dependents and those who turned back on the faith. As a father, God also gave me wisdom to parent my children. I was able to teach my daughter how to pray recently.

God truly blessed us above and beyond through the unexpected people in my life. In spite of everything, the best blessing is still His presence whether in trials or success. I felt like everyday was a gift and a new beginning.

I used to be a drug dependent who always failed in life, but God is always there not just to forgive me, but also to love and provide with me everything I need.



Our Greatest Joy: A Fasting Testimony

Our Greatest Joy: A Fasting Testimony

We always have a choice to either magnify the impossible or to fix our eyes on what God says is possible. For Mhean and her husband, it was a challenge. But despite many setbacks, they chose to consistently focus on God. This is their story.


Since my husband and I got married four years ago, we have been praying for a baby. Every time we pray and fast at the beginning of each year, we always include this as a faith goal.

Around the middle of 2016, I was diagnosed with a polycystic ovary and adenomyosis. I went through medical treatments, but I still wasn’t fit for pregnancy after all the procedures.

I became depressed, but the Lord gave me hope. Instead of dwelling on the complications of my health, I decided to hold onto God’s promises and not lose faith. In December 2016, I prayed to God and said, “Lord, having a baby would be a wonderful gift this Christmas.”  I continued to believe.

The morning after New Year’s eve, my husband woke me up excitedly and told me that he had a dream about me giving birth to a baby boy in a delivery room. Two days after, I found out I was pregnant! The baby turned out to be a boy, just like in my husband’s dream. We were so amazed that God answered our prayer!

I carried our child for nine months. However, two days before my due date in August, our baby lost his heartbeat while he was still in my womb. It was definitely a sad time. Nevertheless, we chose to praise God in spite of what just happened. We did not allow our situation to hinder us from worshipping Him.

God can turn our mourning into dancing. The Lord showed us that His power can not only heal, but can also give us the opportunity to become parents. We will not lose our hope and faith in Him because He has given us a promise and we know He is faithful to fulfill His promise. Now, we are still believing for another baby. With God, we know it’s just a matter of time and trusting Him.


Mhean and her husband’s story reveals that our greatest joy is not in the promise, but ultimately in the One who holds the promise. The question is, how will you respond when your faith is challenged by multiple setbacks? Will you continue to hope and rejoice in Him?


Secure in God’s Provision: A Fasting Testimony

Secure in God’s Provision: A Fasting Testimony

We all have needs, and as we go through life, our needs seemingly increase. How should we respond to needs beyond our capacity to provide? Let us take a look at how Rosalie responded to hers. 

It has been a challenge to provide as a single mother and a breadwinner of my family for the past months. More than making ends meet, I also desire to support our campus missionaries.

During the mid-year prayer and fasting in 2017, I asked God for a raise in my salary to provide for my daughter and nephews and support campus ministry. On the second day of the fast, God surpassed my expectations! He did not only answer my prayer, but also gave me twice the amount I asked for in my salary increase!

In this season of my life, I learned not to worry about anything because God already knows what we need and He will always provide for us.

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” (Matthew 6:25-26, ESV)

As I walked with Jesus, I learned to lift all my burdens and needs to Him. I depend on Him more than on my own understanding. I am always grateful for the privilege of knowing Jesus. He is incomparable to any material thing the world can give. He does not only meet our needs, but also goes beyond to bless us for His purposes.


As sons and daughters of God, we can always be secured in the provision of our Heavenly Father who knows our needs even before we ask Him. You can also have an encounter with the generous heart of God. As we pray and fast in a few days, let us be confident to ask Him for our needs and desires. He is never intimidated by our requests, and He will provide according to His will.

Waiting in Faith: A Fasting Testimony

Waiting in Faith: A Fasting Testimony

How long are you willing to wait for a miracle in your life? A week? A month? A year? In our time and age, waiting for a year is already a challenge.

Luzviminda Galope, who goes to our worship services at Fort Bonifacio, waited for more than ten years! Was her miracle worth the wait? Let’s find out as she tells her story.

I have been joining the annual fast for more than a decade. During this time of the year, I never fail to include the restoration of relationships between me and my siblings as a faith goal. Our relationships have been broken for many years and it has been a burden for me, but I continued to hope in God. I believe that the God we serve is a God of restoration, so I always asked him for a miracle every time we pray and fast at the beginning of the year. It has been a long time of waiting, but the Lord proved Himself faithful.

After more than a decade of prayer and fasting, I received the sweetest gift last June 22! The Lord made a way to restore my relationship with my brother and sister. We finally had a meaningful conversation which led to forgiveness and understanding. Many years have passed since we last talked to each other, but on that day, we had the opportunity to resolve our misunderstandings and start a new page in our relationships with one another.

I praise the Lord for sustaining my faith in Him and demonstrating His power to reconcile what seems to be irreconcilable. God is faithful. If you delight in Him, He will truly give the desires of your heart.

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! (Psalm 27:14, ESV)


Luzviminda’s story assures us that putting our faith in God is always a good decision. Sometimes, it takes a while to see hope come to pass, but we can be confident because our God is faithful.

Do you have faith goals in your life that seem to go unnoticed for years? As we have our annual time of prayer and fasting from January 8 to 12 in 2018, we pray that you will persistently believe that God is able to fulfill His will in your life.

Have you also experienced a breakthrough in your life like Luzviminda? We would love to hear your story! Share it with us by sending it to


How Not to Fast

How Not to Fast

Pastor Steve Murrell, president of Every Nation, shares practical and insightful tips on how not to go about a fast. Check out his blog post!

Of Fairy Tales and Happy Endings

Of Fairy Tales and Happy Endings

Camilla Rivera  “I used to search for love from fairy tales and romance films,” says 27-year old Camilla Rivera, a self-confessed hopeless romantic.

Growing up in a broken family, she has craved love and acceptance since her parents’ separation when she was 12 years old. The memory of the day they separated is still vivid in her mind.

Throughout her high school years, Camilla felt alone. She described it as one of the most difficult times in her life. Like all girls her age, she needed proper guidance but didn’t get any from her parents. So, she turned to her peers. Enrolled in an exclusive school for girls, she looked for love, even entering a same-sex relationship to see where it would take her.

Camilla also developed an indulgent lifestyle that she thought would fill the emptiness inside her. While in college, she entered the modeling industry to sustain her wants and whims. While studying, she met the man who would eventually father her child. Not wanting to be alone anymore, and thinking that she already wanted her own family, Camilla got pregnant at 20 years old. “But after six years of this relationship, we decided to part ways,” she reveals. “I realized I was not really happy.”

Camilla RiveraGiving birth to a daughter didn’t stop Camilla from entering into a lot of flings and short-term relationships. Finally, she met another man, an Indian who became her long-term boyfriend. Camilla found comfort and security in her relationship with him. “My life revolved around him,” she confesses, “I didn’t know it then, but I realized I was guilty of idolatry, and he was the idol.”

The man proposed marriage to Camilla, and she accepted. It was exactly what she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl–her own Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. “I was on cloud nine!” she exclaims. However, after the initial thrill of the proposal passed, Camilla started having second thoughts. She was in the midst of wedding preparations when she realized that she wasn’t happy. She started questioning if she was actually in the right relationship. “He accepted my past, yes. He loves me, yes. But he wanted me to leave my daughter here. We couldn’t bring her to live in his country,” Camilla explains, “That just changed my entire perspective!” With a heavy heart, she decided to end the relationship and her fiancé left the Philippines for good.

The break-up shattered Camilla’s life. She was devastated and started questioning her purpose. She blamed God and asked Him why He had to let her undergo such a painful experience. It was Christmas Eve when Camilla encountered God through Isaiah 66:9 (NCV), “In the same way, I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born,” says the Lord.

In the solitude of her room, while crying out to God, Camilla felt comforted. She felt that God was asking her to come home. “He brought me back on the right track, just when I seemed to be so lost,” she shares, “He understands how painful discipline can be, but it is His way to remind me to trust His plans accordingly.”

Victory WeekendAfter her intimate encounter with God, Camilla remembered her friends, who had been consistently inviting her to attend Victory and join a Victory group since 2014. So, last January 2016, she finally decided to join them during the Dare to Believe prayer and fasting week. She only had one prayer: to have a personal relationship with Christ.  “Father, I want to know you,” Camilla prayed, “I want to keep my eyes on you and have a relationship with you. Reveal yourself to me.”

Last April 2016, Camille publicly declared her faith and was water baptized at Victory Weekend. God heard her prayer, and answered it. “I was not worthy of His love, but Christ still died for me,” she declares, “I was forgiven and his grace has saved me. I now live to honor Him and advance His kingdom.”

Today, Camilla serves as a KIDS Church volunteer, where her daughter also participates. She is in faith that she will be able to lead her own Victory Group by next year.

From someone who craved acceptance from the wrong places, she is now overflowing with God’s redemptive love. Now stronger and content, she’s not looking for ‘happily ever afters’ elsewhere, She has now found her eternity in Christ.

Keep on Daring to Believe: Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting 2016

Keep on Daring to Believe: Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting 2016

Join our Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting from July 5 to 7 as we take time to reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness over the first half of 2016! Let’s continue to believe God for greater things in our families, campuses, workplaces, church, and nation.

Follow our updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to know more about this prayer and fasting activity. You can also read testimonies from our previous prayer and fasting by clicking on this link.

Let’s continue to dare to believe God for more of Him in our lives! May each of us live lives that honor and give glory to Him, every single day.

Mystery of the Empty Stomach

The-Mystery-of-the-empty-stomach-229x300Does fasting have any real value? How can an empty stomach be of any advantage to you?

Fasting is an ancient practice that has enormous benefits but is often misunderstood. Shrouded in mystery, it has even been mistaken for dieting. In reality, fasting is so much more than depriving oneself of a few meals.

Joey Bonifacio’s The Mystery of the Empty Stomach will help you discover, understand, appreciate, benefit from, and enjoy this ancient practice. This little book discusses fasting in short, easily digestible chapters. Among them are:

  • From Duty to Delight
  • From Deprivation to Desire
  • From Desperation to Devotion
  • From Diet to Deposit

A few of the highlights from The Mystery of the Empty Stomach include:

  • “Fasting is associated with desperate situations. Through the centuries, people fasted mostly when they found themselves in tight spots. Jesus, on the other hand, was espousing a new and higher motivation to fast – not one borne of desperation, but out of devotion.”
  •  “We fast not to twist God’s arm so he will pay attention to us. We already have his undivided attention. We don’t fast in order to make ourselves worthy of his acceptance. We already have his unconditional love.”
  •  “We fast not so he will hear us, but for us to hear him.”
  •  “The Pharisees’ idea of fasting was to deprive the flesh in order to strengthen the spirit. They were focusing on the wrong thing. Jesus was telling them that fasting was not about depriving yourself. Rather, its about desiring the Bridegroom.”

As we start our Mid-year Prayer and Fasting, we recommend you prepare by picking up and reading a copy of The Mystery of the Empty Stomach by Joey Bonifacio, available at Life by the Book bookstores (including the branch at the Every Nation Building) and selected National Bookstore and House of Praise outlets.

Prayer Meeting Schedules: 2013 Prayer and Fasting

Prayer Meeting Schedules: 2013 Prayer and Fasting

During our 2013 Prayer and Fasting, join us in the prayer meetings that will be happening in our Metro Manila locations from January 7 to 11. Find the schedule and venue most convenient for you:

Lunch Time Prayer Meetings

Location Time
Victory Fort BonifacioAssembly Hall
Every Nation Building
32nd Street corner University Parkway
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City 1634″
12 NN
Victory MakatiVictory Center
De La Salle Hall
4th Floor, RCBC Tower
Makati City 1260″

*De La Salle Hall, 4F, RCBC Plaza
12 NN
Victory MalateVictory Center
Village Square Harrison Plaza
Pablo Ocampo corner Mabini Street
Malate Manila 1004″
12 NN
Victory OrtigasVictory Center
4/L EDSA Node
Robinson’s Galleria
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue
Quezon City 1100″
12 NN


Evening Prayer Meetings

Location Time
Victory AlabangVictory Center
4/L Festival Supermall Filinvest Corporate City Muntinlupa City 1770″
7 PM
Victory CaloocanVictory Center
6/F Victory Central Mall
Caloocan City 1400″
7 PM
Victory Fort BonifacioAssembly Hall
Every Nation Building
32nd Street corner University Parkway
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City 1634″
7 PM
Victory GreenhillsVictory Center
4F V-Mall
Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills
San Juan 1503″
6:30 PM
Victory MakatiVictory Center
G/F and Mezzanine
LPL Center
LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village
Makati City 1260″

*Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, 4F, RCBC Plaza
7:15 PM
Victory MalateVictory Center
Village Square Harrison Plaza
Pablo Ocampo corner Mabini Street
Malate Manila 1004″
6:30 PM
Victory Metro EastVictory Center
Level 5, West Wing
Robinsons Metro East
Marcos Highway corner Felix Avenue
Brgy. Dela Paz, Pasig City”
7 PM
Victory MuntinlupaVictory Center
3F/4F La Rychean Building
#176 National Road, Brgy. Tunasan
Muntinlupa City 1773″
Victory NovaVictory Center
Level 3, Robinsons Place Novaliches
Baranggay Pasong-Putik
Quirino Highway
Novaliches, Quezon City 1118″
7 PM
Victory OrtigasVictory Center
4/L EDSA Node
Robinson’s Galleria
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue
Quezon City 1100″
6:30 PM
Victory PasigVictory Center
No. 12 Alcalde Jose Street
Brgy. Kapasigan
Pasig City”
7 PM
Victory PioneerVictory Center ::3/L Forum Robinsons Mall
30 EDSA corner Pioneer Street
Mandaluyong City 1554″
7 PM
Victory Quezon CityVictory Center
3/F Mansi Building
337 Katipunan Avenue,
Loyola Heights
Quezon City 1108″

*Regis Center
7 PM
Victory U-BeltVictory Center ::Unit 302 Saint Thomas Square
España Boulevard corner P. Campa Street
Sampaloc, Manila 1008″
7 PM
Breaking Through: Testimonies from the Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting

Breaking Through: Testimonies from the Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting

Our 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting is in full swing! Check out these testimonies from people who have been seeking God to bring breakthrough in different areas of their lives. We hope you are encouraged as we are!


One of my faith goals in 2011 was healing for my mother-in-law. She was diagnosed to have stage four lymphoma. Because of God’s healing power, she was healed and is now cancer free. Praise God for this!
– Charity, Middle East

I have been childless for six years. I joined our Prayer and Fasting in 2009 and asked God for a baby. I got pregnant after that. Last year, I joined again and got pregnant with my second child. God really opened my womb. What an amazing God!
– Cathy, Victory Pioneer

My husband and I have joined the annual Prayer and Fasting since 2009. God never fails to do more than we ask for! When our child was three months old, he was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis and God healed him! Truly, God is FAITHFUL!
– Cyrene, Victory Fort Bonifacio

Cage Liongson of Victory Fort Bonifacio narrates the story of how their youngest son was cured of an illness that would have resulted to mental retardation and required lifelong treatment. Watch the full video here.


In 2011, I prayed and fasted for family salvation. Three months later, my wife started attending Victory and accepted Christ. We both finished Victory Weekend that year and have been attending small group meetings regularly. Both my kids are also attending KIDS Church. At may extra pa: my sisters-in-law have been attending service since the early part of 2011. Amazing how God answers prayer.
– Dt, Victory Fort Bonifacio

I’ve been praying for the salvation of my family for years now and I always include that in my Prayer and Fasting faith goals. God answered my prayers in 2011, when my mother and  younger sister accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
– Margie, Victory Makati



I’ve been working in a government agency for five months now. This year, I prayed for a promotion and increase in salary. To my surprise, our boss talked to me (during Day Four of Prayer and Fasting), giving me good news. As I renew my contract (this year), I’ll be assuming a new post, and the salary is almost tripled compared to what I’m receiving.
– Patrick Jason, Victory U-Belt

I’ve been working in my present company for more than five years and still haven’t received a salary increase. I made that as one of my faith goals in 2011. God faithfully answered my request. Despite the company crisis, retrenchment, and cost cutting, God provided for me. He is so awesome! Praise God for the wonderful breakthrough!
– Bevs, Victory Lipa

I fasted for my acceptance to the AUSAID scholarship grant. Now I just finished my first semester at the University of Sydney and am looking forward to the start of school year 2012! (I also fasted) to win in the Toastmasters (International Speech) Contest all the way to the National Finals. Not only did I (win) in the Philippines, but I also won in three speech contests in Australia!
– Vinnie, Victory Pioneer

Restoration of Relationships

My husband and I separated two months after I gave birth to our third child. It was the most painful trial ever. But God is amazing. He brought us back together after eight months. During our first talk, my husband said that he missed God so much and wanted to repent and go back to Him.
– Rhea, Victory Fort Bonifacio

My brother and I were not in good terms in 2010. During the 2011 Prayer and Fasting, my sister and I fasted for a reconciliation with my brother. And God is really good. Now, my brother and I are in good terms and he became more responsible as a brother and a son.
– Carol

Peachy and Elmer of Victory Fort Bonifacio tell the story of how they found God in the midst of a serious marital problem that was threatening their family. Watch the full video here.


These are just some of what God has been doing mightily! If you’d like to share your testimony with us, please email Let’s continue believing that God will do great things in our lives this year!

Living by the Spirit: 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting

Living by the Spirit: 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting

2012 is the year of the Lord’s favor! Let’s be expectant for what God will do in us, with us, and through us.

We invite everyone to join us in our annual Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting. This is the time when we gather together as a spiritual family to consecrate the year and every area of our lives to God.  Bring your family and friends and together let’s start 2012 right!

Check out our Prayer and Fasting 2012 webpage to read practical guidelines to help you in your fast. You can also read devotionals, take notes on your insights, and download free manuals and wallpapers. Be encouraged with us as you read testimonies of answered prayer—and feel free to share yours, too!

If you’re on Facebook and Twitter, please follow our updates and share your prayer requests and breakthroughs with us! You can also use the #fasting2012 hashtag on Twitter to join the conversation.

You may also join us at our nightly prayer meetings at a Victory Metro Manila location nearest you.

As we seek God in this season, may each of us be empowered to live in the Spirit and believe by faith that this is the year of answered prayers.

2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting

2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting

2012 is the year of the Lord’s favor! Let’s be expectant for what God will do in us, with us, and through us.

Check out our Prayer and Fasting 2012 webpage to read practical guidelines to help you in your fast. You can also read devotionals, take notes on your insights, and download free manuals and wallpapers. Be encouraged with us as you read testimonies of answered prayer—and feel free to share yours, too!

Prayer Meeting Schedule for 2012 Prayer and Fasting

Prayer Meeting Schedule for 2012 Prayer and Fasting

Only a few days left of a season filled with breakthroughs! 2011 was truly a year of the Lord’s favor as prayers were answered and faith goals were fulfilled left and right. Even from the start of 2011 up until its last remaining days, God has been moving mightily in the lives of many.

Let’s begin 2012 with an attitude of faith! Start it right by seeking God’s perfect will and by covering the upcoming year in prayer and fasting. Join us in the prayer meetings that will be happening in our Metro Manila locations during the 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting! Please find the schedule below:

Victory Location
Date Schedule
Alabang Thursday, January 5

7:00 PM (Prayer & Fasting 2012 Kick-off)

4/F Festival Supermall
January 6, 9 – 12 7:00 PM (Prayer & Fasting
regular prayer meetings)
Caloocan January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM 6/F Victory Central Mall
Fort Bonifacio

January 6, 9 – 12

12:00 NN
7:00 PM
Assembly Hall, Every Nation Building
Saturday, January 7 12:00 NN
Greenhills January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center
Makati January 6, 9, 11 – 12 12:00 NN
7:30 PM

For NOON-TIME prayer meetings:
Victory Makati Center

For EVENING prayer meetings:
Jan. 6 & 9 – Makati Sports Club
Jan. 11 & 12 – Mondragon House Auditorium

January 7 7:30 PM
January 10 12:00 NN
Malate January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 6:30 PM Village Square Harrison Plaza
Metro East January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM Level 5, Robinsons Metro East
Muntinlupa January 6, 9 – 12 7:00 PM 3/F La Rychean Building
Novaliches January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM Cinema 8, Robinsons Novaliches
Ortigas January 6, 9 – 12

12:00 NN
6:30 PM

4/F Robinsons Galleria
Saturday, January 7 12:00 NN
Pasig January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM Victory Center, Bgy. Kapasigan
Pioneer January 6 – 7, 9 – 12

7:00 PM

3/F Robinsons Pioneer
Quezon City January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM GT Toyota Asian Center Auditorium, UP Diliman
U-Belt January 6 – 7, 9 – 12 7:00 PM 3/F St. Thomas Square

We hope to see you at these meetings! Keep posted for updates via Facebook and Twitter.

2011 Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting Testimonies

2011 Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting Testimonies

We are so excited to share you some testimonies that we received during our recently concluded Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting. We hope that you are encouraged as you read through these stories.


My dad lost his vision in [his] right eye last year. But last Sunday [January 9], during my dad’s check-up, the doctor said he can already see farther than the last time she saw him: both in his peripheral and his main vision.
Katie, who posted in our Victory Facebook account

Last November, na-detect na may sepsis ako. I was confined for two to three days and was back in the hospital [in January]. I decided to pray and believe God for healing. True enough, on the third day of the prayer and fasting, God actually healed me!
Paolo, Victory U-Belt

On the 20th week of my pregnancy, my husband and I discovered that my baby had a cyst. We were expectant for a change and asked people to stand with us in prayer. When I went through our routine scan for the baby last January 10, our doctors confirmed that the cyst in our baby disappeared completely.
Yet, Victory Pioneer

Restoration of Relationships

[I started writing my personal faith goals in the beginning of the year.] On top of my list was for my Mom and my Dad, [who have been separated from each other for seven years]. Last Sunday, January 9, my dad called me to say that he and my mom want to be together again!  After seven years we will all be together again as one family!
Christian, Victory Greenhills


My relationship with my mom has been strained for more than two years . . . After last year’s fasting, I found the strength to start emailing, texting, and calling my mom. I started visiting [her too]. Kitang-kita sa mukha ni Mama yung saya niya kasi magkasama uli kami lahat.
Michael, Victory U-Belt


I have been working as a salesman for years now and praying for career breakthrough. [Then] I was offered a job as a Sales and Marketing Manager by [a different] company. I was hesitant because I [was working at] a multi-national company that has all the best compensation and benefits that others cant compete with . . . but this small company was able to offer me the best and [much more than what I expected].
Kim, Victory Pioneer

I did not have any work or job offers for six months. On the second day of prayer and fasting, somebody called me, offering me with a job with a high salary. I believe God has more in store. God is really faithful!
Eric, Victory U-Belt

Victory Group Growth

[I believed God for fruitfulness in the area of discipleship.] Nagkaroon [ako] ng Victory Group and nakapagsimula [noong January 13], with three new members.
Lynn, Victory U-Belt

Let’s continue to hold on to the promises of God with strength and courage! If you have a testimony you’d like to share with us, please email We’d love to hear from you!

Prayer Meeting Schedules 2011

Prayer Meeting Schedules 2011

During this Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting, join us in the prayer meetings that will be happening in our Metro Manila locations from January 7 to 13.

Find the schedule and venue most convenient for you:

Lunch Time Prayer Meetings

Location Time
Victory Fort Bonifacio 12 NN
Victory Makati 12 NN
Victory Ortigas 12 NN


Evening Prayer Meetings

Location Time
Victory Alabang 7 PM
Victory Caloocan 7 PM
Victory Fort Bonifacio 7 PM (except January 8th)
Victory Greenhills
*Teatrino Promenade (January 7, 10, and 11) 


*Music Museum (January 8, 12, and 13)

7 PM
Victory Makati
*LPL Center (January 7) 


*Dasmariñas Hall, Makati Sports Club (January 10-12)

*Ayala Hall, Makati Sports Club (January 13)

6:30 PM
Victory Malate 6:30 PM
Victory Metro East 7 PM
Victory Nova 7 PM
Victory Ortigas 6:30 PM (except January 8th)
Victory Pasig 7 PM
Victory Pioneer 7 PM
Victory Quezon City
*GT Toyota Asian Center Auditorium (January 7, 8, and 13)

*Katipunan Center (January 10-12)

7 PM (January 7, 8, and 13)
5 PM and 7 PM (January 10-12)
Victory U-Belt 7 PM


No prayer meetings will be held on Sunday, January 9. With that, we encourage you to attend the regular Sunday service in your local church.