Future Leaders Ignited to Change the World


We’re gearing up for the new school year! Over the break, we invited our students to come together, through our leaders’ and youth camps across the country. These gatherings become a key milestone in their faith journey and build strong relationships within the church community. 



Student camps highlight God’s love for young people. During the sessions, they understood the depth of God’s love for them and others, prompting them to live in a way that honors Him.




These fun and unforgettable moments help foster a strong sense of community among the young people, encouraging them that they are not alone in their walk with God.




They had a meaningful time building stronger and more purposeful relationships with one another. May these relationships deepen through continuous shared lives, accountability, and encouragement.



As they go back to the campus, may their burning passion for Jesus compel them to tell others about His great love! May God use them to be catalysts for change in our nation.



We thank all our volunteers and the rest of our church community for making all these possible. Together, let’s continue to change the campus, and change the world!

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