Blessed to Be a Blessing This Season

Blessed to Be a Blessing This Season

In the Philippines, Christmas is celebrated through the Noche Buena, a dining tradition that most families look forward to. Sharing a meal is one of the ways to share lives and make this season more memorable, and Christmas is a chance to bless others as Christ has blessed us.

This Christmas season, we celebrate our Lord and Savior by sharing Noche Buena packages with communities across Metro Manila, including street vendors, guards, street sweepers, students, and tricycle drivers, knowing every bag of goods for a Christmas dinner brings joy to a family.

Over the past weeks, individuals, Victory groups, and families have been generously taking part by giving whatever they are capable of – from one can of corned beef to a whole Noche Buena package. They also volunteered in packing and distributing the goods.

In Alabang, we recently distributed Noche Buena packages to more than 2,000 families in Barangay Poblacion, Muntinlupa. We also blessed the community by worshiping with them, preaching the gospel to them, and praying for them.



If you would like to join us in blessing other communities, you may inquire or donate at any of our Metro Manila locations.

In the coming days, we are excited to share the joy of the season to more barangays!


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