Central Luzon leaders attend “Seasons of Marriage”

Central Luzon leaders attend “Seasons of Marriage”

Because we value family and believe that God can use leaders in strong marriages to serve as an inspiration to others, we conduct marriage retreats to speak life into the relationships of our pastors and Victory group leaders.
Last October 6 to 7, more than 200 pastors and Victory group leaders from our Victory churches in Central Luzon participated in “Seasons of Marriage,” a one-day marriage retreat designed to help married couples see that God desires and is able to heal wounded hearts, is sovereign in all situations, and is with them in all seasons of their marriage.

Pastor Jojo and Ida Henson shared elaborated on how God is able to heal the mistakes and hurts of the past, how He is able to address any problems they are currently experiencing in their marriage, and how He is always good, and provides all we need to face the future with hope.

As we work together to honor God and make disciples, let us stand in faith for our leaders to continue keeping Jesus in the center of their marriages.


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