Victory Talisay Kicks Off New Worship Service

Victory Talisay Kicks Off New Worship Service

Pastor Zab PanimdimGod has been tremendously faithful to our churches in Cebu City!

From 2012 to 2014, God led Victory Cebu on the path to tremendous growth as their numbers flourished to 2000. This paved the way for the Victory Talisay church plant, which was started under the leadership of Pastor Zab Panimdim and officially launched last December 2015.

Primarily a residential and trading center, Talisay City lies within the Metro Cebu area. Its name is taken from the magtalisay tree which is abundant in the city. It currently has a population of 250,965 that increases to around 5% every year. It is also comprised of 22 barangays, and is surrounded by 42 campuses. This includes elementary schools, public and private secondary schools, and colleges. This means that a great number of souls are waiting to be touched and to be transformed by the gospel.

With this, Victory Talisay has launched another worship service schedule. In addition to its 2:00 p.m. Sunday service, the church now has a 4:00 p.m. Sunday service, which is still regularly held on the third floor of South Town Centre in Tabunok.

Indeed, the harvest is plenty and we believe that more disciples will be trained, more leaders will be raised up, and more of the next generation will be reached by the gospel of Jesus, in the South. Invite your friends and family, and let’s join our churches in Cebu, connecting more Cebuanos to Jesus!


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