To Heal and Make Whole

To Heal and Make Whole

Cloyd Abejar’s younger sister, Athea, was born with a heart problem that could cost his family half a million to cure. The entire family held onto God’s word and believed the Great Healer to work in their situation. Find out how God exceeded their expectations in this encouraging story.


My mother gave birth to my sister named Athea in 2015. On the year she was born, she was diagnosed to have a septal defect. This means that there is a hole in her heart, and she would need to go through surgery a few years down the road to completely address her health condition. We were told that the operation would cost roughly half a million pesos! Hearing this news saddened me and my family, but it didn’t stop us from believing that God could heal my sister.

Last year, I continued to declare God’s power over Athea and acknowledged that He is the head of our household. As I continued to pray, fast, and hold onto His promises, He started to move in my family, especially through my parents. My parents whom I dearly call Nanay and Papa had different beliefs, but they started to call on the name of Jesus and claim healing for Athea through prayer.

A month after consistently praying to Jesus as a family, the cardiologist informed us that Athea does not need an operation anymore! The hole in her heart miraculously closed! The doctor even mentioned that the prescribed medicines had no capability to heal the heart, and the only explanation she can think of is God’s power through prayer!

Our entire family felt the overwhelming love of God. After experiencing this miracle and seeing His power at work, my parents decided to surrender their lives to Jesus. They now have a personal relationship with Christ, and are walking with Him along with people who will help them in their discipleship journey.

I want to encourage you with these verses in the book of Psalms.

For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does. The Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love. (Psalm 33:4-5, NIV)

When the Lord promises you something, He is willing and more than capable to fulfill it. He deserves all the glory for what happened to my family.

Cloyd with his family (Photo from Cloyd Abejar)


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