The Gospel Expressed

The Gospel Expressed

Since earlier this year, we have wanted to grow in our understanding of the gospel and develop a greater love for God’s word. That’s why we embarked on a twenty-two-week series on the book of Romans. In the first part of the series, we focused on The Gospel Explained, highlighting the power of the gospel and the greatness of the mercy of God toward His people. We also talked about The Mission Continues, focusing on the power and fulfillment of the gospel in the lives of individuals and nations.

For the next five weeks, we will be looking at how we can respond in view of God’s mercy. In the last five chapters of his letter to the Romans, Paul outlined how we can live out the gospel by serving and loving others, submitting to authority, and being united as a Church.

Here is the schedule of our series:

  • Week 18: Gifts of Grace (October 10)
  • Week 19: Love in Action (October 17)
  • Week 20: Christian Duties (October 24)
  • Week 21: Welcome Others (October 31)
  • Week 22: Unity of the Gospel (November 7)

Due to the restrictions on gatherings, our worship services are temporarily online. You can join one of our online services on this list.

We pray that this series will encourage you to seek God and grow in Christlikeness. Let us continue to honor God and make disciples wherever we may be!

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