Perspective Series

Perspective Series

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the world, how do we respond as Christians? From what perspective do we choose to view the things happening around us? Do our hearts mirror the unrest unfolding each day, or do we shift our perspective and look to God amid the crisis?

For three weeks, we will look at Psalm 23 and learn more about God’s promises of provision, protection, and peace. In spite of what’s happening, we can find comfort in God—our Shepherd—who guides us, restores us, and meets all our needs.

Here are the topics for each week:

  • Week 1: Provision
  • Week 2: Peace
  • Week 3: Protection
  • Week 4: Presence

As we walk through dark valleys and battle each day in this pandemic, we have a Shepherd who leads us and quiets our hearts. Let us shift our perspective and focus our eyes on God alone. There are green pastures and still waters ahead of us. Knowing that He is our Shepherd not just secures us, but empowers us to declare who He is so that others can seek Him, too.

Let us look to God and encourage others to find comfort in His promises of provision, protection, and peace. See you at our online worship services!


Due to the enhanced community quarantine, our worship services are temporarily online. Visit this page to check the schedules of our online services or follow your local church on social media. 

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