Modest is Hottest!

Modest is Hottest!

Young women from different Every Nation Campus centers took part in their “Modest is Hottest” event held at the Victory Quezon City center.

Jaime Jamgochian, a singer-songwriter from our Every Nation church in Nashville, spent the evening sharing about modesty, purity, and most importantly, about women’s identity in Christ. More than sharing do’s and don’ts to the ladies in the audience, Jaime imparted a message on honoring God and living a life that pleases Him, through our words, actions, and clothing.

Here’s a testimony from Coleen Santos, a high school student from St. Paul College-Pasig. May you be inspired and encouraged!

Today’s fashion has been influencing teenagers greatly on how they dress. I’m aware of that all too well, being in an exclusive all-girls school and having a great number of girl friends. Whenever my friends and I would talk about what we’re going to wear for a particular event, we would really take time to plan outfits that would be “fabulous.” A mindset that I used to have whenever dressing myself was ‘We don’t dress for boys, we dress for ourselves’. While that may seem harmless, still there is an underlying ill motive for such behavior.

A few days back, I attended a seminar called Modest is Hottest and it was then and there that my long-time perception about dressing up was reset. My eyes were opened concerning how we should dress and carry ourselves. Singer Jaime Jamgochian spoke of our identity in Christ. The Bible tells us that God tells us that He created us and we are important to Him. We are also reassured us that we are priceless and precious in His eyes, that He sees us as beautiful no matter what the world may say. I sat in that seminar in awe of the love and acceptance God gave me.

Two reasons why we should dress modestly are to honor God and help the brothas out! Now that I understand what Jesus did on the cross, what else could I ask for now that He has set me free? The Bible encourages us to live in order to please God. Now that we have a relationship with Jesus, do we consider Him in every step we make? Since we surrendered everything to Jesus, doesn’t that include our closets, too? I realized that double-checking what I will wear won’t hurt. Will a low neckline and short shorts reflect the pure life God called me to have? Will my brothers see the joy and love Jesus instilled in my heart rather than the skin or the price tag on them?

Though it is challenging to put pieces of clothing together without being immodest, Jaime didn’t leave us empty-handed. She gave us Fab Five Fashion tips which helped us how to dress modestly and yet remain fashionable. Her helpful hints allowed us to double check the reasons why we should dress modestly. We can dress modestly all throughout and still reflect God’s love with our eyes, which can show our love and concern to people we interact with.

Of all the things Jaime discussed, I think what’s most important is we see ourselves as how Jesus sees us. The more we know of Him, the more we know ourselves in Him and it will just be amazing if all the beautiful ladies out there know that. In line with this, I’d like to join the movement by applying what I learned from this seminar. Not only will I set an example by dressing modestly, but I will share it with my Victory group, friends, and with my classmates as well.


  • Zarah August 31, 2012 at 10:32 pm

    Very inspiring indeed!!! I wished I knew about the seminar and attended. 🙁 I want to know more especially the 5 fashion tips Jamie gave. Oohh is there a dvd or any video of the seminar? I want to watch it 🙂

  • a.j September 13, 2012 at 10:02 am

    that’s what i ‘m looking for . 🙂

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