In Time

In Time

In spite of everything we have been through in 2020, we are looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ again. Our Christmas celebrations in our homes and churches are different and many of us are longing for better days in time. But in all this we have hope, because the Savior of the world came in time for us, bringing light and life to His people.

Join us in the next three weeks as we look at the coming of Jesus through the gospel of John. More than a baby in a manger, Jesus is Lord—Creator and pre-eminent—and the source of all life and light for us in these troubled times. Here is the schedule of our Christmas series:

  • Week 1: Jesus, the Logos (December 6)
  • Week 2: Jesus, the Life (December 13)
  • Week 3: Jesus, the Light (December 20)

Following health and safety protocols, we have resumed some worship services onsite while continuing to meet online. You may join us by checking schedules here.

May we be a witness of Christ’s light and love to our families and communities this Christmas, in order that all may believe. See you at any of our services!

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