Get up-to-date notifications from Victory!

Get up-to-date notifications from Victory!

Download the Victory app on iOS or Android today and get access to up-to-date notifications with its Push Notification feature!

The Victory app includes free resources such as series podcasts and Victory group materials from our Metro Manila locations. It also has our national directory, so you can find the Victory location nearest you. It also contains a built-in Bible for your devotional needs, and offers a way for you to give online to our ministries quickly and securely. It also contains exciting news and testimonies from our churches all over the Philippines! These apps are free on iOS and Android! You may download them at or

Our new and improved Push Notification allows you to receive news and encouraging stories from the Victory app. To activate the Push Notification, tap the Menu icon (the three lines on the upper left-hand corner of the home page screen).  Tap Settings, then Notifications, then shift the On switch to the right.

Please note that on iOS devices and certain Android phones, you may need to activate notifications for the Victory app. To do this, go to Settings, then tap Notifications, then tap the Victory App icon. Tap Activate Notifications, and you’re done!

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