Faith in the Impossible

Faith in the Impossible

Mark Gonzaga dreamt of finishing his university education and securing a future. He was able to surpass the odds and increase his faith in God in the process. Read more to know how God moved mightily in Mark’s situation.

Mark (right) is one of Real LIFE Foundation's scholars.
Mark (right) is one of Real LIFE Foundation’s scholars.

Before being part of the Real LIFE Foundation, I was struggling with my finances. Income was scarce in my family.  I had to drop out of college to be able to provide for my needs, and work as a call center agent.

I had a burning desire to finish my studies. By faith, I decided to pool all my savings from my income and enroll in the upcoming semester.

My mother, who had just received a job abroad, was excited for me and promised to support me all the way until I graduated. I had my hopes up and was looking forward to my future.

A few months into the semester, the bad news came: my mother got very sick. Because she was in the hospital often, most of her finances would go towards her treatment. She could no longer support me as I hoped.

It was a season where I walked with God. I also did a lot of walking—from school to my house, even to church. It was a time where I could eat only once a day. It was a very, very difficult time. Yet God would unexpectedly provide for my needs.

I am thankful that He did not only provide financially, but also people who stood with me and encouraged me. Jay, my Victory group leader, told me something I can never forget:  “Even if the mountain doesn’t move, climb over it. God will give you the strength like a deer to walk over the mountain.”

God answered my prayer for finishing my education when I became a Real LIFE scholar. That semester, I was so thankful to be part of their Adopt-a-Scholar program. Almost simultaneously, I was also elected as the school’s student council president.

Speaking before the student council in Arellano University Pasig
Speaking before the student council in Arellano University Pasig

Real LIFE did not just give me an opportunity to graduate—it helped me push for excellence. It made me realize that everything I did was to honor God. I was taught that everything we do is a dedication to Him. In everything that I do, I want to please and glorify God.

Being under Real LIFE, I was taught leadership, integrity, and excellence. But faith is what separates us from the rest. Faith is what holds all these values together. We need faith in order to live lives of leadership, integrity, and excellence. Now, I am thankful to be able to serve God and His people wherever He calls me to be.

Making a difference in his campus---and beyond
Making a difference in his campus—and beyond


In April 2012, Mark Gonzaga graduated from Arellano University in Pasig, with a degree in  Financial Management. He helps disciple LIFE groups in his alma mater, as well as students from Victory Ortigas.

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