Always More Than Enough

Always More Than Enough

Victory partners with Real LIFE Foundation, a nongovernmental organization that exists to honor God by serving the poor in the Philippines through educational assistance, character development, and community service.

Here is the story of Leah Mars Bendero, a Real LIFE alumna who believed that God can use her to bless others, even with the little that she had.

Leah Mars became a Real LIFE scholar in 2012. Before she was granted a scholarship, she worked as a house help and a saleslady at a pharmacy to support her studies. When she was accepted to the Real LIFE scholarship program, she was able to study Information Technology in Filamer Christian University of Roxas, Capiz.

During her last year as a university student in 2014, she started to give to our campus ministry. After hearing a testimony about generosity in our worship service, Leah received a word from God to start investing in the ministry. She recounts, “Nung una, nahihiya ako. Okay lang ba yung 100 pesos na ibibigay ko?” (At first, I was not confident. Is it okay to give 100 pesos?)

Despite her doubts, God assured her of what matters most. “Hindi ko na iniisip yung amount. I have to obey what God is telling me. Yun ang mahalaga.” (I do not think of the amount anymore. I have to obey what God is telling me. That’s what’s important.)

When she received her meager weekly allowance as a student, she would always set aside 100 pesos to give to our ministry. She never missed a month, even until today. In fact, her giving continued to increase as she graduated and started working.

As a scholar, despite what little money she had, she faithfully supported a campus missionary because she believed in sowing into God’s kingdom. And even now that she’s graduated and exited the scholarship program, she continues to support campus missionaries. Leah Mars says, “My heart is to give to our ministry in campus and missions. I know this is God’s desire. Kailangan ko lang magbigay sa nilagay ni God sa heart ko. (I just have to give to what God placed in my heart.)”

Leah Mars shares, “Listen to what God is telling you to do. Be sensitive to what God is saying, and just obey. He provides. When He asks you to give, remember that His plan is to prosper you and not to harm you (Jeremiah 29:11). He has a promise for you.”

Leah Mars now works as a sales assistant in Manila, and she continues to cheerfully give as God blesses her with more. Earlier this year, God fulfilled her dream to visit another nation, proving to her, yet again, that He is faithful.


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