Sons’ prayer comes true on Father’s Day

Sons’ prayer comes true on Father’s Day

Son's prayer comes true on Father's Day
Sayeed with his father and the parents of Ateef and Masheer, with Pastor Kevin.

“I will never forget this Father’s Day,” says 19-year-old Ateef, “because on this day, my father first walked through the doors of our church. It is proof to me that the God I worship is truly a God of miracles.”

Ateef and his brother Masheer attend an Every Nation church in a creative access nation in South Asia. Both students in a prominent university here, they were connected to our church by their uncle Sayeed, who was, in turn, discipled by Kevin, one of our cross-cultural missionaries. Despite the challenges faced by the church–daily blackouts and soaring heat are frequent problems here–the church community is tightly bonded and supportive of its members’ situations. As a result, members like Ateef and Masheer do not hesitate to give of their time and resources; both brothers volunteer for the church’s technical support and ushering teams.

“We really wanted our parents to experience what we are experiencing,” Ateef says. “The warmth and friendship we receive here, feels like family. So we were hoping our family would see and feel it too, and so we prayed quite earnestly for them.”

The entire church joined Ateef, Masheer, and Sayeed, in praying for the brothers’ parents to join them at a Sunday worship service. They prayed daily for a month and a half, which was the duration of time that the two brothers went through ONE 2 ONE. As the two brothers completed the booklet, God prepared a special surprise for them.

“We finished Chapter 6 of ONE 2 ONE,” Ateef says proudly, “and our prayer was for my father and mother to join us at church. Yesterday, June 19, was Father’s Day, and my parents joined us at church! Our prayer came true! It was a great weekend!”

Son's prayer comes true on Father's Day
Ateef and Masheer, with Pastor Kevin.

Sayeed, the young professional who invited his nephews to church, was equally excited.

“Even my father joined one of our worship services,” he says. “We are so blessed and encouraged to see how God moves and works on our behalf.” Sayeed is so passionate about seeing more of his countrymen get saved that he has decided to attend the Every Nation School of World Missions in Manila in 2017, much to the delight of Pastor Kevin.

“I recently read Revelation 3:8,” Pastor Kevin says, “and it encourages me very much. It says, “‘I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.'”

The men smile. “We am convinced,” says Sayeed, “that we will see even more people come to know Christ here.”


Our church in this creative access nation is believing God for a new meeting facility. Because our worship services are being held in the house of one of our missionaries, they arouse the curiosity and suspicion of neighbors and local authorities, who are curious as to why so many people come and go into the house every week. Please join us in prayer for divine protection for our work, favor from the neighbors, and provision for our church.

If you would like to support our ministry here with a one-time gift or monthly gifts so we can secure a new meeting facility, please click here.


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