We are now in Orani, Bataan!

We are now in Orani, Bataan!

We officially launched our church in Orani, Bataan on February 23, 2020! We now hold worship services every Sunday at 1:30 p.m. in Victory Orani.


Orani is a coastal municipality in the province of Bataan with a population of almost 67,000 people. It has a strong family atmosphere and is considered as one of the emerging ecotourism destinations in Central Luzon, making it a strategic location for discipleship.

Shortly after the launch of our church plant in Limay, Bataan, a group of young professionals living in Orani had a burden to pray for their municipality. Seeing that it’s an ideal place for a new church plant because of its demographic and growing population, the group kept meeting and praying for open doors. Soon, they noticed that for every person they invited, a group of family members tagged along, and this motivated them even more.

After a year of meeting and praying together, on August 26, 2017, they were joined by a big group of people composed of students and families who were all excited to do God’s work in that place. That meeting was soon turned into several Victory groups that are passionate about reaching not just their family members but even the students on surrounding campuses. Now, we already have a campus ministry in the two major campuses in Orani. We had our first Saturday worship service there on December 14, 2019 and officially launched the church on Sunday, February 23.

Knowing that there is more to be done to spur faith and growth, our church in Orani is believing God for more strong disciples this year who will continue to reach out to their families, spread the gospel, and pray for the whole municipality.


As one family, let us pray for Orani and our growing churches in Central Luzon!


Our church in Orani is located at 2F Daisy Building, National Road, Orani, Bataan.

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