Victory Quezon City is now Victory Katipunan!

Victory Quezon City is now Victory Katipunan!

Ever since our humble beginnings in 1995, we at Victory Quezon City have always had one purpose in mind: to honor God and make disciples in Quezon City. This 2016, as we prepare to expand and reach out to more people, we are excited to usher in our new season with a new name: Victory Katipunan!

Victory has always had a heart for the next generation. As a congregation, we at Victory Katipunan are strategically positioning ourselves to reach the campuses along and around Katipunan Avenue. The spirit that attracted students to our first Victory groups in 1995 continues to fuel our faith 20 years later.

victory katipunan kids

We believe God will bring a greater harvest as we reach more families, campuses, and offices in Quezon City. Please pray with us, as we dare to believe God to enlarge our tents and expand our territory.

Victory Katipunan meets at the following locations:

  • 5F Regis Center along Katipunan Avenue
  • GT Toyota Asian Center Auditorium, UP Diliman campus

Visit our directory for more information on our services. Invite your family and friends who live near the area, too. See you!

Life to the Full

Life to the Full

From being a rebellious teen, Richard Garcia’s life turned around when he had a relationship with Jesus. Read about him here!

My mom first brought me to church when I was twelve years old. I guess you could say I was a “Sunday Christian,” because I only considered myself a Christian on Sundays when our family would go. Who I was the rest of the week was a different story.

I was the shy type, but I hung out with the “wrong crowd.” As a teenager, I partied, did drugs, and drank alcohol. Since my parents were separated, I’d lie to my mom about my whereabouts, telling her that I was sleeping over at my dad’s. The truth was, I’d be hanging out with my friends, doing other things.

Eventually, I had to drop out of school for two years because of everything I was doing. My relationship with my mom was strained—she stopped trusting me because of my lying, and it felt like we didn’t know each other at all. I wasn’t a loving older brother to my siblings, either—I bossed them around and often lashed out at them in anger.

All this time I was going to church every Sunday. I knew about who God and Jesus were, but I didn’t exactly have a relationship with them. I also had very few friends in church, and Noel, now my Victory group leader, was one of them. We had a lot in common and we were close in age, so I was comfortable around him.

My “old life” ended when I was invited to a summer youth camp in my home church, Victory Quezon City. There, I discovered that God is real, and I made the decision to give my life to Christ after six years of being a “Sunday Christian.”

I can say that my life now doesn’t compare at all to the “fun” I used to have. I didn’t realize that God loved me so much, and still does. He died so that I would have a full and abundant life.

It’s been a year since that youth camp, and my life has been so different from what it used to be. One of the biggest changes is how I relate with my family. I now see the value of family, and how it is my duty to prioritize them over other things.

My mom and I are now on much better terms. As a son, I opened up my life to her, and told her all about the vices and partying I did. She has forgiven me and I know that she trusts me now. God has restored our relationship.

As a brother, I’ve also learned to love and respect my siblings. I now correct them out of love, not out of anger.

I’m now back in school as a second year IT student, and I’m doing my best to be excellent in my studies. I’m so thankful that God gave me this opportunity to study, and I now believe that nothing is wasted.

In my life, I have seen how faithful God is, and I know that my part is to honor and worship Him with all that I have. I want to be able to share the same love to the people around me—not just with my family, but with my classmates, friends, and the world. God’s Word does not return to us empty!

Richard recently bagged Dean’s Lister honors at the Asia Pacific College. He is also an active LIFE group leader and music ministry volunteer at Victory Quezon City.

Ten Days Cambodia: Journey of Hope

Ten Days Cambodia: Journey of Hope

A team of young single professionals from Victory Quezon City took part in a Ten Days mission trip in Cambodia last April. Know more about their exciting adventure below!


Praying for the nation
We began our mission trip by blessing the nation. The team conducted a prayer walk at Cambodia’s government offices, cultural landmarks, and schools. We also had the chance to pray for two survivors of the 1970s Khmer Rouge genocide during our visit to one of the notorious security prisons at that time.

Praying for the nation and the two survivors filled us with hope and a joyful expectation for the great things that are up ahead for Cambodia!

One of the Cambodian locals shares the gospel to his friends
One of the Cambodian locals shares the gospel to his friends


Engaging the locals
In our efforts to bring more locals to Every Nation Church Cambodia (ENCC), we went around one of the largest premier universities in the country, the Royal University of Phnom Penh. We engaged several students and invited them to the free English classes that are being conducted weekly by the local church as a strategic activity to connect with the youth.

All of the students we invited attended the English classes and some even brought their friends with them! We had the opportunity to serve as teachers that week and it was a joy for us to see them learn and get acquainted with other students.

Cambodians are naturally friendly. Aside from the students, we also had an enjoyable time connecting with tuktuk drivers, restaurant clerks, and local merchants.

Enjoying a meal with some members of our Every Nation church in Cambodia
Enjoying a meal with some members of our Every Nation church in Cambodia

Serving the church
Other than blessing the nation and its people, it was also our goal to serve the local church. It was part of our agenda to refresh and encourage the local church in whatever way we can, so our team helped in the preparations for ENCC’s 3rd anniversary celebration, cleaned their new church center, and cooked Filipino food for the church members.

We also served in the various volunteer ministries during the Sunday worship service.  We also had a fun time facilitating LifePlus, the weekly Friday activity that aims to equip students for life.

It was a fruitful and fulfilling two-week mission trip, and we thank God for the privilege and opportunity to honor Him and advance His kingdom in Cambodia! Aw-khun charan! (Thank you very much!)

One of the ways we engage with locals is through conducting English classes, like this one
One of the ways we engage with locals is through conducting English classes, like this one

If you would like to be a part of a Ten Days mission trip, please contact your local church administrator or visit

A new Home for Victory Quezon City!

A new Home for Victory Quezon City!

After seventeen years of prayer, Victory Quezon City has now moved into the fifth floor of Regis Center along Katipunan Avenue! This is just one of the many answers to prayer that the church has been receiving since 1995, when there were just ten young people gathering every week at the University of the Philippines-Diliman to intercede for more students, professionals, and families from the city to know Jesus.


Victory Quezon City celebrates God's faithfulness in their new center.


Last July 1, Victory Quezon City held their first service in their brand new facility. As we welcomed the last half of 2012, church staff and volunteers cheerfully ushered the people into the new Katipunan venue. The 10 AM Sunday worship service is an addition to the current services of Victory Quezon City at the GT Toyota Center Auditorium.

During the launch, Pastor Manny Carlos shared a word about facing the future with faith. Surely, as we look ahead with eyes of faith, countless people will encounter Jesus, and lives will be transformed as a result.


Ptr. Manny Carlos was part of the Victory Quezon City pioneering team.


Here’s the new list of services for Victory Quezon City:

Day & time Venue
Sunday, 9AM, 11AM, 5PM, 7PM (English) GT Toyota Center Auditorium, UP Diliman
Sunday, 1PM, 3PM (Taglish)  GT Toyota Center Auditorium, UP Diliman
Sunday, 10AM (English) 5/F, Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Ave.
Friday, 6PM (Youth Service – “Life in Katipunan”) 5/F, Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Ave.


More than the brand new facility, we have a greater opportunity to impact the campuses, workplaces, and residences in the area! Victory Quezon City is our only Metro Manila location that holds worship services inside a college campus, the University of the Philippines. We believe that discipling the future leaders of the country would help transform our nation to bring honor and glory to Jesus!


Volunteers and staff are excited for what's up ahead.


Please pray with us for a bigger harvest, more Victory groups, and a wider reach of God’s Word in Quezon City.

Victory Quezon City is just one of Victory’s fifteen locations in Metro Manila. We also meet in over fifty-five venues in the provinces. We would love to have you join us at a Victory center nearest you!


© Photos by Kim Deloria

Going Into all the World

Going Into all the World

Young as you are, you can make a difference! Sarah Bulahan started in church when she was six years old. Now, she boldly shares the gospel to her classmates and friends. Truly, age doesn’t matter when we make disciples. Read more on her testimony here.


I first received Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was six years old. I’ve been attending Victory KIDS for three years and one Sunday, we were singing the song “Heart of Worship.” I realized right then and there that my life was all about Jesus—nothing else. From then on, my life was forever changed.

Growing up in church, I’ve been discipled by different people. One of them, Janelle, taught me how to love God’s Word and pant for it like water. She showed me how important it was to have a relationship with Jesus.

I decided to share the gospel to my classmates and friends because of how God revealed Himself to me. There’s just no other way to respond. When He reveals how great He is, there’s just no containing Him. Once He fills your heart, there’s just nothing else to speak of.

Who says discipleship can’t be fun?

Some of my classmates and friends readily received the gospel; some didn’t. I even had to repeat chapter 1 of ONE 2 ONE five times before taking a break. God really reminded me that it’s not about me or the way I speak or how I live, but it’s really about Him and how He can just reveal Himself to His people.

One time, one of the girls I was doing ONE 2 ONE with disappeared. I couldn’t contact her at all. I had my time of crying to God, “Where did she go? Did I waste my time on her? What happens now?” It’s really moments like that that God humbles me and reminds me that my time isn’t my time but His. And that I am NOT the savior and I will never be the savior. God comforts me and tells me to trust and pray and to remember everything I was taught. She came back six months later and right now she can’t stop inviting her classmates and friends even if they live so far away. It’s crazy how God’s timing is perfect. I’ve learned to trust His control AND His character.

Discipleship is relationship! Sarah (center) and her Victory group having a picnic in UP Diliman

Don’t look for someone else to share the gospel to the people around you. If God wanted someone else, then He would have spoken to someone else.

God is not far away. He lives in YOU. I don’t know about you, but that just makes me feel so powerful and confident in Christ!



Sarah Bulahan is a college student at the University of the Philippines – Diliman taking up BS HRIM. She also volunteers at the Music Ministry of Victory Quezon City.

Discipleship and the Outdoors

Discipleship and the Outdoors

Making disciples knows no locational barriers because opportunities to engage are all around us – even right on a trail to a mountain’s summit.

Just ask some of the single professionals from Victory Quezon City.

In 2011, they organized various outdoor events to connect with the employees of US Technology Global (UST Global), an IT service provider.  More than sweating it out, exploring nature, and having fun together, they were able to engage these men and women and lead them to Christ.

Their first initiative took place in May when this group went on a trek to Pagsanjan Falls in Cavinti, Laguna. Everyone bonded over comedic and adventurous moments during the long trek. Later, Victory Quezon City‘s Champions for Christ team led a Basic Mountaineering Course. This lasted for five to six months and was capped with a climb to Mt. Gulugod Baboy in Mabini, Batangas as the culminating activity.

Right now, a Victory group of UST Global employees meets every Friday over lunch. Some of its members got connected in Victory groups after participating in the two initiatives. The group’s leader himself, Rey Piad, was reached out through an outdoor activity. Little did he know that joining a weekly Sunday afternoon run at the University of the Philippines with runners from Victory Quezon City would be an avenue for him to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

Another Victory group is currently meeting at the UP Ayala TechnoHub every Thursday night. This group was formed from the Anawangin Cove escapade, which is another outdoor activity organized by Victory Quezon City.

Surely, God has effectively used the love for sports and the outdoors to bring thrill-seekers together and to lead them to having a personal walk with Him!

If you are a sports enthusiast or adventure-lover who wants to connect with people of the same passion, feel free to join any of these outdoor activities! For Victory Quezon City, connect with Champions for Christ QC on Facebook.

Victory QC at 16 on the 17th!

Victory QC at 16 on the 17th!

Victory Quezon City is celebrating sixteen years of honoring God and making disciples. Join us on Sunday, April 17, at the Cinema 5 of Gateway Mall, Cubao. They’ll be having services at 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, and 5 PM. See you there!


Visit Victory Quezon City’s website for more information, or add them up on Facebook.