Victory in Makati now has a home!

Victory in Makati now has a home!

After years of praying and believing, our church in Makati finally has a facility it can call home.

Victory in Makati did not have a permanent venue for years. Our staff and volunteers would set up and pack up at different halls week in and week out since it started in 1986. All of its worship services, discipleship classes, and events were held in rented venues.

Despite the lack of a permanent meeting place, God’s work in Makati continued to grow. It also did not hinder people from coming and moving in faith along with our church. By the grace of God, we now have 1,600 people attending six worship services all throughout the week and about 500 ministry volunteers helping us run services and other church events. More than 330 Victory group leaders and interns are also now leading discipleship groups that meet weekly in coffee shops, homes, campuses, and offices to pray, study the Word, and share life together.

As Victory in Makati continued to grow in numbers and in devotion to our God, the need for our church to have its own facility also grew—a place that will not only be a venue for meetings but a strategic tool for training and raising more leaders who will carry out our mission.

This year, God answered our prayer by giving our church a home in Alphaland! It was quite a journey—from finalizing the contract to securing permits, to raising funds for the construction of the facility—but it was a faith-building, faith-stretching journey worth taking.

On April 5, 2019, we gathered in our new center and shared our vision to honor God and make disciples through serving the city. Instead of the usual ribbon-cutting ceremony, we made an apt twist and did it from the inside of the hall to signify our going out to fulfill our mission to serve and minister to the city.

As Victory in Makati moves to its new place today, we are in faith that Alphaland will not just be our church’s home, but also a place where more people will be equipped to be a blessing to the city of Makati. We believe that this facility is a tool that will help us accomplish the Lord’s will in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, missions, campus ministry, and social responsibility.



My Ticket to Heaven

My Ticket to Heaven

sarahballao_dadSarah Ballao, a student leader from Victory Makati, recounts how God removed mindsets in her that kept her from growing in her relationship with Him.

I was a Christian since birth. My parents brought me up in the ways of the Lord, and I had perfect Sunday school attendance. My father served in the church I grew up in. This being said, people would always expect so much from me. They expected me to do the right thing, even without being told to do so. Truth be told, I wasn’t the “good girl” that people thought me to be.

I knew a lot of things, but they never translated to how I lived my life. I was blinded by the idea that God’s grace was a license to sin. I believed that since He had already forgiven me from my past, present, and future sins, it was okay to sin again and again. Because, what did I have to lose if I already had a ticket to heaven? My dad served in church anyway.

My parents trusted me a lot because I was a “good girl”, after all. When I was in college, I began hanging out with friends he never knew about. I abused my dad’s kindness and was always out drinking with these friends. One day, I got found out—and the people around me began condemning me because of what I did.

I was so ashamed of my mistake that I didn’t even want to go to church anymore. I was beginning to lose hope. Then God showed up in the most unexpected way.

The school org I was part of held an event in school, and Pastor Job of Victory Makati was slated to speak there. Honestly, I wasn’t even listening to him talk—I showed up only because my friends were there. After his message, we were all split into groups, and that’s where I met Jaycee. After going through the group discussion, she explained what Every Nation Campus was all about, and invited us to youth service.

That Friday, I attended the youth service, but I felt so out of place—not because of the people around me, but because I felt so ashamed of myself. I thought that they were “holy people”, and I felt like I shouldn’t even be there. I decided not to go back after that, but Jaycee kept on sending me text messages asking how I was. I felt obliged to reply to her because I didn’t want to offend her. We eventually did ONE 2 ONE together, and I slowly began to understand what Jesus did for me. My dad’s service in the church was not my ticket to heaven—it was Jesus dying on the cross for me which made a way for me to be reunited with God.

I still struggled with condemnation because of my past sins, but layer upon layer of my shame was removed when I had an understanding of who I was—and am—in Christ. His Word says that I am chosen, royal, and holy. All of the pain and condemnation that lingered in me was removed. I became secure and I gained back my confidence.

Today, I stand firm with my belief that I am a new creation. My mind has been renewed, and my mindset that my salvation is through my dad’s good works is now gone. I also started to build relationships with the right people—men and women who encourage me to walk in God’s ways and spur me on to God’s will and destiny for my life.

I am now boldly preaching to people how God transformed me and how faithful He is to me, my family, my studies, and my needs. Jesus died not only for Christians—He wants all people to know about Him, and for them to be saved. If someone took the time to get to know me, listen to me, and preach the gospel to me, why would I not do the same?

Truly, it is never too late for any one of us to turn back to God. God is gracious and faithful, and He will change your life.

Sarah (left) and her family are enjoying a restored relationship, with Jesus at the center of their family.
Sarah (left) and her family are enjoying a restored relationship, with Jesus at the center of their family.