What can you do in Just Ten Days?

What can you do in Just Ten Days?

A team of Ten Days missioners from Victory Ortigas were the first to set foot in Sri Lanka. Read their testimony here!


We were posed with the challenge, “What can you do in just Ten Days?,” when we joined a short-term mission trip to Sri Lanka from May to June 2014. The question, however, is not what ordinary men and women like us could do. It was about what God could do through us. With that, the possibilities are endless!

Sri Lanka is a country with a people largely unexposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Less than two percent of its population are Christians, while about 70 percent are Buddhists. Bringing the good news to this mission field was truly a life-changing privilege.



Each of us in the team were challenged to reach out and share our faith to everyone we met, in every way we can. We boldly approached students and other locals in the streets of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. We shared our testimonies, trained local church leaders in discipleship and evangelism, supported English-speaking classes, and prayed for Sri Lanka and its leaders.


It is overwhelming to see the results of God’s work even beyond the ten days we spent there. We were able to connect locals to the church, and six Buddhists received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We also helped jumpstart a small group. One of the students started doing ONE 2 ONE discipleship with our Sri Lanka missionaries. By God’s grace, Every Nation Sri Lanka will be launched by January 2015!


Your prayers and support have made a tremendous impact in the nation of Sri Lanka. Istoothi (thank you) from the bottom of our hearts!

Why Should I be Part of the Ten Days Experience?

Why Should I be Part of the Ten Days Experience?

“If God has called you for something, He will be the one to make a way.” Check out Rivelle Mallari’s Ten Days mission trip testimony!

I feel that living in the Philippines gives us the privilege to talk about Jesus freely, read the Bible in public, and attend church anytime, anywhere. In other nations, people haven’t even heard the name “Jesus.” I wanted to take advantage of that privilege by reaching out to these people. I know that it will not change the entire nation but going on a mission trip could be the start.

I took part in a Ten Days mission trip earlier this year. It was so easy to share the gospel with the locals because they were excited and willing to listen. They were also thrilled to be visited by someone from another country.

At first, I had so much doubt if I could tell about Jesus to people I don’t know. I never tried talking randomly to strangers and be friends with them. We went to one of the campuses in the nation and I was really nervous. How do I approach these students I’ve never met? When we started talking to them, though, it was pretty easy and fun. We spent two days with them like we knew each other for months. God was really the One who allowed these events to happen. I never would have imagined that it was possible.

Ten Days missions experience Asia
Sharing a meal in one of the campuses

One of the memorable parts of my Ten Days trip was having a relationship talk with one of the locals I met. Almost out of nowhere, she shared her frustrations about being single, and asked me about having a boyfriend. I told her that being single is a gift from God and we should enjoy this season, and that finding a partner is not the ultimate answer to make us perfectly happy. That talk may have been short, but I felt like it was something important to her.

All the events that happened before, during, and after the event were more than I could ever ask for. I’m grateful for the opportunity to take part in what God is doing in the nations!

Ten Days missions experience Asia
Rivelle (extreme right) and her Ten Days missions teammates