Serving Amid COVID-19: Stories from the Front Lines

Serving Amid COVID-19: Stories from the Front Lines

As we brave through this pandemic, there are many non-medical frontline workers who are battling with us—and serving no matter the cost. Despite the danger it poses to them and their families, they are resolute in fulfilling the purpose that God has placed in their lives. 

Here are stories from our Victory group leaders who also serve as frontline workers in the government sector.


ERIC ALLAS (Police Officer)

When the coronavirus outbreak started, I was tapped to be part of our unit’s Quick Response Team in Parañaque. I was assigned to man the checkpoints and monitor COVID-19 cases under the Suspect and Probable categories in the entire city.

The whole ordeal is exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally. A lot of those who served with us contracted the disease and failed to survive. There’s so much fear behind the tough facade that we all maintain, but we have to brave that fear and be strong, especially for our families.

Because of the crisis, I experienced so many changes at work, but the biggest change could be felt in our very home—with my wife and two kids.

I was used to receiving warm hugs from my kids after work. It was something I looked forward to. But since I started manning the checkpoints and responding to calls about COVID-19 cases, I had to distance myself from my boys. I could no longer play and bond with them like I used to. It was something they didn’t understand at first, but my wife and I explained to them that I was only doing it to protect them.

Every night, we pray as a family to seek guidance and protection from God. Seeing my wife and kids having so much trust in the Lord inspires me every day and builds up my faith. God reminds me through them that I was given the privilege to serve in this capacity for a purpose.

When fear overwhelms me, I just go back to God and the purpose He has placed in my life. Knowing that He is the source of everything—my job, my strength, my faith—reassures me that He is with me and I can depend on Him. He is our fortress in this battle.


DAISY TEE (Barangay Chairman)

Every day since the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine, my team and I have been going around our barangay in Sampaloc to distribute relief packs to 700 families. Because of the unexpected crisis, we realigned our budget for the year to meet the essential needs of those under our jurisdiction.

Dealing with a pandemic that has seemingly crippled everyone is challenging. We encounter a lot of problems every day. And while there is a need for us to be firm and tough in implementing rules and measures to avoid the spread of the virus, there is also a strong call for us to be compassionate and understanding. We need to exercise wisdom in everything.

Like everyone else who is praying not to contract the disease, I also have fears for my family. I always seek God for guidance and wisdom so I can protect not just the people in our barangay but even my own household. At home, I try my best not to have physical interaction with my children, and I even sleep on a different bed from my husband. I do what I can to keep them safe, but I know that ultimately, it is God who truly protects all of us.

Serving in this season is costly and demands a lot of sacrifices. But even though there are a lot of challenges, there are also a lot of rewards.

Seeing my team working in unity is always an inspiration and encouragement to me. It is a blessing to know that we are all fighting this crisis together. Aside from that, it is always humbling to see the faces of the people we serve light up with joy when we manage to help them in any way. That fills my heart and motivates me to continue serving with gratitude.

There will always be fears and worries, but I trust that the trials we go through now will only keep us strong and hopeful. Amid all that’s happening, we can find comfort and peace in God.

Let us not be swayed by everything that’s happening around us. God has a bigger purpose for all of us. Let us not allow our difficulties to cripple our hope and faith in God, because He remains faithful.

Eric and his wife, Lhyn, are leading a couples Victory group in Victory Alabang, while Daisy and her husband, Antonio, are leading a couples Victory group in Victory U-Belt.

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