New Series: Wordview

New Series: Wordview


After a series break this week, we will start 2018 with  “Wordview,” an 8-week series about the Word of God. We are committing ourselves to a deeper devotion in studying and applying God’s Word in our lives. Because God’s Word is true, inerrant, and authoritative, it defines our worldview. As Christians, our views, beliefs, and convictions should no longer be shaped by the world, but by the Word.

Here are the list of topics:

  • Week 1: Devotion
  • Week 2: Benefits
  • Week 3: Inspiration
  • Week 4: Inerrancy and Infallibility
  • Week 5: Canon of Scripture
  • Week 6: Sufficiency
  • Week 7: Clarity
  • Week 8: Application

Join us in the coming weeks as we learn to love and live God’s Word! You may come to any of our worship services across Metro Manila and the Philippines.

You may also share your thoughts on this series by using #WordviewPH on social media!

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