New Series: The Fine Line

New Series: The Fine Line

Join us this weekend as we kick off our newest series entitled, “The Fine Line”! In this series, we will understand the pitfalls of loving money and overcome them by obeying God’s commands in His Word. At the end of this series, may each of us have a biblical understanding of money, resulting in a life of greater faith, good stewardship, and generosity.

Check out the list of weekly topics:

  • Week one: Greed vs. Contentment
  • Week two: False Hope vs. True Security
  • Week three: Selfishness vs. Generosity
  • Week four: Temporal vs. Eternal

Join us at a Victory location nearest you! Victory is one church meeting in fifteen congregations across various locations in Metro Manila. We also meet in multiple venues across the Philippines.

If you’re tweeting about “The Fine Line” series, please use our official hashtag #TheFineLine.

Invite your family and friends! See you at our services!


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