A Comeback: Me and My Dad Camp

A Comeback: Me and My Dad Camp

Finally, after a few years, Me and My Dad Camp is back!

This summer, dads and kids from our church went together to an outdoor camping experience while learning together in faith and love for God.

But more than all the fun, witnessing dads and kids worshipping and praying for each other reminds us that our faith is meant to be passed down to future generations.

The dads and children were drawn closer to one another compelled by God’s love for His sons and daughters.

Fathers were knitted together in a community, receiving support and encouragement through the joys and challenges of fatherhood. The kids met playmates who shared their faith, creating friendships beyond the camp.

We believe everyone left with a special memory and a loving, personal encounter with their Abba Father.

Dads and kids, we hope to share the fun and faith-filled adventure with you at the next Me and My Dad Camp. Let’s create lasting memories together!

Salute to all the dads. Happy Father’s Day!

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