Leadership Podcasts Now Available on Spotify and YouTube

Leadership Podcasts Now Available on Spotify and YouTube

Be equipped to lead more effectively and go deeper in your walk with God through our Leadership Podcasts! As a church, we are committed to train and develop leaders who will honor God and make disciples. We have invited several pastors and leaders from our movement to discuss and teach topics essential for biblical leadership, such as faith, relational unity, and service. Here is the list of episodes:

Episode 1: Leadership and Faith
Bishop Juray Mora talks about faith and it’s value in every leader’s life.

Episode 2: Spiritual Disciplines
Bishop Manny Carlos shares valuable insight on the importance of practicing spiritual disciplines.

Episode 3: Leadership in the Family
Learn the importance of valuing family no matter what your life stage is with Pastor Ariel Marquez.

Episode 4: Relational Unity
Discover the value of being a relational leader, and how we can be better together in this message from Pastor Gilbert Foliente.

Episode 5: Evangelism
Bishop Ferdie Cabiling emphasizes why we need to preach the gospel, and shares strategies on engaging our culture and community.

Episode 6: Leadership and Service
Pastor Steve Murrell explains how Jesus defines leadership and service, and introduces the importance of leadership development.

Episode 7: Leaving a Leadership Legacy
Pastor Steve Murrell encourages leaders to discover how they can identify emerging leaders, and lead a lasting leadership legacy.

Episode 8: Leadership and Evangelism
Dr. Rice Broocks teaches us how to start conversations that eventually bring people to the gospel.

Episode 9: Discipling the Nation
Bishop Manny Carlos discusses how we can disciple the nation from any sector of society.

Episode 10: Excellence in Leadership
Rachel Ong, founder and chief executive of ROHEI, teaches us how we can live a life of excellence every day, relying on the Word of God.

Episode 10: Handling the Word
Bishop Ferdie Cabiling teaches us how to correctly handle the Word of God, as disciples and as leaders.

Episode 11: Asking the Right Questions
Kevin York, executive director of Every Nation, teaches us the importance of asking the right questions and how to craft a great question.

Episode 12: Leadership and Missions
Dr. Jun Escosar talks about the heart of God for every one of us to go and preach the gospel in our mission fields and to the nations.

Episode 13: Moral Excellence
Rachel Ong teaches us that knowing Christ and not departing from His Word enables us to be excellent in the areas of integrity and purity.

Feel free to listen and download these podcasts anytime through our Spotify and YouTube channels. We hope each podcast will encourage you to continue pursuing God and lead in a way that honors Him.


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