Join our #TheTENSeries Instagram activity! - Victory - Honor God. Make Disciples.
Join our #TheTENSeries Instagram activity!

Join our #TheTENSeries Instagram activity!

We’re inviting our Instagram community to submit photos for our upcoming series on the Ten Commandments! Simply take an original photo of any of the objects or situations below, and upload it onto Instagram. Use the appropriate weekly hashtag so we can find you. Deadline for submissions is on Friday, May 13, 2016, and selected images will be used in our series artwork when we launch our new series on May 22, 2016!

1. The Cross #PerfectLawPerfectLoveWk1
2. Worship #PerfectLawPerfectLoveWk2
3. Typography of Yahweh, Jesus, or God #PerfectLawPerfectLoveWk3
4. Quiet Time Elements #PerfectLawPerfectLoveWk4
5. Child showing love to his/her Parents #PerfectLawPerfectLoveWk5
6. Artful shot of Victory group/Barkada #PerfectLawPerfectLoveWk6
7. Generosity #PerfectLawPerfectLoveWk7
8. Wedding Rings #PerfectLawPerfectLoveWk8
9. Mouth/Lips/Lying #PerfectLawPerfectLoveWk9
10. Affectionate couple (optional: with pet) #PerfectLawPerfectLoveWk10

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