Holding Fast While Waiting

Holding Fast While Waiting

How can we continue to believe with great faith while waiting for our prayers to be answered? Be inspired as Gloryfe shares her powerful testimony of faith and courage to believe for great things while waiting for God to heal her son from hypotonia.


My son has hypotonia. It is a medical word for low muscle tone. He is already one year old, but he still cannot sit on his own—and there is no sign of him walking anytime soon.

When he was born, the doctors immediately noticed that there is something wrong with him. Unlike most babies, he does not move a lot, and his body feels limp when held. His doctors recommended several tests, but they were unable to determine the real cause of his condition.

The whole situation was difficult for me and my husband. My husband, who was not yet a Christian then, had a hard time accepting the fact that something is wrong with our baby. But through this rough patch, he developed an earnest desire to seek God and hear from Him. He eventually made the decision to follow Christ and went through Victory Weekend last year.

After my husband accepted Christ, he and I found renewed courage to face our family’s situation. We made our son, Matt, participate in physical therapy sessions to help reverse the effects of his condition. It is difficult, but I know in my heart that Matt is slowly getting there, and God will strengthen him every day.

Despite our situation, God gave me the confidence to not lose hope. I know that through all this, He will provide for all our needs. The cost of my son’s medicines and therapy sessions may be overwhelming, but God will surely meet all of them. I am also claiming that no other delay or disorder will be diagnosed as we complete all the tests and examinations for Matt.

As my family and our church community in Victory Ortigas continue to pray for my son, my faith in God deepens and grows as well. God impressed in my heart that the name we gave to our son, Matt Zion, declares who He is and the faith that we have in Him.

More than anything, I really praise God for strengthening my faith through His Word. My son did not have instant progress or healing during the fasting, but I gained the faith that will sustain me as I continue to believe for the best. The “great faith” that I have now is a miracle and a breakthrough in itself. And for that, I am really thankful to God. All the glory belongs to Him alone.

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. Psalm 125:1

Even as we wait for our prayers to be answered, we can hold fast to God and believe for great things. God is working in our waiting, and as we wait, let us allow His promises to increase our faith and give us the courage to face each day with so much hope.

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