As a church, we are called to reach the next generation—aka the future leaders of our society. This is why we value building relationships with them and setting them up for success. For the next two weeks, we will be looking at the lives of Saul and David, and how they viewed the next generation. While Saul disobeyed God, did not submit to His plans, and pursued his own interests, David served God’s purposes in his own generation (Acts 13:36) and paved the way for the next generations to succeed.

In studying their lives, we hope that we will intentionally set up the next generation to succeed in God’s purpose for their lives.

Here is the schedule of our new series:

  • Week 1: Saul and Jonathan (August 30)
  • Week 2: David and Solomon (September 6)

We pray that this series will encourage you to see our future with hope as we continue to make disciples and equip the next generation for God’s purposes in their lives!


Due to the community quarantine, our worship services are temporarily online. You can join one of our online services on this list.

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