New Series: From Mission Field to Mission Force

New Series: From Mission Field to Mission Force

We often hear the saying, “There is no growth in comfort,” and we took this to heart from the beginning. We were once recipients of a short-term mission outreach in Manila. If we stayed with a mission-field mentality, we would never become the mission force we are today. 

As God empowers us to carry out His mission, let us step out of our comfort zone into the unknown by faith.

May we press on with the same passion, pursue His call to make disciples, and be His mission force for the next 40 years and beyond. 

Join us in the next four weeks as we go through these:

Week 1: The Motive—Honor God

Week 2: The Mandate—Make disciples

Week 3: The Manifesto—Change the campus. Change the world.

Week 4: The Mission—Every Nation

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