Fan the Flame: the Ignite 2011 Conference Recap

Fan the Flame: the Ignite 2011 Conference Recap

On May 26-28, 7,000 students, campus ministers, LIFE coaches, and campus volunteers came together for Ignite 2011: the LifeBox Campus Conference. LifeBox is a nationwide student organization that focuses on preparing students for leadership, integrity, faith, and excellence, or LIFE.

The LifeBox campus conference focused on igniting the students’ fire for God to reach their campuses. It was an exciting time of worship, fellowship, and encouragement for everyone who attended from all over the Philippines and even overseas.

Fired Up Speakers!
Joseph Bonifacio, LifeBox National Director, opened Ignite 2011 with an encouragement for every student to “not go–unless you are empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

Ferdie Cabiling, Victory’s first youth pastor and currently the Senior Pastor of Victory Ortigas, charged each student to have vision for their campuses, have compassion on others, and take what they learn into action. “You are an apostolic student. You are an apostolic youth,” he shares. Gilbert Foliente, Senior Pastor of Victory U-Belt, also shared a message on God’s holiness. “Worshipping God in His holiness means worshipping Him just for who He is.”

Campus ministers from different LifeBox centers also preached different messages. Robert Gonzales of LifeBox Fort Bonifacio emphasized God’s love for each of us. Daniel Trinidad of LifeBox Malate also encouraged all the students to surround themselves with people who would help us in our relationship with Him. Cesar Bordalba, Jr. of LifeBox Cebu also exhorted us that Jesus is the Ultimate Life Jacket—and that we need to hang on to Him.

Raissa Laurel from Victory Ortigas and one of the survivors from the DLSU Bar Exam bomb blast, also shared her testimony on how she still chose to worship God in spite of intense pain. “God has greater plans for me than I have for myself,” she says.

Paul Tan-chi of Christ’s Commission Fellowship also shared his testimony of excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities, by the grace of God.

Igniting Campus Pride
One of the highlights of Ignite 2011 was the Parade of Campuses. A total of 1,216 campuses were represented during the conference. It was a fitting opportunity for all of them to pray for their classmates, friends, teachers, and school administrators. We’re so excited for these young people to share the Gospel in campuses!

To know more about Ignite 2011, visit the official website at You can listen to podcasts, read recap articles, and download freebies based on the speakers’ messages.

We’re excited for these young people to honor God and make disciples in their campuses. Pray that each of them would continue having the passion to share the Gospel in their high schools, colleges, and universities.


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