Bangued, Abra, here we come!

Bangued, Abra, here we come!

This November 26, we are excited to honor God and make disciples with our grand church launch in the heart of Abra: Bangued!

The capital municipality of Abra, Bangued is the fifth-largest municipality in the Cordillera Administrative Region. Despite the large size, Bangued is a closely knit community of people, many of whose families date back to the early settlers of the town in the 1600s. As Abra’s political, economic, and cultural hub, and with almost 50,000 people spread across 31 barangays, we believe Bangued is home to many of Abra’s finest influencers and future nation-changers.

We are also excited to engage students in Bangued! With 24 educational institutions throughout the municipality, we are excited to empower the next generation of the nation’s leaders with leadership, integrity, faith, and excellence. We have Victory group leaders in place, ready to connect to students at the Abra State Institute of Science and Technology and Abra Valley Colleges, and by God’s grace, we have also started Victory groups in the homes of a few of our leaders, and are reaching out to kids, young professionals, and young families.

The grand launch of Victory Bangued will be on November 26, 10:00 a.m., at the third floor of the ADTEMPCO Function Hall, Taft corner La Sala Streets, Zone 4, Bangued, Abra; for updates, you may Like Victory Bangued‘s page on Facebook. Please invite your family and friends to join us as we continue to honor God and make disciples!

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