Add to Heart

Add to Heart

Even in the midst of a pandemic, we can trust God for provision and, in turn, give to honor Him. Giving is a matter of the heart. We give not because we have to, but because of God’s graciousness and faithfulness to us. This is our worship unto God. Like adding things to our cart, we have a choice about what we add to our hearts.

Join us in the next three weeks as we look at biblical attitudes when it comes to giving our tithes unto the Lord through different passages and stories in the Bible. Here is the schedule of our new series:

  • Week 1: The Only Person of Our Worship (November 15)
  • Week 2: The Main Purpose of Our Wealth (November 22)
  • Week 3: The True Proof of Our Offering (November 29)

We pray that this series will encourage you to continue to trust God and honor Him through your giving.


Due to the community quarantine, our worship services are temporarily online. You can join one of our online services on this list.

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