A Story of God’s Faithful Provision

A Story of God’s Faithful Provision

The University Belt is a mark of our roots as a church. It holds a special place in our humble beginnings.

Looking back, we are inspired by the next generation of students with humble beginnings—studying in the surrounding campuses in hopes of a promising future.

While many students find scholarship opportunities in U-Belt to help them achieve their dreams, a growing number of them still need further financial assistance.

This year, we’ve been given the opportunity to partner with the local government through the student leaders who are part of the Sangguiang Kabataan. They led us to students in need of financial support.

Through God’s faithful provision, 75 students are now receiving financial aid. We are praying that beyond the hope of a promising future, we impart a lasting hope that cannot be shaken—that is Christ.

Thank you for holding the ropes for us!

Please continue to believe with us for the following:

  • Pray that this program will lead more students to Christ.
  • Pray for wisdom as we continually improve the program so we can serve more families in more communities. 
  • Pray for synergy and stronger collaboration among our local churches to initiate more programs that will bless more students.

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