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New Series: Walk the Talk

New Series: Walk the Talk

Following Jesus is impossible apart from knowing and growing in His word. We are not just encouraged to read the Bible daily, but also think and live accordingly. It’s not just a matter of how much you know, but how much of the Bible is evident in your daily life.

Let’s continue to discover the power and beauty of God’s word. It can transform our hearts, minds, and lives to be more like Jesus as we meditate on, obey, and apply God’s word in all aspects of our lives every day.

Join us in the next six weeks as we learn more about how we can walk the talk. Here are our topics:

  • Week 1: Walk in the Word (September 4)
  • Week 2: Store the Word (September 11)
  • Week 3: Speak the Word (September 18)
  • Week 4: Choose the Word (October 9)
  • Week 5: Remember the Word (October 16)
  • Week 6: Pray the Word (October 23)

Access Victory group materials for this series on the Victory Groups app. Download it through this link

We hope to see you onsite or online in our weekend worship services! Join us by checking the schedules here or visiting your Victory location’s Facebook page. 

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