wishFrom living a life apart from God, Wish Castro of Victory Fort understood what it meant to have a relationship with Him—and learned to share this truth with others in the process. Check out her testimony here!


I came to know God when I was at my lowest. The love of my life broke up with me, I lost my job, and I quit school. My friends left me one by one. My relationship with my family was also deteriorating because they could not understand what I was going through.

I turned to alcohol, thinking it would ease my pain. I spent most of my days alone, never leaving my house.

One day, I decided to go out and take a breather. I visited the mall nearest me—Robinsons Metro East. I went to the top floor of that mall, thinking that it was quieter since there weren’t many people who went there.

I discovered Victory Metro East there. I didn’t exactly find the place quiet, because the place was noisy during praise and worship, but I was attracted to how happy everyone else was. I told myself, “If one person here smiles at me, I’ll stay.”

Just then, an usher came to me, smiled at me, and welcomed me to the church. That day, I came to know God—and the rest is history.


Taking the next steps
Not long after, I found a job and transferred to the Fort area, where I attended Victory Fort. Here, I decided to look for a Victory group. I didn’t want to be part of a group before, to be honest. I didn’t want to have any activities aside from work.

There were a lot of people texting me, inviting me to their Victory groups, but I never replied to any one of them. Eventually, they stopped texting—but there was Siena, this one person who never stopped texting me. She always invited me to meet with her or attend Victory group.

I gave in to Siena’s persistent texting and joined the Victory group because I felt embarrassed. I decided to give it just one shot. I returned the week after that first Victory group meeting, and the week after that.

Wish (seated at the center) came to know Jesus more through being part of a Victory group
Wish (seated at the center) came to know Jesus more through being part of a Victory group

Stepping out
One day, our Victory group leader asked me to co-lead a new Victory group that we were starting. I was hesitant at first. I didn’t think I was qualified to do it! I later realized that God knew my heart, and He wouldn’t leave me.

I learned to appreciate discipleship the more I discipled people and shared God’s Word to them. Because I was so blessed and honored that I was first discipled, it translated to me having a desire to share what I had with others. God gave me a desire to lead others to Him, for them to know about His love, because His love is perfect and makes us complete.

We don’t have to be ashamed of discipling others! We need to get our strength from God and remember what He’s done for you and me. Only when you realize what discipleship has done for you will you gain the confidence to reach out to people.

I thank God that He used people to bring me to a relationship to Him. I also thank God that He used these same people to help bring out the leader in me. I know I’m called to do the same for others—and I share His love to others, every chance I get. And I’m not going to stop.

Wish now leads this Victory group of single women in Victory Fort
Wish now leads this Victory group of single women in Victory Fort

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