Volunteer Week 2018

Volunteer Week 2018

Last week, thousands stepped out in faith to serve with us this year by volunteering! If you made a commitment to join any of our volunteer ministries, we thank you for answering God’s call to serve, and we look forward to an exciting year with you. We are also grateful for our Victory group leaders and ministry heads who made it possible for people to sign up and experience the joy of serving.   


Photo from Larry Uy


Photo from Joelle Uñalivia


As you share your skills and talents for God’s purposes this year, we trust He will use you to make Himself known to more people and transform many lives. Thank you for choosing to honor God with us, and playing an active part of the church community in 2018!

Serve with us this year!

Serve with us this year!

We invite everyone to experience the joy of serving through volunteering this week!

Every year, we open an opportunity for people to join our various ministries. It can be very rewarding and satisfying when we serve God’s people. Every volunteer matters and each role makes a big difference in God’s kingdom. This week, we pray that God will show you where you can use the skills and gifts He has given you.


If you’re considering stepping out in faith to serve, we have eight volunteer ministries you can join! Find out where can you serve best.


We handle the registration of events, provide information, and assist in data gathering and information management.

We need:

  • Data Encoders
  • Information and Registration Booth Assistants


We provide creative support through photography, video production, graphic design, and content creation for print, online media, and various church events.

We need:

  • Photographers
  • Video Editors
  • Scriptwriters
  • Voice Talents
  • Graphic Artists
  • Copy Writers
  • Art Directors



We work in partnership with parents to equip and develop kids to be next-generation leaders with godly character and a lifelong love for the Word of God.

We need people who can:

  • Teach
  • Make Crafts
  • Host Games
  • Tell Stories



We usher people into an intimate worship experience and provide music in church events.

We need:

  • Singers
  • Musicians
  • Musical Arrangers





We support church services and events by consistently praying in teams.

We need people who:

  • Love to Pray
  • Are Going through the Discipleship Journey





We add a creative touch to every event with carefully-crafted set designs and props that visually enrich our worship services and various church events experience.

We need people who know:

  • Set Design
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Event Styling





We work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth program flow and provide the necessary audio-visual support to enhance the worship services and the experience in various church events.

We need:

  • Event Coordinators
  • Audio-Visual Presentation Operators
  • Technical Directors
  • Cameramen
  • Stage Managers





We maintain order and security, help people find seats, and distribute materials needed for worship services and church events.

We need people who are:

  • Service-Oriented
  • Hospitable


Registration for volunteer ministries starts in our Metro Manila locations this week! We pray that you will have a fruitful time expressing your love for God and love for others through serving this year.