We are now in Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija!

We are now in Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija!

We officially launched our church in Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija on March 3, 2019! Victory in Santa Rosa now meets every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. at the ground floor of CityMall Santa Rosa.

Here’s the inspiring story of our 98th provincial church.


In June last year, our Victory group leaders from Cabanatuan—who were originally from Santa Rosa—committed to make disciples in this part of Nueva Ecija. They went from one house to another, preached the gospel, and developed leaders in the area. Eventually, they started ministering not just in Santa Rosa but even in nearby municipalities like San Leonardo and Zaragoza.

Santa Rosa’s strategic location made it a growing education hub in this part of the province, much like the University Belt in Metro Manila. As such, the mall where we regularly hold our services (CityMall Santa Rosa) often gets flocked by students from the two major campuses in this municipality. Seeing the need for us to reach out to the students, we allotted a space in our office where we can effectively engage our future leaders and help them come to know Christ.

Since last year, God has been touching the hearts and changing the lives of the people in Santa Rosa. Currently, there are 130 people attending regularly in our weekly services at CityMall and 40 senior citizen couples gathering every month for Victory group meetings.

Aside from students and senior citizens, more and more people are coming to know Christ and having a new beginning with Him. Lives destroyed by drugs and families broken apart are being restored day by day—and their testimonies are now being used by God to reach the lost and share the gospel.

Victory in Santa Rosa is now praying for additional campus missionaries who will minister to more students in this part of Nueva Ecija. They are in faith that more and more people in the area will have changed lives as well as they grow more in their walk with the Lord.

Together, let us continue to pray for Santa Rosa and our growing church in this municipality!


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