Unwavering Series

Unwavering Series

In this new series, we will look at the life of Abraham to see what it means to live by faith. His journey of faith was not perfect; he did not always make the best choices while waiting for God’s promise to be fulfilled. But Paul describes his faith in Romans as unwavering, not because it was perfect, but because his faith grew stronger as he continually trusted God in the big and the everyday moments believing that God is able to do what He had promised.

Here are the topics for each week:

  • Week 1: Faith and Relationship
  • Week 2: Faith and the Word
  • Week 3: Faith and Purpose
  • Week 4: Faith and Covenant
  • Week 5: Faith and Waiting
  • Week 6: Faith and Circumstances
  • Week 7: Faith and Testing

God also has promises for you and He invites you to trust Him and His word in all circumstances.

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