Keeping on

Keeping on

There was one thing that Tonie Aguilar really wanted: to finish his studies. Thanks to Real LIFE Foundation, he was able to pursue that dream and learn a lot of lessons. Know more about his testimony here.

Ever since I was young, my heart’s desire was to finish my education and pursue a better future. It wasn’t easy, because I came from a poor family, and was practically raised in a single-parent household. My father left my mother when I was six; I never saw him again.

My mother worked as a laundrywoman, and her meager salary was our only source of income. To make ends meet, I worked as a busboy in a fastfood restaurant, but my salary could not compensate for my family’s expenses. Balancing time between work and pursuing my college degree wasn’t easy. I prayed hard to receive a scholarship, but I did not know how to get one.

Around that time, I became part of a Victory group at Victory Fort Bonifacio. I didn’t tell anyone about my needs, but instead fully trusted God to do His will. One day, my mentor, Miko, encouraged me to try out for a scholarship at the Real LIFE Foundation.

I will never forget that God answered my prayers in a powerful way, and gave me the opportunity to do greater things for his glory. The Real LIFE Foundation gave me a scholarship, and I received support for my education, including tuition and allowance.

Attitude of Gratitude
One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from Real LIFE is to have an attitude of gratitude. For one, I am very grateful about the education I received. I learned not to take my studies for granted by doing less than my best. I realized that studying and working hard honors God. I’m also thankful for everyone who partners with Real LIFE to give people like me a chance at a better future.

Life Lessons
Real LIFE isn’t just about financial support. Being part of the program taught me a lot about character. Yes, God provides for our needs, but He is also concerned about our character. Real LIFE values what our church values: leadership, discipleship, and growing in our faith.

Being part of the program helped build my faith and encourage others to live by faith as well. God is a faithful God, and we can trust Him to provide for all our needs. He is also faithful to answer our prayers. Because of this, I want to live my life as His messenger. I want more young people to know about who God is and what He can do in their lives.

Photo by Alfred Albarracin

Tonie has long since graduated and is now helping students reach their fullest potential in Jesus. He served as a campus missionary under Every Nation Campus Fort, and is now the youth pastor of Victory Pioneer (edit as of August 14, 2015).