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New Series: The Great Exchange

New Series: The Great Exchange

When we surrender our lives to Jesus and¬†receive Him as Lord and Savior, a great exchange takes place. For the next five weeks, we will talk about the life Jesus offers us and the fullness of His plan for salvation through the series, “The Great Exchange”.

Here is the list of topics:

  • Week 1: Salvation Plan
  • Week 2: From Guilty to Forgiven
  • Week 3: From Death to Life
  • Week 4: From Alienation to Belonging
  • Week 5: From Meaningless to Purposeful

At the end of the series, we hope to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of Christ’s finished work.

Come and join us in our worship services to know more about what Jesus has done for us! We meet in multiple locations across Metro Manila and the Philippines.

You can also join and follow this series on social media through #TheGreatExchangePH!